Watch: Vindman corrects Devin Nunes: ‘It’s Lt. Col. Vindman, please’

Watch: Vindman corrects Devin Nunes: ‘It’s Lt. Col. Vindman, please’

100 thoughts on “Watch: Vindman corrects Devin Nunes: ‘It’s Lt. Col. Vindman, please’

  1. Power trip c*nt. Every one of us veterans know this type of spoiled rotten and pretentious officer. It is perfectly fine to call officers "mister" then their last name although enlisted and under officers must use "sir" as well.

  2. This is a joke when this can of worm gets open which it will heads will roll. The Dems are losing control and too many involved only a matter time before someone talks and i cant wait!

  3. See his Lawyer is telling him too Plead the 5 th like all these Democrats do lie and Lie.Look at Adam Schiff at the Lawyer And VinMan

  4. Why are they allowed to use OUR TAX MONEY to Be a JOKE SHOW ??? WAIST OUR TIME and MONEY??? Where are all judgments?? SCHIFF RULES the law ? Or The LAW of the LAND ??

  5. Why are they allowed to use OUR TAX MONEY to Be a JOKE SHOW ??? WAIST OUR TIME and MONEY??? Where are all judgments?? SCHIFF RULES the law ? Or The LAW of the LAND ??

  6. This shows the arrogance of the unelected, telling the elected how to address him. Vidman previously said he didn't know who the Whistler blower was so how could he knowingly out the Whistle blower by saying name of people he talked to about the phone call? He is admitting he lied to congress about not knowing who the WB is. Clear case of lying to congress, and since he did talk to the WB, leaking classified information. Shouldn't he have on one of EU countries uniforms; it is apparent he has no loyalty to America.

  7. Vindman is a smug prick. He leaked to the whistling leaker in the first place and needs to be FIRED!!! Schitt for brains looks like an empty head with googlie eyes.

  8. Just think about how corrupt FOXNEWS is as well. This is a bombshell revelation regarding this Vindman dud but Fox News titles it has something petty regarding Nunes not referring to his correct title. Yes Foxnews could be worst in that they could be CNN but they are very much corrupt as well.

  9. Trump supporters, the president himself literally said that he would accept foreign information if they had dirt on his political opponent. Mulvaney literally said that they were committing this crime and that we should just "get over it". Is it really so unbelievable that these people could be telling the truth?

  10. Holy moly! How can this be fair and legal. The witness said they are following the ruling of the Chair Schiff. Clearly, this hearing is a witch hunt and a one sided invalid impeachment inquiry.

  11. It will be LT CO for the rest of his days left in the military. He is going to have a permanent GOMOR on his service record so picking up CO will be impossible so I hope he enjoyed his time in the military.

  12. Who cares what rank Mr. Vindman is? Soon he will be known as Inmate number such and such, and his cell will be next to Adam Schitt.

  13. Mr. Unpatriotic Leaker is what it is!!!!! You should be court-martialed!!!! you're an embarrassment to others in uniform I hope you know this!!!!!

  14. The"Intelligence Committee"is where you discuss "intelligence info" that's why they have an " intelligence Committee" . they exist solely for this purpose… that's why you are sitting in front of Nunez so that you have some entity to orate dellicate intel. info.
    Now you and schiff and your atty. Ar7e just double talking your way out of answerin the ???.
    If no one knows whistleblowers name who would know if you used his real name? You wouldn't.
    Schiff already exposed whistleblowers name and FORGOT to black it out.
    Answer the ???.

  15. WOW this guy is going down, he just gave the whistleblower aways, he knows, why wouldn't he give
    this guys name if he doesn't know the whilstleblowers name. he is going down, its just a mater of time.

  16. "The whistleblower is legally allowed anonymity" is wrong. A whistleblower is protected to not receive backlash, but not anonymity. I think we all know that the whistleblower is fake and is Schifft.

  17. True patriots don’t have to remind people of their rank. He’s probably a weasel tyrant to his subordinates too! Pathetic, weather he was wounded or not he is a glory seeker. Reminds me of captain sobel from band of brothers.

  18. All these republicans fill their mouths with "thank you for your service", now they try to denigrate a serviceman. Hypocrites.

  19. There is no whistleblower shifty schiff is the whistleblower. Its all made up. The dumbacrats are going to lose at their own game

  20. What a pompous democrat stooge this Vindman is! He is obvious a never Trumper that doesn't even know his constitutional duties and refused to carry out the will of President Trump in favor of his own twisted vision of what our foreign policy should be. He should facing Court Martial for failure to obey the orders of the commander in chief plain and simple!

  21. Do people understand that the whistleblower is just another person with second hand knowledge and wasnt on the call like honestly if you want to throw the word whistleblower around you could basically call all these people who testified whistleblowers. It's so stupid that they said the whistleblower wasnt even on the call so who cares about him plus we have the transcripts so he just has a opinion

  22. MISTER Vindman's voice sounds almost exactly like Mike Meyer's Dr. Evil. Starts stuttering as soon as questions are asked. He 'achieved' the rank of Lieutenant Colonel? Was it included in every Cracker Jack box??? What a loser.

  23. Boy Vindman's sure going out of his way to project his military side isn't he… The rule state he's not supposed to be wearing his military uniform yet he still is… Now he wants to be addressed as Lt. Col. Vindman instead of Mr. Vindman…

  24. So concerned about your ranks and titles but not the country you dishonored by joining a fake witch hunt set up to attempt to change the outcome of the 2016 elections.

  25. This impeachment garbage is like putting a healthy person through exploratory surgery. Totally pointless and potentially very harmful.🇺🇸

  26. i would of said so your not a mr? ok so mrs vindman. and yes im joking around because this is one big joke.
    can't name the whistle blower might his name be "Harvey" a six-foot-3.5 in. invisible rabbit

  27. Republicunts give no respect to the military when it doesn't suit their political agenda.

  28. Now that’s amazing no one knows the whistleblower but when asked who he spoke with they are trying to oust the whistleblower??? Hmmm???

  29. He does not deserve such respect. For such shameful character, all the stars and stripes go down to the drain ! Lol! ! Give me a break.

  30. Notice how Schiff can't look Nunes in the eyes when addressing him. We know who's
    character and legitimacy is on the line here.

  31. Kaffee: I'm not through with my examination. Sit down.

    Col. Jessup: Colonel!

    Kaffee: What's that?

    Col. Jessup: I would appreciate it if you would address me as "Colonel" or "Sir." I believe I've earned it.

    Judge Randolph: Defense counsel will address the witness as "Colonel" or "Sir."

    Col. Jessup: I don't know what the hell kind of unit you're running here.

    Col. Jessup: And the witness will address this court as "Judge" or "Your Honor." I'm quite certain I've earned it. Take your seat, Colonel.

  32. If they the Republican s want to question the whistle blower – then bring in all the paricipants that trump stopped from testifying!!! What's he "trump" hiding from the American people!!!!!!!

  33. Nunes already knows his, Mr. Vinman answers. He wants it on record so the public can see that he AND shifty KNOWS the spy, ie FAKE Whistleblower's name.

  34. Just another soldier who paid for his rank, what a lying flog, god help anyone who takes orders from him on the battle front, at least he would be miles away, a white feather for him

  35. More proof the cult of Trump is still strong, it doesn’t matter who or how many his followers will always think Trump is the greatest smartest person ever.

  36. Trump already admitted his wrongdoing. He just thinks he can do whatever he wants because he conned himself into the white house.

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