34 thoughts on “Weekend Update: Jebediah Atkinson on Great Speeches – SNL

  1. This was a hoot. And yeah, most political speeches are a snooze-fest. Watching the hair grow on my toes is more entertaining. (Yeah, I'm damaged, you'll have this). Randy McDaniels.

  2. I started watching Late Night a month ago and somehow never realized that this sketch had him in it. Huh.

  3. Give me liberty or give me death…Death, please!! 😡🔫 HaHaHa.
    Reminds me of Eddie Izzard: "👉 You! Cake or Death?!"
    "Uhh, cake please?☺ 🍰 "Very well. Give him cake." 😕 (we're gonna run outta cake, at THIS rate!)

  4. Nobody listened to the Gettysburg address because everyone thought it would be longer. It became a hit when transcripts of it appeared in newspapers.

  5. One of the best bits in a long while!! There’s maybe 4 or 5 of them. You gotta dig this stuff up

  6. Miss Jebediah! JESUS! THE BEST!!
    "Great fanbase leper on one side prostitute on the other! Bravo on the food, Nothing like mountain top fish on a hot day!!!"
    Kills me every time!!

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