34 thoughts on “Watch live: House panel votes to authorize subpoena for Kellyanne Conway over Hatch Act violations

  1. Demagogues! If the white-house would try to strictly enforce the immigration laws on the southern borders they'd get alarmed for the upholding of the law. There isn't enough rope in the entire country to wrap the demagoguery of the democrats and not enough concrete to tie it with so as to assure the drowning of such demagoguery.

  2. MEADOWS… Another Trump Loyalist and YES MAN. Why am I not surprised? Talking about TAX PAYER DOLLARS… Why is your Lord and Master Trump wasting so much of the Tax Payer Dollar on golfing and visiting his OWN BUSINESS VENUES, Meadows? There, that's a good Boy for your Massa Trump.

  3. This entire sh*t show was all about rule of law with the Dems, yet you have Cummings and his wife under investigation, AOC asking for more money for her and her cronies, they will not work with the President to help fund for what is going on at the border.
    This is all basically Dems telling the American people, we have our laws, and you better follow them, legal or not, and then you have laws they themselves dont even follow. I am fed up with the Democratic party, I am sick of the trash that comes from their mouths. The straight up lies after lies after lies. Let's get to 2020 already and vote these people out!!

  4. Time and again we see politicians rally to defend an individual who has clearly violated the law and certainly ethics, purely on/for partisanship reasons. It is unjust to say that only Republicans do this as Democrats are also the same. If you are a reasonable person, hand on heart, you would agree that this is wrong. Anyone with a clear command of English can, should they have the wish, attempt to defend the undefendable. In this particular instance we witness Republican Rep Jordan do just that. This weasel of an excuse for a representative actually thinks it is clever to utter what amounts to drivel and conflation to the cause of the deliberation here pertaining to wether or not K.C has or has not violated the Hatch Act. Another two weasels are Senators L.Graham and M.Mcconnell who are key players and enablers of a POTUS whose administration is an embarrassment to the US and a clear and present danger to democracy, the rule of law and world peace. I believe that they [all enablers, Repubs & Dems] do this purely for personal gain and notoriety. Sadly there is something worse than these enabling weasels and their clown POTUS, and that is us! We are the real rot because we enable the enablers and through apathy do not demand true accountability from those who represent us, shaming the spirits of those that have given their life and blood to win our fragile precious democracy.

  5. Ooo here's a question… if Kellyanne Conway is NOT in violation of the Hatch Act due to <insert Republican excuse here>, would that mean that Kellyanne Conway was doing all her media stuff on the clock, or off the clock?

  6. Twitter was created in March 2006 by Jack Dorsey, Noah Glass, Biz Stone, and Evan Williams and launched in July of that year.

  7. God Bless Ms Miller 💕 Give it up Demond Rat's

    Ps: AOC in Perfect Moronic Form. Can't wait for AOC is a Moron Reel #9,973.00

  8. So Mr Jordan's argument is since others can do it, she can do it. That's classy. He is either being obtuse as hell or doesn't understand the rule of law. He now has to prove that the left is acting unlawful since he was quick to talk about what's legal and illegal.

  9. If there is one Democrat commentating on here I know America is still in mortal danger. Biggest threat to the Republic are Democrats. They lie. they cheat. they steal. We know this and most of America is thankfully now waking up.

  10. When Republicans are in charge, Justice is spelled "just us"……..filthy corrupted criminals…..every last one of them.

  11. Americans should be OUTRAGED by these lawmakers! They do NOTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They don't work! Stupid stuff they are focusing on.

  12. I can't believe how many suck ups Trump has on this committee..Trump must be tickled peach..Cohen deserves to be in prison..Kellyann deserves to be in PRISON..Mnuchin Deserves to be in PRISON..Maniford deserves to be in PRISON..And Absolutely Trump deserves to be in PRISON..
    You bet you we should be going after TRUMP..Time and time again Trump and his administration believe that they are Above the LAW..Trumps family needs to go to Prison As Well..
    Keep up the Good work Democrats..The oversite committee is Critical

  13. George Conway: “I haven’t spoken to my wife in 18 months.”

    Friend: “Why not?”

    George: “You don't interrupt my wife when she is talking"

    George and Kellyanne Conway were on their way back home

    after spending the evening at one of DC's popular night clubs

    where they both had a few more cocktails than normal

    A policeman on patrol noticed a woman flagging him down

    The patrolman recognized her, she said she fell out the car door

    When the patrolman caught up to George he explained

    Your wife fell out the passenger side door three miles back

    ‘Thank goodness for that,’ says George" ‘for a minute I thought I’d gone deaf.’

  14. Wow republicans trashing republicans appointed by trump, they are so loyal to trump they don’t respect their own party

  15. Mr. Jordan tried to minimize what the Hatch Act covers. It has also been amended to include that Federal Employees may not solicit, or engage in political activities while being paid to function in their capacity (on duty) or on Federal property…

  16. I mean seriously, how these bunch of Republican morons gets elected when they don't even know what they're talking about? In every single hearing, all they do is either bully the witness or point fingers at the Democrats being obsessed with Trump and never have any facts to defend anything.

  17. I like this M. Kerner, so there are honest people in Washington and this man was appointed by Trump who is probably by now having a hissy fit because Trump expects everyone to do what he wants even if it means breaking the law. You go Mr. Kerner.

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