Weekend Update: Astronaut Anne McClain – SNL

Weekend Update: Astronaut Anne McClain – SNL

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  1. Funny, but not real accurate. She's grown something like two inches while at the ISS. She thought a large suit would work, but after using one, she decided a medium would be better. They have another medium on the station, but it would take something like 12 extra hours of work to configure it for the space walk that was planned. It was easier to simply swap scheduled walks with someone. She'll still get a spacewalk. NASA hadn't planned an "all female" spacewalk, that was just a wacky coincidence that someone noticed long after the planning was done.

  2. She normally used a Large suit, but after the announcement of the mission she decided the medium suit fit better & wouldn't use a large suit. They only had 2 mediums suits on the station and one wouldn't be ready in time.

    Or, ya know, the story about how they don't have suits for women I guess.

  3. 1- she gets to go outside next week.
    2- there are 2 medium space suits so they could've done it but needed 12 hours of preparation
    3- she was supposed to wear the large suit, but then realized that it's too big for her now (her body had changed)
    4- you could've read more than the headline and figure out that it's nobody's fault.

  4. NASA didn't allow Anne McClain to go on a spacewalk with the medium sized suit when the other female astronaut had returned? That's a shame!

  5. She asked for a large suit then went up, then last minute she said it’s too big so she couldn’t do it at the same time, kinda her fault. I don’t understand why she didn’t check before going up.

  6. This was VERY inaccurate.
    1. She ALREADY got to spacewalk on the previous Friday.
    2. There is no such thing as a female spacesuit. They all come in unisex pieces.
    3. They DID have a upper torso piece that would fit her. She walked once in the medium upper torso and planned to walk the second time in the large upper torso. This is because your spine uncompresses as you spend time floating and thus you gain height. She and NASA decided together that the medium and then the large would be the best fit. She trained on both the medium and large in NASA's giant swimming pool that simulates floating outside the station. After spacewalking she decided that she and NASA had been wrong in their assessment that the large would fit better next time and felt a medium would be better.
    4. They had another medium upper torso piece but it would take 12 hours to assemble. Astronauts are very busy on a very tight schedule doing things and it made more sense to switch the person to the suit they had ready than to waste time assembling a new one.
    5. Since a less well fitting suit is less safe, she made the call to switch who would walk. In a tweet, McClain explained: “This decision was based on my recommendation. Leaders must make tough calls, and I am fortunate to work with a team who trusts my judgement. We must never accept a risk that can instead be mitigated. Safety of the crew and execution of the mission come first.” https://twitter.com/AstroAnnimal/status/1110896720408383489
    6. NASA doesn't pick people based on their gender. They pick the best person for the job. Period.
    7. There are 12 women in the current class of 38 NASA astronauts. Roughly 31.6% female and 68.4% male. This is the closest that it has ever been to gender parity. If astronauts are chosen two at a time at random then there is a roughly 9% chance each time that it will be an all female spacewalk. That means that on average there will be an all female spacewalk every 10th or 11th spacewalk in a row. It could be sooner or later depending on the randomness.
    8. McClain was the 13th woman to spacewalk. Koch was the 14th woman to spacewalk. They are both amazing.
    9. An all female spacewalk will happen soon. It will not be a PR stunt. It will be done with safety as the first priority. Imagine if they hadn't put safety first and someone dies. It's not a game. When there finally is an all female spacewalk I will be cheering them on.

  7. Way too late. Norm Macdonald already did a bit with this on Michael Collins with Apollo 11. And, it's way funnier!

  8. Can’t NASA do what they did in that Space Camp documentary movie? Just tie a long belt round the suit til it fits, simples.

  9. Anne McClain had already been on multiple spacewalks, but Christina hadn'tso that's probably why she let Christina go instead of her.

  10. Anne is an already pretty chill personality. I really don't think she minded that much. She's a very strong willed person. I doubt it bothered her.

  11. You can tell immediately how much people know about NASA by how they feel about this. Why don't you listen to the astronaut say what happened in her own words? Zero percent of this is true. Literally zero.

  12. I love Aidy but I can't finish watching this. McClain had been on an EVA before. That's how she knew that the large spacesuit she had used was not the appropriate size. There was another medium suit on the ISS (suits don't come in "woman-sized") but it hadn't been prepped for this EVA BECAUSE SHE HAD ANTICIPATED USING A LARGE. Seriously, how many times does NASA have to say that?

  13. While I am all up for some awesome space humor, I can't say this is funny at all when it gets all the source material wrong. There is no such thing as a "female" EMU (what the space suits are called), they are for use for both men and women. McClain actually was on a spacewalk previously and was in fact the reason she switched out of the all female spacewalk. On the spacewalk, which was her first, she found that in microgravity the medium torso fit her better than the large. In the original plans, McClain was to use the large torso for the all female space walk so when she said she felt more comfortable in the medium, it caused an issue as far as space-ready medium torso availability. This was most certainly not a masculine power-play by NASA or other astronauts, this was a safety issue which McClain made the call on. Also, while I enjoy parody of other individuals, this is not a very good parody of McClain.

  14. Lmao WTF did Colin come from?….oh i get it….guess hes trying to keep his self out of Braun Strowmans memory bank

  15. Anne McClain had already done a spacewalk the week before in a spacesuit configured with a medium torso, but thought maybe she should be using a large torso, since people get taller as the spine relaxes in space. So there was a medium torso and a large torso already configured. But then she decided she wouldn't feel comfortable in a large torso, and there wasn't time to reconfigure, so SHE DECIDED to swap with Nick Hague, and do the next spacewalk a week later.

  16. You have to admit what NASA did seems a little off and a bit faulty. I mean reschedule the launch or something but the fact of only having ONE female space suit seems a bit off maybe even sexist

  17. It would have been much funnier if it wasn't true? I mean they work their ass off to get there but at the last minute there is no suit for them. Come on NASA.

  18. Aidy is hilarious in this sketch. I can pick up a bit of her husband Conner O'Malley's comedic styling in her delivery.

  19. Yet again they either do not allow any woman to rise to the top or at the most one only! My heart goes out to this lady. It is so depressing and infuriating.

  20. They completely missed the point that on her first spacewalk she found out she didn't like large suit and agreed with NASA that she would rather use a medium one. It was just easier to change people then ready another one and agreed to change crew assignments.

  21. No more female astronauts, they have issues. I hate to say it but after having that one wacky female astronaut that was going to kidnap her ex's lover and then this lady who broke into her wifes account to spy on her the evidence is mounting that space aint no place for a women.

  22. McClain has been on spacewalks before so the whole point of this skit is moot. Typical SNL morons can’t research their subjects first.

  23. A week after this, NASA said they were going to do another space walk that would be all woman. Now she won't get to either because she might have committed identity theft against her wife. Really sucks to be her right now…

  24. Ann McClain was just charged with identity theft for checking her wife's bank account without permission while in space.

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