100 thoughts on “Watch live: Analysis of the fourth Democratic presidential debate

  1. It is really weird how this debate is not found on youtube. One would think it is in the public interest to distribute this thing everywhere. WTH??

  2. They all spoke complete sentences & make sense. The "no collusion, no obstruction" dude, I doubt even understand what he says many a time.

  3. The lowest polling candidate did the best. That tells you everything you need to know. This election is over. Call in the ambulance outside with Hillary in it and enter the race already. At least we could be entertained as they lose.

  4. Warren has acknowledged in the past that taxes would go up, but instead focuses now on talking about how the bottom-line-total-cost would go 🔽DOWN🔽 because she is as aware as all voters are that her current and former competitors will fearmonger on the subject of raising taxes despite the end result being a net savings.

  5. So basically your analysis is let's talk about Bernie Sanders 2 minutes out of the hour-long discussion, congratulations shame on you Fake New Washington Post

  6. As extreme anti Trumpist, debates are getting more powerful pursuasive disputatious, two thumbs up. One thing feel wistful is still no one is more outsmarted than Hillary Rodham Clinton yet, she should have been oval office no matter what.
    Regardless circumstance, as long as republicans control senate seat, Trump will remain in the office until next year.
    Glad to see you again congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard who are deeply deserve to be potential defense secretary in the United States.
    Mr. Yang please put tie on. Will you negotiate with chiefs of contries for United States National interests without tie?
    Best foot foward candidates! Trump is waiting for you

  7. It's a tragedy that a country so wealthy and powerful as the United States has such marginal candidates running for the highest office.

  8. I'm afraid that my opinion of Tulsi Gabbard just dropped dramatically. I just learned that she is friends with Republican dirtbag Trey Gowdy. There is no way I could support that! Biden has long been my last choice because of his role in mass incarceration of cannabis using Americans. So, any of the other Dem choices will get my support as we try to rid ourselves of the orange one.

  9. God i cant even watch these weasels speak. How long until we acknowledge that every one of them is guilty of some form of treason and or sedition and get rid of them properly i wonder.

  10. It's pretty damn ridiculous that you cannot watch the full debate on YouTube anywhere. It's only for the presidency after all.

  11. My 6 Takeaways from the Dem debate:
    1. Orangemanbad
    2. Abortion good
    3. 'Free' healthcare (at a rate of 60% of your paycheck)
    4. Billionaires bad (the people who collectively hire millions)
    5. Automation good (less jobs for people)
    6. Take away your firearms (2nd Amendment right to defend yourself and family)

    Good luck winning with that turd of a pitch, not to mention your candidates are just pathetic.  This is a layup for Trump in 2020.  Many Americans don't like Trump but are going to vote for him again because he will keep America, America with strong boarders, not allowing us to get ripped off in trade, not taking away our freedoms and always put this country's citizens first.

  12. I don't understand why everyone is attacking Joe Biden? why are they trying to sabotage him. i guess they want Trump to win… Warrens health care plan is undo-able.

  13. Pay attention Washington Post nobody wants to hear your damn commentary. Furthermore this debate has flight watching stupid rodeo clowns fight over a barrel that none of them are qualified to have

  14. You're not being accurate about the wealth tax. It didn't fail, it was simply not designed to be indefinite in the given parameters of the EU. A permanent wealth tax cannot exist when adequate competition is present. The US does not have that problem. If the US and the EU mandated an indefinite wealth tax in the same way they mandated a GST/VAT with more up to date and robust anti-tax haven laws, then we could certainly have an indefinite wealth tax.

  15. THIS is the choice for America? I see only 4 of the TOP LOSERS, winning the debate. This will be written in history as the only way a Democrat can Win in an election. They must compete against themselves. The biggest LOSER will always WIN.

  16. As a citizen of America. Where are the questions about the important factors we care about? I really don't care about any candidate's personal life or what they did in the past. How about China and trade agreements. The future president will face some difficult issues with China in the future. How about research for cancer. How we going to help those who are homeless or jobless. We pay tex, not to use it on endless investigations. Instead of focusing on impeaching a president, why not focus on the things that can make a difference in our citizens and our children for the future. Just agree to disagree and move on to do your jobs we hire you to do. You are working for us even the president, what is important is that you do the job for us, not the president. Your focus should be on our citizens. Instead of fighting and bickering about things that don't produce anything. Let's be adults and grow up and see the important values and goals for our country not for yourselves. Power is only good if we use it to help and uplift others. We all have free will and freedom to choose and vote for the president we desire to have. You don't have to manipulate or try to change anyone's minds, because we all have a constitutional right to choose our leaders. And if we do … please respect us no matter who we choose. Why can we work together to achieve a greater future for all? Not just for one party or another. For our children, and the future. There are people dying every day of cancer or sickness and hunger. I pray every day that we can unite as Americans and be smart and stay together to make a better future for everyone. Lets seek goodness on each other and find peace in our beautiful country. <3

  17. Tulsi torched Pete on foreign policy, ironically they are saying Pete won the debate? He was totally confused when the real leader told him about Syria.

  18. It's hilarious when these clowns blame Donald Trump on all of the worlds problems. The rest especially with some of them on the stage having been major players in Washington for decades . The hypocrisy is staggering.

  19. Sounds like they're all running for Vice-president. It would take all their IQs combined to equal one garbage collector.

  20. Washington Post censoring the debate. People, go and find out why. Dont trust any corporate "Key moments" or "post analysis". Watch for yourself and make up your own mind without any interpretations from multi-billionaires. Jeff Bezoz is trash.

  21. Non has the potential to stand and win against Trump. Trump will annihilate any one of these Democratic candidates in 2020 election.

  22. Love how these activists at WaPo won't publish any debate highlights of any length, but will comment about them for 1.5 hours, and then call the cheerleading "analysis". Verdict: Trump won this debate too!

  23. Anderson is jealous that Ellen isn’t playing with him. Sorry Anderson that last question proved how out of touch with the real America you are. Btw i saw clips, debate was extremely boring

  24. Dislike for the lack of yang. Also how shady is it that Amazon owns the post. How are they going to report about vat, given they paid 0$ in taxes last year

  25. LOL!! Why am I not surprised!! Washington Post is owned by Jeff Bezos, therefore, Andrew Yang was NO where mentioned in this video, even though he was clearly the winner in this debate. – how can we trust mainstream media after 2020 elections?

  26. Andrew Yang – "Stop this 'orange man bad' nonsense! Its hurting the Democratic Party!"
    Washington Post – "Well then, I guess we are going to have to cut you out of the debate. Cant have that being said around here. Its our motto, afterall. Oh, and we are an unbiased, honest and fair news source! Orange Man Bad!"

    This debate is brought to you by "Orange Man Bad!" Because if its Orange Man, its Bad. Vote Democrat!

  27. Garbage media again. How come every major media doesn't have full and unedited dem/debate? Looks like they all have one boss.

  28. You can't find it nowhere it's too stupid to insult. These turds are the only side pushing oppression with things like climate change politics and endocrinology of little children with gayness and killing as many babies as possible. Then there are more of them who have been to Epstein island… This doesn't scratch the surface.. Obama being toxic and able to hold composure to have likability was so weak we've washed away his legacy and all that remains is a bunch of too stupid to even be insulted… His legacy is high dollar health care and messed up health care system that doesn't work as well.

  29. Losers:
    The synchophants that make up this echo chamber who suck up to the richest man on the planet and have the audacity to cal themselves MEDIA. No you're a propaganda rag.

  30. Hunter Biden, Hunter Biden.  While JAROD & IVANKA ARE DOING THE SAME AND WORSE DIRECTLY FROM THE WHITE HOUSE RIGHT NOW, as well as ever since they were mysteriously elevated to executive roles.  For the first time in US history, family of uninformed, neophyte novices are all that’s left of the administration and all that’s left at the reigns of our current government.  HOW YOU GONNA CARE ABOUT CORRUPTION FROM LAST TERM AND NOT RIGHT NOW IN FRONT OF YOUR FACE?  WHOLE IDEA OF DJT PURSUING CORRUPTION IN ANY ROLE OTHER THAN PERPETRATOR IS OUT-OF-CHARACTER, UTTERLY DISINGENUOUS AND BLATANTLY IN-CREDIBLE.

  31. I like it when mainstream media doesn’t put Yang in the thumbnail, as if sanders kamala biden and warren is better than Andrew Yang.

    Like the media has that relationship with the candidates, or one of them.

    But you know what? Andrew Yang is better, a problem solver. Please for the sake of USA, think harder. Don’t let the media consume you that much.

  32. It HURTS the Democratic party to talk about impeachment. Because half of the people voting has voted and will vote for Trump. You need to change minds of those voters.

  33. I don't know what debate these analysts were watching but Mayor Pete owned this debate and held Warren's feet to the fire with the first attack on her and it made it clear that she was evading the tax issues. The Washington Post is clearly biased towards Warren……SMH!

  34. I really hope Tulsi runs as an independent unless Bernie get the nomination if any of the other corporate whores get the nomination she should defo run

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