37 thoughts on “Watch live: House committee to vote on whether to hold Barr, Ross in contempt

  1. The Dems are ready from a paper given to them by their owners. LMAO. The Republicans are stating facts and stating from what they know as fact. Not reading from a paper given to them lmao and the chairman is like the uncle protecting his sheep

  2. Why didn't they add the following question: Are you a Republican?
    And reject everybody who answers no.
    The Republicans would love it. These people support democracy only if it favors them. If it doesn't favor them, they undermine democracy. And they don't understand this can backfire on themselves in the future.

  3. Da Barr does not get to call the shots and why are the republicans fights tooth and nail to have all citizens counted , all of sudden they care about citizens.

  4. That demo rat congress is whom should be held in Contempt specially especially that discusting dishonest demo rat with the hammer and no hair or integrity. Even suggesting what they want to do to Barr is as nonsensicle as their polluted character or should i say lack of any character. What a corrupt disgrace and abomination those demo rat icks congress are. Being in Our goverment is a monstrosity in itself….

  5. What i found weird that an commision can decide over such a important issue, instead the entire congress or do i miss something here ?

  6. Well, I think I am getting the idea of why all the things these committees try to do take so damn long after watching the beginning of this!!!!
    With some of these members finding every excuse to postpone these hearings and the votes that are supposed to happen. It's blatantly clear watching this those members are using their tools to waste time and drag everything on another week!

  7. How can migga cummings set up there agyer sexual harassment of a woman, oh i forgot democrats are allowed to harass women and presidential candidate like Biden are allowed to molest and touch kids in front of camera's , Democrat voters like that kind of stuff

  8. The first democratic speaker said he wants to make sure all citizens are counted. Why would the question that has been on every census that I have completed cause citizens to refuse to be counted? Illegal aliens are not citizens and sholud not be counted.

  9. In a related story: The (D) members of congress will all hold their breath until Hitlery is president. They don鈥檛 understand the line of succession, how elections work, or anything else in the Constitution.

  10. Multiple felonies committed by the Clintons and many others on her ticket. AG Barr has all the documents pertaining to the whole investigation thats why they are going after him now, just wait until all the documents come out, I will love to watch how they try to spin it then. Hillary, Comey, Strok, and many others will be arrested before this is all said and done. The media will continue to expose theirselves day by day until it happens. No one is above the law. Funny Ocasio Cortez wants to know about corruption, dont worry cupcake soon as those documents come out there will be plenty of corruption.

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  13. All that conglamorate is picnic ,you are all showing your asses b' you cant accept defeat well l have news for you to get ready for the next chapter of your lives some of you have chosen to be crooked

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