21 thoughts on “Watches Of World Leaders & Prominent Figures | (Trump, Putin, Pope Francis, Dalai Lama & More)

  1. I can only afford a Seagull flying wheel homage to the Lange & Sonne Putin watch. It keeps perfect time. I have two now, one with a day and date the 819.316 and the 819.317 with date and a power reserve indicator.
    Modest, beautiful and accurate.
    Sea – gull flying wheel retrograde day date and the power reserve are my favourites. I know I am swimming against the tide, but I don't care, I love them.

  2. Trump is so vulgar that his choice of Vacheron Constantin might cause me to rethink my appreciation of that brand.

  3. Why you didn’t show Putin wearing the claimed watch for $500K?
    It’s dilettantish and unethical.
    Looks like another hoax and provocation.

  4. Trumps win was not controversial or unexpected; maybe if you watched ABC every night. Truth is My wife was a devout Democrat her entire life, the only time she ever voted Republican was in the last election. Truth is Hillary was a scumbag and everyone knew it. No matter how bad they try to make Trump look, as far as scumbags go Hillary takes the cake. Trump 2020 bitches

  5. Wears a Casio in public. Trust me, he jacks off and fucks little boys with a Patek. Don’t be fooled lol

  6. A man want to see the video about what watches world leaders wear and you only see brief history of seven people and one time piece out of tens they probably owns. I mean if I need to see brief history of those seven people I can just go and find the video about them or just read tabloids and watch celebrity tv shows where exactly same info will probably pop up. I click this to see video about their watches not about seven watches fill up with ballast that is part of general knowledge that every timepiece lower should know. I’m just upset.

  7. Casio ediface watches has affordable price equal to value and it's wearable any age than style. Simple but Super !

  8. Sir, love your videos but your opening pic of such a nice watch with such discussting perverted smegma of humanity almost caused me to lose my breakfast. Omgosh I know it's going to take weeks to get that out of minds eye.

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