42 thoughts on “Ways You're Being Watched by the Government

  1. No it's not right, 9% of the things that the government does is not right. If American citizens would stand up for our constitutional rights and fight back , then we might be able to once again be the land of the free

  2. I found it funny that you failed to explain that ~95% of the time, all they collect is metadata. Also, you never explained that metadata is data about the data. They dont read your email, they have a computer algorthm that scans it for keywords and then tracks the metadata. That metadata includes the email address it was sent from, to, when it was sent, etc…

    There is no person sitting at a computer reading your email, watching every camera in the country, or anything like that.

    Also, THEY ONLY COLLECT THIS DATA IF THEY HAVE REASON TO FEEL THEY NEED IT. So if you want to protect your privacy, simply dont commit any crimes.

  3. no dont think it fair that do this called peep tom what do again out of it might watch have bit this bit that how feel if did this to there family and watch which l would never do dont that way its sick think can do this go out find really people doing killer ect not us should be crime for that if anyone eles did that what your doing would be in trouble well on video man did ask what think about it well l would to know where our privacy here in own homes

  4. you know didnt sign the paper my name didnt match dont beilve me go ask govement had sign my name loads time because didnt match on the comupter my name when work fo u someone know something and why didnt union help me went to u this for my country no one eles doesnt sound right does it no dont want job back tòo ill carry work crxp computer 10 years of bullying from u oh david big who live uk thank u talking to me last time going anything on here about ex work here do u let your bosses bring there children to work.with them of on hoilday cant get baby sitter just wonder if u know this when get good money other have promble try sort there like less money why cant they have same rule just like boss not fair sorry do this way put govement should ware of this sort behave does happen should keep close look on union works for them and works so treat nice x boss didnt treat anyone nice just like in my test pass for my job won your manger 2x and hr boss give my book to manger hoping l wont pass go well l did dont sound like bullying to u to me it does l am not beilve church theme but what go a round come l will always stand u for my right dont care who is anti going treat like this no more and if could work l would be very nevers about going back to it no never ever get over it wont justic but cant win govement and work to together so see people at work know going on turn blind eye to it if help loose there job this is bullying

  5. just like this man say listen to u on your smartphone or tv now man said l know so sounds on camera so on day what happen having promble ex work all there with u guys listen some time get sort out amazing how thing work in life union my counrty u were together cant be 2 sides only opionion yeah like said care u knows great video

  6. when go shopping go to the tills make sure cover your hand over machine u never know if person watcing u put number in and camera zooms in u never know be very careful puting your pin number in so cover hand make sure no one can see it

  7. it could be inside job to get all your informartion fb ect sign up to joy it maybe insider someone got creit card number too u never know could happen not right what they do on here and man in video did ask what u think here it is

  8. I dont think its right they r watching us.Thats our private lives.If they suspect something ( with out cameras) ask like usaul.

  9. that other way bullying by spying on u through toaster ect it sick this is breaking law anyone did this would be in trouble go find one doing it great lean more get up to

  10. So they know people are getting scammed by scammers everyday 🤔 thousands of dollars being sent outta the country to these 3rd world countries

  11. one thing the "cereal"/sorcerers know everyone hates them, apparently they have zero idea the size of the Holy Angels are

  12. Every breath you take, every move you make, every step you take, I'll be watching you. That's the Government's song. Our song? I've got this feeling that somebody's watching me,, and I get no privacy.

  13. the government can fuck off as well as kissing my white ass they can spy all they want on me the fucking perverts what ever turns them on besides there not going to see anything of interest except me scratching my dick

  14. FBI OPEN UP jk but what if your watching like something and then the GOVERMENT comes and spy’s on you

  15. Really don't care. Nothing to see or hear at my place. Computer doesn't have a built in web cam, TV isn't connected to the antenna, no smart appliances, don't carry a cell/smart phone when I leave the house. Probably on some kind of list because of some stuff I buy on Amazon (totally legit use, I swear). Not to mention, just for the purpose of saving money on my electric bill, all the breakers (except for the fridge) get turned off before I go to sleep and whenever I plan on being away from the apartment for more than 30 minutes. Even when I am home most of my stuff isn't getting power because I have everything plugged into outlet strips with switches for each outlet so only the things I am actively using get electricity, no vampire loads here. The smart phone I do have doesn't have a SIM card in it, I use it via my home wireless so it is also disconnected when I throw the breaker switches. Can't stop the government without burning the whole system to the ground, so meh, whatever.

  16. Before long we will have a probe forced up our ass! Oh I'm sure we will have to foot the bill for that as well! Tax on top of tax… No freedom!

  17. None of this matters the truth is Jesus is coming very soon. The only things you need to worry about is your personal relationship with Jesus and not to receive the mark of the beast in your right hand or forehead. If you can't tell the whole world is going through change these are judgements from God on the earth and on people so then look up and get Jesus it is the only way out

  18. I don't fear no one but God whatever make them happy.shame you don't have your own privacy.Usa I'm going to live my life.period the government is corrupt period..I am happy no matter what.That is one thing you can't change.

  19. be sure to wear your aluminum hat when using your spying fridge, now. wonder if you would get in trouble for shooting a drone that wanders into your yard. self defense, trespassing, etc. that sort of thing. stand your ground kind of logic??

  20. or cant seem to process rape kits or register the homeless or illegals or prosecute anyone for anything unless its been processed thru social media first. and only then when it's an average taxpayer just trying to pay taxes and keep diversity out of camping in his front yard.

  21. I AM taking the NSA and JESUIT CIA DOWN. Humans are to be freed. I AM freeing the SLAVE COLONIES. I AM Drawing upon the power of the UNIVERSE and the gods that dwell within us to utterly destroy THEM. MOUNTAINS (NSA and JESUIT CIA) MOVE AWAY – NOW!

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