26 thoughts on “Watch Google’s Stadia Event In 5 Minutes

  1. Supermarkets destroyed the quality of food. Google will destroy gaming as we know it. Evil in disguise.
    No thank you. I'll remain faithful to Fitgirl Repacks.

  2. This looks way too good to be true. I wouldn't need to buy a beast PC/Laptop to run somewhat new game. I hope that we will be able to see games that are already out. Also, please, have F2P games!

  3. i feel this 30mbps(stable) for 4k 60fps is a lie. Imagine engines like Lumimous, that proccess over 2gb per frame to run through a 30mbps connection. There will surely be a code to compress the output of the engine, but still…30mbps?! Stadia should stable only in asian countries, where 100mbps is an average.

  4. :::No pay 4000€ for a highend pc
    :::Developers can make games for the most powerful pc = no limitation on graphics
    :::play AAA games on phone and VR without an hardware directly in the matrix
    Hot material here

  5. Am i the only one liking this idea?
    You play on an high-end pc for FREE!!! Also on your phone with AAA games. And you pay them by JUST watching adds!!!!!

  6. Remember that if you can watch this youtube video you can play with the same resolution without paying for a PC

  7. Im sold- It running on linux is enough to impress me. we need more games on it to keep microsoft in check, Just look at the way there treating there consumers its disgusting an theres nothing yall can do because every thing is locked to windows. With advancements in linux you no longer will have to bow down to them an there micro transaction's an other bs schemes. I say go google! makes me feel good inside someone with the power has finally took an approach to taming this beast known as microsoft an putting them in there place. Dont pay any attention to these console peasants they wouldnt know what linux was if it mushroom stamped them across the forehead.

  8. First, search engines. Then mail. Then video sharing platforms, then computers, then phones, and now video games.

    Google is aiming to dominate our entire lives

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