We Want Justice || Pakkinti Kurradu || Tamada Media

We Want Justice || Pakkinti Kurradu || Tamada Media

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48 thoughts on “We Want Justice || Pakkinti Kurradu || Tamada Media

  1. Rip ra bangaru thalli…nii jarigina goram…inka a adapilla ki jaragakudadhu…vadi valla niii pasi pranam poyindhi alanti vanaki kshiksha padali…nadi road meedha petrol posi thagalapettina thappuledhu…..we want justice 4 this chittithalli…😥

  2. Ahh 400 langa kodukulu…. avaroo dislike cheysindi…. vala inti varakiii vacheydaka atlane untar amo….support cheyandi babu antey… nostundi… kodukulaki…. #wewantjustice

  3. Bro Nyan Mik Pedda Fan ni Endukanta Miku Nijamgana Social responsibility Undi kabatti Cheppandi. Bhaiya Mir Ok anta Mi Venkala Myam anta Vastam… vad ekkada unna Vetiki Mari Nadi roddu midha Nariki Paresdam….

  4. Dubai la e country develop avadu bhyya e country Lo unna freedom e country Lo unddadu rip society rip India rip people rip blady India ruls

  5. LAN kodukuni champeyali Nadi road midha batalu undadesi cut chesi narakam chupinchi champali….okadini Ela chesthe kachitamga marpu vastundi kani manavalu chaieru..EDI mana daridrum

  6. Ippativaraku mee videos chusi vadilesaa kaani ee video tarwatha mee channel subscribe chesa Rise the voice

  7. Chandu, take this as a serious note.
    I have watched almost all your videos not because they are good just to know how an immature acting, dialogues, script exists.

    I won't get any single rupee for criticising you but I just want to make you aware of the real you.

    Being a short film maker the most irritating thing i found in your videos is your EMOTIONAL IMBALANCE.That let's other makers to know that you are not up to the mark.

    Why I am saying all this is people around you or in YouTube may say that you are producing the finest videos ever but my dear friend none of them knows how the real kind of stuff exists.thats why they are saying your videos are fine.

    You are not the first guy to raise voice on social issues and you are not the first guy to make videos.At least if you put this in your mind hope your immaturity ends.

  8. Vaadi gurinchi cheppandi vaadu ela perigado mana pillalni ala penchakunda chusukovali kadha…
    Maarpu manathone raavali repati mana pillala aalochanalaki… Manchi valla gurinchi cheppemundu chedu gurinchi cheppali ela undakodadhu ani cheppadaniki

  9. Ilanti vanti gurinchi oka vedio cheyandi bro aa vedio ela chayali anta rape chayali anta sachi povali anna

  10. Mana india lo enni janmalu ina justice jaragadu hopes petukovadam waste 😞😭
    Chitti thalli athma shanthinchali ani prayer chydm thapa m chyalem😭😭
    Grt india 🙏😏😏 thu

  11. Nenu oka ammane aa thalli badha evaru theerchaleru but we have to do something like rallies pls sss come forward.

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