Weekend Update: Gretchen – SNL

Weekend Update: Gretchen – SNL

100 thoughts on “Weekend Update: Gretchen – SNL

  1. As a white male conservative, I would be nervous too if James Franco was to walk into the same elevator I was in…

  2. DearWhite people,
    You're not cool & you don't get a pass when black people call you" my ni99a", that shytz NOT OK

  3. This and Eddie Murphy's white like me sketch are on opposite sides if the same spectrum but I dont know what that spectrum is

  4. the ' first ' time they let him out of the news-room into a sketch, he humiliates himself w / so-called comedy writers putting a black man in a blonde wig ; the darker the skin, the harder the laughter of white people. humiliation is one of the hollywood / show-business ' dues ' black actors have to pay AND it's hollywood AND show-business in general that's full of ' the liberals ' .

  5. Anyone here now that Franco is being sued for preying on women sexually in his Studio 4. Che was right to feel unsafe.

  6. I wish women would get a dick so they learned that we need to spread our legs so our junk don't get smoshed.. And women mansplain or womansplain more then we do.. lets just stop helping women and saving them .., treat them like we treat other men.. never seen a feminist in q house fire or in an accident..

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