Watchmen: Fans Recap the Graphic Novel (Promo) | HBO

Watchmen: Fans Recap the Graphic Novel (Promo) | HBO

♪ (MUSIC PLAYS) ♪Watchmenis a whodunnit. It takes place in a,
sort of, alternate timeline in 1985.There’s the whole
mutually assured destruction
thing going on with Russia.
-We focus on Nite Owl–
-MAN:Rorschach.-MAN 2:Ozymandias.
-A rich white guy. Dr. Manhattan, a weird,
naked, blue man. MAN:And his girlfriend,
Silk Spectre.
Dr. Manhattan is the only real
super-powered person. He was able to single-handedly
win the Vietnam war. -MAN 2:
The death of The Comedian…

-Straight up gets merc’d. …sets Rorschach off to try
and figure out what’s going on. So he takes a journal
and he writes down everything that’s been
happening. It turns out there’s
a giant conspiracyperpetrated by Ozymandias.He has kind of created
a fake disaster. The whole thing is to stop
the Soviet Union and the United States from
a nuclear holocaust. He engineers a giant, alien
squid, teleports it into
New York. And it kills everybody. The book ends with the world
coming together because they
believe this narrative. Nuts! Rorschach is in on the secret and Dr. Manhattan has to kill
Rorschach to keep world order. And you would assume
all the true answers are gone,but no, Rorschach
left the journal
so the truth can still
get out there. The end.

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