Weekend Update: Angela Merkel on Donald Trump - SNL

Weekend Update: Angela Merkel on Donald Trump – SNL

43 thoughts on “Weekend Update: Angela Merkel on Donald Trump – SNL

  1. Doing a German accent is the easiest thing to do. Not sure why Kate kinda mix it up with a "British" accent?!! I think she's confused. And she knows throughout the skit that she doesn't it right. 😕

  2. Is Kate McKinnon not a comedic genius the way she portrays Angela Merkel? Such an insane performance, with so many layers of depth and intrigue.

  3. 01:52 As a German, I can confirm, this is how we scream. My doctor told me I had the stomach lining of Alex Jones, if Alex Jones also lived next to an airport and was in his seventies.

  4. so I lived in Germany for a while and honestly Angela Merkel is pretty cool. yes her views are VERY different to mine (like when she said she doesn't support gay marriage) but she is intelligent and makes the right decisions (eg. when she said she is in favour of a vote to allow gay marriage bc it's not her that gets to decide, it's everyone). lately a lot of people are upset with her for really stupid reasons but they don't have anything better to offer, soo… that's gr8.

  5. ok that was pretty much on point….but this wasnt the first german attempt of sarkasm…i did it and no one understood….

  6. I remember how Clinton and Merkel used to colour-code their outfits. That's what we could have now.

  7. Who else came for the "he prefers our older stuff" joke about Trump and was disappointed when the video just sucked?

  8. Die sozialistische linke Merkel hat Europa zum Vergewaltigungs und Terrorkontinent gemacht. Durch ihre fanatische Willkommenskultur hat sie den Run von Scheinasylanten und Verbrechern ausgelöst. Erst hat Hitler Europa zerstört und jetzt Merkel mit ihren sozialistschen Lemmingen.

  9. Diese Bashing von Merkel hier ist unglaublich. Fragt doch mal die Zuwanderer. Die wissen Merkel zu schätzen. Teilen lernen. Grenzen müssen auf bleiben.

  10. I love Kate McKinnon's Theresa May impression (apart from her usage of the term "eggplant"), but without trying to be offensive I have to admit that I found her impersonation of Angela Merkel rather, well, lazy. Check out Tracy Ullman on her BBC segment "Tracy Breaks The News" and I'm sure you'll see what I mean. 


  11. I like stereotypes as a base for jokes. when they're accurate.

    German sarcasm? They're A-M-AZING at it. If we're gonna generalize. Just one Rammstein song has more sarcasm than we Swedes produce in a generation. And we can be real bitches.

    Also… "don't mention the war"

  12. Kate Mckinnon is a goddess.. 'In Germany we shout our problems into our stomachs' line deserves an award.

  13. MERKEL can say nothing regarding trump she’s a parasitic disease and deserves no respect glad uk leaving Eu these German wanker haven’t got a fucking clue see how long that stupid bitch lasts then

  14. I loved the interview with the actual Merkel where she said Trump was critical of Germany because he preferred their "earlier work".

    She is one of the few conservatives in the world Id vote for.

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