29 thoughts on “We Govern We – bULLY (Official Music Video)

  1. I really love it when the music gets upbeat at 1:43 and then goes back to that eerie sound.

    At first the people in this seems kind of strange, but when they start to dance and smile… EVERYONE is SO attractive!

    Great job.

  2. Elaborate please. This is done to further evolve our art. :-p YES WE KNOW ABOUT VLASTARI. ELEOS PIA! :-)))) Pantws eixes ki esy thaumastes. Exw akousei ena idiaitera kolakeutiko sxolio gia tin parti sou 🙂

  3. Poli kali douleia, ksaderfe me kaneis perifano. Tha to sproksw kata Norvigia meria pou i katatonia einai sto sistima tous hehehehe. Kali sinexeia me to sxima kai tha perimenw gia kenouria komatia

  4. This isn't facebook, kabia, go socialise somewhere else, or I'll circulate those naked photos of you…

  5. Very Nice Work Panos and team! A great congratulations from here Portugal! keep fighting man, I know that you will obtain what you expect! Fernando Gomes

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