WATCH: Bernie Sanders Calls Out Joe Biden's Awful Foreign Policy Record in Debate

WATCH: Bernie Sanders Calls Out Joe Biden's Awful Foreign Policy Record in Debate

there were a lot of highlights from the second night of the first Democratic Party debate when it comes to Bernie Sanders I think he was the strongest on Medicare for all he had a phenomenal closing statement and he got his message across and did enough to maintain his position in the current field but what I was hoping he would do is kind of start to take the gloves off and I think you know a couple months down the line he's gonna really have to be more forceful but one area that got my attention was when he started to call out Joe Biden for basically being a warmonger Joe Biden is functionally in alignment with a lot of neoconservatives he's not as bad as someone like Joe John Bolton but he still he voted for the Iraq war he was part of the administration that turned Libya into a failed state so Bernie Sanders hit him on this he didn't hit him as hard as I would have liked but it was still a great moment you voted for the Iraq war you have since said you regret that vote but why should voters trust your judgment when it comes to making a decision about taking the country to war the next time because once we once the Bush abused that power what happened was we got elected after that I made sure the president turned to me and said Joe get our combat troops out of Iraq I was responsible for getting 150,000 combat troops out of Iraq and my son and what was one of them I also think we should not have combat troops in Afghanistan it's long overdue it should end and I thirdly I believe that you're not going to find anybody who has pulled together more of alliances to deal with what is the real stateless threat out there we cannot go it alone in terms of dealing with terrorism so I'd eliminate the the the act that allowed us to go into war and not the AUMF and make sure that it could only be used for what it's intended would what's intense was and that is to go after terrorists but never do it alone that's why we have to repair our alliances we've put together 65 countries to make sure we dealt with Isis in in other places that's what I would do that's what I have done and I know how to do it senator Sanders the difference one of the differences that Joe and I have in our record is Joe voted for that war I helped lead the opposition to that war which is a total disaster second of all I helped lead the effort for the first time to utilize the War Powers Act to get the United States out of the saudi-led intervention in Yemen which is the most horrific humanitarian disaster on earth and thirdly let me be very clear I will do everything I can to prevent a war with Iran which would be far worse than disastrous war so that's what I want to see from Bernie Sanders Bernie Sanders has the credibility unlike any other candidate to where he absolutely can brag about his phenomenal record he has the best record out of anyone in politics hands down so you have a right you've earned the right to brag and with bragging comes you know this acceptance that you can call out the candidates who aren't as good as you and calling out Biden here was phenomenal now since we're on the topic of foreign policy Bernie Sanders did really great here in talking about foreign policy and he boasted about his foreign policy credentials in a way that I think was really important he needed to say this because a lot of people say that Bernie just isn't effective and he proposes all of these policies but they never get passed and what he did in this debate was he said this is what I have accomplished this is what I just accomplished he brought up Yemen and he did a great job so overall just a bright spot you know for all of you brothers of the Bernard Bernard brothers whatever we're calling ourselves nowadays um he did a great job his performance was very solid and it's why I think he was one of the winners of this debate he's gonna have to turn up the heat a little bit next time but for now I think he did good enough and I think that calling out Joe Biden is absolutely the correct strategy you have to dunk on the front-runner otherwise that frontrunner will maintain that status but if you all agree that we've got to bring down the front-runner then nobody's going to be singled out as someone who was being overly aggressive or overly hostile or vindictive so I think that Bernie should have not played as nice however still the fact that he called out Biden here it mattered and it was really one of the highlights of the debate for me Mike is a total loser so don't hit the subscribe button okay and whatever you do folks do not hit the notification bell either might just be so unfairly

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  1. Biden is empty suite with a bad voting record, mentioning Obama is all he got and still doesn't help him much. I still don't know why he has so much support? I guess a lot of people are blind or with all due respect, people are ignorant about the real issues that affect average Americans. Electing Biden is Electing Trump for a second term.

  2. I'm not saying I'm for Kamala, she did have a strong night BUT, if Biden cannot take Kamala how the hell can he take on Trump? His answers where just a rambling mess just a couple steps above Trump… Bernie 2020!!

    Someone said that Bernie says the same thing as in 2016 so that's why she has a problem… I'm like wait, so someone that flip flops on policies is better???

  3. What bothers me as I just finished watching the debate replay is how easy of a time by the corporate media NBC/MSNBC panel gave her and Biden, most time speaking, not once was she ever interrupted by the panel unlike how they did with the rest of candidates several times. Kamala Harris won her two attacks on Biden and was mixing it up widely and vaguely with rest of the Field, the corporate media declared her winner and are ready to pin her against trump right away even though she only won two debates against an already vulnerable Biden .

    Bernie was strong all night never deviated from his objectives, his goal and purpose was not attacking Biden, he chose to concentrate more on exposing his programs to as many viewers as possible and rightfully so. Time spent attacking Biden means time wasted on bring his programs to most Americans as possible, that is why he was on that floor working for the American peoples not on Biden, there will be plenty of time to work on Biden or Harris later. Bernie Sanders was flawless and succeeded on his goals for the debate, he is a whole lot smarter then some would take him for. That is why he's the right American to be President of this country and will chew trump to pieces in a head to head debate, his performance will show up in polls . While the rest on stage went at each other's he ignored them and stayed focus always looking for ways to put his point across to the viewers looking straight at the cameras, he did what he needed to do to perfection, in my opinion he was the clair winner of this debate

  4. I honestly expected WAY MORE out of Bernie. I also think his answer for m4a were poor. When the question of HOW he would implement m4a, he kept repeating that we have to stand up to private insurance companies and tell them their time is over because healthcare is a human right. I think he shot himself in the foot there. So many people aren't voting for Bernie because they think he is the crazy socialist and his ideas are too far out of our reach. They certainly are not, but this was his first opportunity to show them he has a plan to get us to our goal. It would be the increase in taxes, a small price to pay for having free doctors. He just wasn't to the point enough for me.

  5. Were you not here in 2016? Bernie does not attack people. He advocates differences between his policy and others policy.

  6. Does anyone else here still remember when Mike was accused of having a ''Terrorist Beard" ?
    I think of it every time I look at him and laugh my ass off ! ; )

  7. Flame out Joe had his throat ripped out by Harris, he is done. Bernie needs to take the gloves off for Kamala Harris because she has become the threat that I have predicted she would be.

  8. If Biden doesn't like Bush and the War in Iraq, why did he pin a Liberty Medal on W just last year for bringing so much "FREEDOM" to the world?

  9. He didn't call out Biden's horrid record, he only boasted about his own. He could have pointed to how Biden not only failed to completely disengage in either Afghanistan or Iraq, but he took those 2 wars to 7, turned Libya into a failed state where slavery exists and auctions can be seen on Youtube, supported a genocide in Yemen on behalf on Saudi Arabia, etcc.

  10. The overall take on Biden is, he really thinks the war on terror is a thing, people realize this nation building thing is a scam, nobody wants endless wars to be a way of life.

  11. Biden: "It was Bush's fault that we were in Irak!! Obama and I inherited that"

    Biden in 2003: votes for the invasion of Irak.

  12. Bernie has stepped up his game on foreign police for sure. He also said something about bringing the whole world together to stop spending 1 trillion in arms globally, and instead combat the common enemy: climate change. I loved that.

  13. Don’t be beguiled by the songs sung of the sirens. They will leave you wreaked on the jagged barnacle encrusted rocks. This election we need to fix the governing system by electing Bernie Sanders; not just put new coat of paint on it and calling it good like we have done for the past 40 years.

  14. It's not a matter of all attacking the front runner. If the front runner has good ideas than leave him/her the fuck alone. But when the front runner is a pompous, touchie-feelie, old guard, out of touch windbag who's bad for the future, then absolutely gang up to bring him down as hard and quick as possible.

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