100 thoughts on “Watters’ Words: A political atrocity

  1. The most dangerous enemy American citizens face right now is the DEMOCRATIC PARTY! That's just a fact. Vote RED in 2020 and save America.🇺🇸

  2. I seriously doubt there ARE any witnesses, or questioning or subpoenaing. This whole thing is just another SHAMELESS HOAX by the DNC/Dems.

    Fake, phony, and lies on top lies.

    Dems resorting to desperate, disgraceful measures to remove Trump at any cost.

  3. This is Not impeachment, this is partisan politics at its worse, Trump will not be impeached over this media talking point. To impeach you need a vote in both the house and the senate. Just like Russia collusion, its only a matter of time before the left drops this ball and moves to something else. This con was tried during the British election in 1924 by the conservative party.


  5. Yes, we know all that's true. But it is a choice of the american people whether or not to drink the kool-aid. It's a free country. If the majority allow themselves to be deceived, then so be it.

  6. If you are talking about the process instead of the facts, you've lost. Save the Republican Party, Fire the Liar in the White House.

  7. Where's Hunter ? Where's Obama ? Where's Hillary ? These people really need to be in "protective custody" to prevent flight to prevent prosecution. The long arm of justice is coming. If justice prevails, a few will meet the creator on the table with arm tie downs.. Maybe congress can change it to public beheading to deter future democrats. At least the public will know who were democrats.

  8. The house ought to hold a vote on wether to impeach! When it becomes apparent to Dems their efforts will come naught, Perhaps they’ll quit with the b.s.!

  9. He's not lying. Look at Biden's daughter just got busted. Biden got up on t.v. and said he withheld money's to have government official. Fact. Polsi needs investigating her son. Meh dirty asf. I see no better then trump running. Really don't.

  10. If you google the word atrocity you'll find it say: Trump throwing the kurds to the wolfes. They being slaughtered by US planes and arms as we speak.

  11. quit using the term whistle blower…this person is not a whistle blower by legal definition…you're contributing to the lies

  12. Jesse, you are my favorite!!!! You were always the best from the start, your earlier days with Bill O'Reily, I knew you were going to go up the ladder!

  13. Republicans will learn their lesson . When they controlled the house and senate , They entertained the Dems and allowed them to control them. Now republicans looks like kids.

  14. As always, the democrats will regret the path they are taking when the republicans use these same tactics against them in the future.

  15. Here in Britain,that tape of schiff asking for Russian dirt on Trump is never played yet schiff is continously shown talking as though he is a credible person. The deceitful media doing the left's dirty work.

  16. I just dont understand how the democrats are allowed to keep getting away with everything. Why is the republicans not doing anything.

  17. Ha ha,,,.. democrats testing Bangladesh style democracy for US… just amazing… whole word is amazed… maybe with exception of Venezuela LOL..

  18. These stupid Demonrats must be on a quest to political suicide. This unlawful fake impeachment hoax is the final nail in their coffin. They will lose, Trump will get reelected in 2020, in his second term he will finish what he started.
    The american people are watching. Theyre not stupid, the american patriots, at least. They are the ones who would defend this country's freedoms if push comes to shove. The democrats would just color their hair pink and hug trees.
    If there was an actual civil war, the democrat party would be abolished. Bunch of anarchists!

  19. CNN edited out tone word (YET) from President Trumps spoken words. This completely changed the Narrative to negative.

    More than a million a MONTH… For PUPPET/ BUCKET HEAD…?
    What are they paying….FONZI…..for these BRILLENT nuggets of insight…good grief…..Fox NEWS .)

  21. Obama is smart enough to walk away from Biden. Only Distance will protect his fascade of being a good President; but like all misdeeds, it's going to come to light. And take down Biden, Hillary, and Obama in the world of public opinion, though it would be nice if JUSTICE applied to them as well.

  22. Families getting paid off while their daddy works for government!? That's a problem? Better tell Ivanka and Don Jr.

  23. I think President Donald Trump should give Adam Schiff his nude pictures now….. why he looking of his past pictures?

  24. Trump should sue Pelosi and Schiff for political harassment. Let the court decide on this blatant abuse of power. All hearings conducted by Schiff and Pelosi should be crashed.

  25. Think about it. This is not an impeachment! It's a SOVIET STYLE SHOW TRIAL. Join me in condemning these people who are violating our legal and cultural traditions. This is more STALINIST than Democrat. This is a group of leftist trying to emulate the tactics of Stalinist Russia.

  26. Very Well Said Sir ! More Great Honest Reporting From the only News In America today you can truly Trust FOX NEWS , Congratulations to everyone working at FOX NEWS , News you can rely and trust

  27. I'm sorry. I can't stand to listen to you all. What if everyone always called trump "dumb donald" or "donald duck". He is the stupidest president we've ever had. No education after college. Won't even tell you his grades. Wears his hair like some kind of mental patient. You all are some ignorant, ignorant people. Laughed at at the UN. Read a book. Read the kids fairy tale "The Emperor's new Clothes ". You all disgust me. 17 women never accused George Bush of sexual misconduct. Kittens may be born in the oven but that "don't make 'em biscuits" !

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