35 thoughts on “Weekend Update: Garth and Kat Sing Halloween Songs – SNL

  1. It's almost like they challenge each other not to crack. And they make of point of not looking at the prompter

  2. “Lorne: Hey guys, we need a way to make both Fred and Kristen break character at the same time…”

    And this is what happens 😊

  3. The Halloween Party song tho, Fred was trying to grasp the concept of Dracula living in sunny California as he was making up the song and he just lost it, so silly yet so brilliant "Dracula's surfing! where did he go?!" LOL

  4. I could not have been in the audience that day, my belly laughs would have been a distraction for everyone lol!

  5. Ever since I’ve heard that it’s just Fred improvising the songs and Kristen just going along with it, it just makes it twice as funny!

  6. Someone explain how this sketch works. Seems like one is improvising and the other is trying to copy but who’s doing what?

  7. I don't know how Kristen does that but she is so f*cking good at mimicking Fred lmfao… truly miss these guys

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