Watchmen: The Legacy of Watchmen (Promo) | HBO

Watchmen: The Legacy of Watchmen (Promo) | HBO

It’s a huge book in comics.
It really kinda cracked
the genre and the way that you can think
about superheroes. MICHAEL KIM:
Before it, everybody thought
comics were super goofy…
and they were. It depicted superheroes
in a real-world setting. It was the step awayfrom what everyone assumes
what comics are about,
and into the more grounded,
adult, character-driven aspects. What if your heroes were like,
really messed up?
Like in real life. Y’know, affairs.We’re talking like, uh,
problems with the government.
I read it
my senior year of high school,
that’s the year it came out. The book really touched on
all of the societal anxieties
that there were:height of the Cold War,fear about World War III
and nuclear war.
It’s, y’know, really a story
of a collection of individualswith the ability
to enact change,
and the world
sort of stifles that. It was a really important book
for me and it kinda expanded my mind
and made me thinkabout superheroes
in a different context.
As much as it’s a book
of it’s time, it’s also very timeless.The themes that were current
in the book at the time
are still current today.
And kind of important right now
that all of us
need to work together
to make a better world.

6 thoughts on “Watchmen: The Legacy of Watchmen (Promo) | HBO

  1. Spoilers
    “All of us need to come together and make a better world.” Ozymandias thought this, so he blew up New York. And it’s up to the reader’s interpretation if this was a good thing. ( But really it’s suggested it’s not. Even Manhattan says the peace won’t last.)
    I really hope this video isn’t really how HBO intereprets the Watchmen. Because if so then this is just going to become just as shallow as every other project that didn’t understand the original comic. Which we’ve gotten for the last few decades

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