Weekend Update: Joe Biden’s Inappropriate Touching – SNL

Weekend Update: Joe Biden’s Inappropriate Touching – SNL

100 thoughts on “Weekend Update: Joe Biden’s Inappropriate Touching – SNL

  1. trump : grab'em by the pussy
    His base : cool
    Biden : grab'em by the waste or shoulders.
    trump's base: he must be stopped!

  2. Snl works for the liberals. All Joe Biden jokes are watered down, and they are followed by a shot at trump

  3. I like how the completely give up on anything related to the left and turns to attacking Trump. Ridiculous.

  4. He doesn't think he's done anything wrong? He's fucking delusional! He should be disqualified! He's a sick, senile, dirty old man! Biden is no fucking good! He's got alot of skeletons in his closet, and he's probable molested those too!

  5. At least he grabs them by the shoulders and not by the pussy. F&$#@ trumpf. And when u r famous they let u do it. He said it first

  6. Oh, I didn’t know there’s actually video evidence of trump being sexually inappropriate with women or little kids. Huh….

  7. Oh, I didn’t know there’s actually video evidence of trump being sexually inappropriate with women or little kids. Huh….

  8. “It was reported that if President Trump closes the border with Mexico, the US would run out of avocados in 3 weeks…man this guy must really hate White Women.”

  9. 80% of the segment was about Trump and 20% about the pervert Biden. The title of the video is a bit misleading.

  10. Indeed. Biden is from a different culture. His behavior is considered inappropriate/brash according to mine. A great pretender putting on the ritz. These men attempt to triangulate me all the time. When I rebuff their advances, they get mad. Some of them call me rude. They peacock too. Example, I go out to lunch with a male and he struts/puffs out his chest around other men. He be like, "She's mine." WTF? I didn't get the message that I was your girlfriend.

  11. Trump grabs people by the pussy, conservatives give no shits. Biden touches people on their shoulder, conservatives loose their shit.

  12. Trump is a God and lives in all your heads 24/7. No collusion, I hope you all cry every night knowing that actual Americans do not feel the same as you and you have been lied to by these media outlets. Trump is the best President any of us have ever had in our lifetimes, stop being stupid and join the Trump train.

  13. What? Kavanaugh has absolutely no excuses, but Biden's okay because "old people struggle with boundaries"? Screw you, dude, that's some next level hypocrisy

  14. Michael is kind of right, though. Stop treating them fairly, they would NEVER show you the same treatment. Republicans have been given nothing but chances, and shown that their only interests is to themselves, not to the country or its citizens. They used their complete control of the government to abuse the weakest people in the country for the benefit of the most powerful.

  15. No laugh when Joe the child molester was the subject but all kinds of laughs with the Trump stuff! Lol! Sick libtard child molester supporters!

  16. When I greet children there's a ZERO/0 percent chance my hands unknowingly touch little children's chest. When Biden greets children there is a 98%chance his hands find their way to nipples. Do you support that? Fn pigs poedos.

  17. Idk what's better "it's meant anticlimb, its called anticlimb." or "so it's a great wall and it looks… I think it looks fantastic. Very see through so your able to see the other side, which is a very important element…mmkay?" 👀 Wowzaa, someone get this guy a TV show!

  18. For the love of everything Holy!!!!!!! Would SNL just shut up about politics! I want good comedy not a liberal news report!!!!!

  19. 2:11– 2:31 pretty much sums up the leftist mindset – except Trump didn't steal the election. The left were the real ones trying to steal it in 2016…remember the fake Steele Dossier, which sparked off the whole Russia investigation?

  20. "Liberal media systematically tears down viable Democratic candidates, ensures Trump will win second term."

  21. The title said this was a Joe Biden video but of course you attack Trump less than half way through. Sad

  22. They really are pushing everything against President Trump, SNL must be taking its script straight from the DNC.

  23. Trust me I don't have a stick up my ass, but sexual misconduct is not a joke, Biden really affected these people. Something like this makes him untrustworthy. Also it's not a contest, you don't have to compare his inappropriate behavior to Trump. This should absolutely disqualify him and anyone else who is sexually inappropriate.

  24. I like how everyone in the comments is saying how dumb Trump is but the truth of the matter is that the wall is 'anti-climb'. Even the paint its painted with is officially called 'anti-climb paint'. LOL

  25. Can we please address the fact that the music is nearly twice as loud as the video it follows? It scares the shit outta me sometimes.

  26. @Kevin Hughes 
    Popcorn balls ( the gang member ) would pull his cock out and smack Biden in the face 30 times…
    Biden would drop to his knees, crying And pleading with popcorn balls…
    "yes sir..!.. I humbly apologize for my attitude …I have no excuse for exposing my shit encrusted penis in front of your bitches ( as they snorted the Colombian pure cocaine off your dick,,, ). I'm sooo so sorry….
    What can I do to appease you sir…?
    Can I polish the German Helmet and spit shine your testicles… Would you let me do that ….will that make you happy…?
    What can I do popcorn balls..?
    Let me massage your shaft as I spit shine your helmet
    Let me do that ..will that make you happy popcorn balls…?
    I didn't mean to disrespect you or your 19'' inch penis… it was very disrespectful for me to laugh at your penis as you smacked me in the face with it and rubbed it under my nose…. I'm willing to do anything….anything at all…spit & polish your German helmet make your shaft shine like stainless steel …. let me put out more cocaine on your freshly polished shaft for you ho's

    I don't care who you are this is really funny

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