WBC President Mauricio Sulaiman Explains Canelo Alvarez's Franchise Champion Status

WBC President Mauricio Sulaiman Explains Canelo Alvarez's Franchise Champion Status

I'm with the WBC President Mauricio Suleiman and he's joining us here in the fight guys and the purpose of this interview today is to talk about obviously what's been a lot of news over the past 24 hours with the announcement of the WBC franchise belt and Canelo and Mauricio really what I want is I want you to be able to have an opportunity and a platform to be able to explain to everybody what this is the reasoning behind it because you've been taking a lot of heat on social media and I think that you know it's only fair that you have an opportunity to express what this is all about so really this about you and the WBC so I want you to be able to address it and and you know the floor is all yours thank you Peter thank you appreciate this opportunity and a series 30 years ago the fights were for 15 rounds today they're for 12 rounds when that happened 1982 my father took a lot of heat when we changed the day of the weigh-in today before when the major changes in the sport have happened of course human nature is to have resistance to change before understanding what the franchise champion a means everybody is reaching conclusions are blasting it without even understanding it I understand a nice support and I respect the opinion from anybody there are critics that make you better and there are critics that are simply a determine position just to go against whatever the franchise champion is not a new world championship it is not a new belt it is not something to bring confusion but it's all to the contrary the BC has been studying this concept for quite some time and nobody can deny that South Canelo Alvarez is the current representative of this of boxing in the sport world he's a highest-paid athlete in the world he's a major attraction for the sport and has been carrying boxing in the last two years making the fights that put him in that position which was to face Gennady golovkin twice to fight Danny Jacobs and to simply put a position for the sport as a major attraction what we have done in boxing altogether is instead of working collectively working together as promoters as working organizations as media we find a sport that is completely disrupted it's all segmented and this concept of the franchise champion has the only intention to be a channel for the best fights to happen in the Canelo Alvarez statue and position right now he has been fighting a middleweight and super middleweight and is even considering fighting in the light heavyweight division instead of the Dali BC of posing and interfering with those plans we have created the concept which is a franchise champion in franchise tag which we discussed with Golden Boy which we discussed with Canelo and which is very happy with it is not putting things outside or is not making something incorrect or illegal work enhancing the career of Canelo Alvarez and the possibility of making the fights that everybody wants to see so what exactly is the franchise belt how would you define it it is not a belt it is a nomination or status for Canelo Alvarez it is only awarded by the WBC Board of Governors and it has a series of specific requirements you have to be a a champion who has demonstrated to the world throughout the years your value as a fighter and your value in the industry of the sport or industry of boxing this denomination as franchise champion allows you to compete in different divisions in different weight categories it takes you from a normal activity of having to defend your title and to have the mandatory once a year it puts you in a different perspective in which Floyd Mayweather was in which Oscar De La Hoya was in which now Canelo Alvarez is so for example if he were to fight Sergey Kovalev for example if he loses the Kovalev he Kovalev doesn't win the franchise nomination and Canelo loses it possibly possibly but no one can win it you have to be appointed you are appointed and it's non-transferable so so it's not a belt it's not about it's not a belt Canelo Alvarez has agreed to represent the WBC in all his future fights regardless of what division the fight is taking place or what title is being at stake he's gonna he's going into the ring representing the dollar BC so to keep it real does a defense of his world title and as a representative of the franchise nomination does that come with a sanction fee yes it has sanctioned fees because he is representing the WBC but this is not about sanction I'm just bringing up what people are asking oh good good it's good to clarify it has sanctioned face because WBC alkylate and the WPC structure is supporting Canelo Alvarez and his career well in fairness of the WBC right because obviously you know I'm trying to I want to keep this you know right down the middle right and obviously I'm a supporter of the WBC it's no secret I have a history with you for 25 years you're also my friend and I'm not pandering to you right I'm just I'm asking because I know a lot of people want the answers and you're in them in and I'm understanding what you're saying so people also have to understand like you've had a rocky relationship with Canelo it hasn't always been smooth this isn't like you're Mexican he's Mexican you're just you know finding a new way to get a sanctioning fee and supporting him with all of the you guys have had a little bit of you guys have bumped heads in the past but you're basically recognized it was clear that was evident and there was a difficult period in 2017 so that that's what happened that's one of the things that it they can easily be forgotten so if competive Canelo's on board with this then no one should really be concerned if there's a sanctioning fee because he's okay with this yeah I don't understand why everything has to go down and labeled a sanction fees unlabeled and discussed as for a monetary situation that's unfortunate but that's the reality of the people that express themselves in social media and I understand that if they want to make a case it's okay we are proud we stand tall the boxing community knows what the Tolle besitos around the world not in Mexico not in California but around the world it's a very complex organization with activity throughout the world and every single penny that comes to the dollar we see goes back to boxing we have open books and if people like to talk about sanction face and vested interests we cannot stop that it's their own decision to talk about that but they can they could also talk about there's so many good things that we do I mean it's no secret Canelo's the biggest name in the sport right now I mean there's that's undeniable and he's also the highest-paid athlete in the world and I think that's still undeniable I mean I could be wrong but I think he still is the highest paid athlete in the world have you um has the WBC looked into nominating anybody else in any other weight classes right now or is this something that you're trying out with Canelo and see how that goes no this is this is a series explained in the press release that we sent out it is say appointment and it's it's received and accepted and it has something that is starting of course we're looking into manage it and make it better and change whatever has to be changed but this is saying one thing for Sal Canelo Alvarez right now he's a major drive in the sport and he has been champion and he has been affiliated to don't we see for 12 years he gold and he could have turned it down he could have said you know what I don't know he could have turned it down absolutely it was was a situation as I explained we have been developing this for several years and you don't want to see a mandatory getting away and then people everybody wants to see unified champions and they want to see one champion per division we have offered that we have offered all four organizations to do a tournament and get one champion that champion administered by all four organizations but that there's no response on that matter and when you have a unified champion and the mandatories of every organization get in the way that's when the prominence arise right and that's you know look that is a that is just a function of the reality that we live in in boxing everyone's every champion is gonna have a mandatory because that's how you know mandatory contenders get to challenge for the title and of course the more you unify the more difficult that becomes because it kind of slows the process down but as we saw recently when Andy Ruiz beat Anthony Joshua you see you could see the camaraderie amongst the sanctioning bodies I think I saw you wearing a WBA hat with Roberto Mendoza right or was it the other way yes no it was you know it came to Mexico and right we're all for unity we're all for trying to make the best we are we don't like to fight we like to unite to mediate and to make things happen yeah I don't know I think a lot of people don't realize outside of boxing like general fans don't realize you know casual fans which you know they don't know because they're not involved like you communicate all the time with Darrell peoples but you know the IBF for with Hilbert Mendoza or with you know Paco Francisco Val cárcel you have to because everybody needs to know what everybody's doing because it affects everybody's mandatories you know the mandatory rule was invented by the dollar BC in the past you had a fighter like Archie more like mantequilla innopolis who would not be given an opportunity to fight for the title so the dollar bc invented the mandatory contender and the mandatory obligation of the champion for once a year and all the rules that have to do with the persevere and all these things the situation is that we have to adjust to the current times and we have to adjust if if a country has a constitution and they update that constitution and change the laws that's what the WBC also does with our Constitution and our regulations this franchise tag the concept I am sure it's gonna bring a very positive opportunity for the middleweight super middleweight like heavyweight super welterweight area and that way I feel very strong I feel very confident that it's gonna be a very positive and not a negative as it's been for some people seen so lastly I wanted to ask you about charlo and the recent uh you know the recent appointment with charles so what is that what what just what did the WBC just implement regarding that belt okay Charlo he won a final elimination bout became mandatory of the division when golovkin was a champion and then he was very flexible understanding the market understanding the boxing in general so he allowed golovkin Canelo and he understood the timings and with this format of the franchise champion now charlo in the middleweight division is the WBC champion because Canelo you don't know if he's going to compete in middleweight in super middleweight or like heavyweight in his next bout and the next years to come so there's a a world champion in this division because there was an interim champion he's been moved to world champion and Canelo has a flexibility to land the best fight possible for the fans so if he wants to fight for that WBC middleweight championship again he would have to fight Charla Canelo as stated in the in the guidelines he is a WBC champion and he will represent the dahle we see when he fights there's a little bit gray area in that matter regarding if he fights in middleweight what he is representing but we did not strip Canelo I get you're basically giving him flexibility allowing him to still hold champion status represent the WBC without having to necessarily go through the mandatory process at any given time if he chooses he wants to fight anywhere from from light-heavy down to middleweight except you don't have to strip um and then fight for the title again you're basically giving him some almost room to roam around a little bit and still be and still have champion status which he is champion status whether he has a belt or no bellies champion everybody knows that yeah I mean it's a very specific case when you had a the arrow Oscar the law of Floyd Mayweather Manny Pacquiao those are elite fighters and I'm very positive about it I'm not negative I'm very enthused I'm gonna take the heat I take all responsibility on behalf of the Board of Governors but I feel confident that this is a very positive for the sport for the industry yeah we just wanted to give you an opportunity to be able to say something because there had been such you know an initial negative response to it and I wanted people to have an opportunity to understand from your perspective without trying to fit it into a tweet you know exactly what this was so is there anything else you wanted to mention about the franchise nomination in general or anything related to the WBC well I deeply appreciate this opportunity and as I say we're not in a popularity contest unfortunately we make decisions which sometimes are popular sometimes or not we find our actions day after day that for the general public might be boring it's boring it's not attractive to go and save lives and make difference in people's lives we won the news about what is wrong and what is questionable but we're not in the popularity contest as I mentioned we keep working hard we stand tall and pride we have so many committees so many things that are doing so good for for for not only boxing but also for youth around the world and we just keep working hard thank you very much for this opportunity thank you so very much Peter take care

14 thoughts on “WBC President Mauricio Sulaiman Explains Canelo Alvarez's Franchise Champion Status

  1. Eres un pinche arrastrado que perdió su DIGNIDAD por unas monedas… A nadie le pareció bien la porquería de título que inventaste solo para proteger a la farsa..

  2. Paying a fee for a status ? never heard of that before. He’s being deceptive. Álvarez surrendered his belt to go up to super middleweight or light heavyweight by making him franchise champ will allow him to come back to 155 if he losses at super middleweight or light heavyweight. It’s the wbc way of keeping him a champion. It’s not illegal but it’s kind of cowardly in a way.

  3. , so you guys all heard it right there Canelo is not stripped was not strip for the middleweight about Canelo could Rome from middleweight all the way up to the light heavyweight you just heard okay now that Dan Rafael lied with his big ass saying that they stripped Canelo which is a lie Canelo was never stripped sulaimon just said it right there Canelo can fight for the middleweight belt at any given time that he wants to from middleweight light heavy okay so he can fight from 160 what's 68 + 175 okay hro has been very understanding of Triple G and Canelo this whole entire time yet all these fans are carried on and looking like idiots because they don't even know what they're talkin about like they always do trying to downplay Canelo and bring up pull up Charlo when Charles just trying to become important and do what he needs to do to get at canelo's level okay so we know now that Canelo Alvarez was not stripped of No Doubt from Charlo Canelo as the right to fight for the middleweight belt with ever he feels like it

  4. Summary: We don’t want a black guy taking over the sport like Floyd so we will change the rules . Yes the black guy was mandatory for years but we will make an exception.

  5. Canelo is now wbc representative, charlo is the champion. Basically canelo has plenty of options he will face charlo when he wants to.

  6. Maybe if the sanctioning bodies did better jobs with their ranking systems and enforcing fights, they wouldn't have to continue to create ways for guys to have "Status" without doing their due diligence as champions and defending their belt. If a guy wants to move up in weight, then he should either do it after he's taken care of business at his weight class or move up and relinquish his belt. Why make this shit so difficult?

  7. Great interview… I think it’s a good Idea it will stop a lot of bull shit and will help us see better fights.

  8. He said it's a status, and you're still asking if it's a belt. Learn to pay attention

  9. Tell us why are you not giving Dillian Whyte a shot on WBC heavyweight? Why are you babysitting Wilder?

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