War Thunder | 1.93 Teaser but it’s as rushed as the update

War Thunder | 1.93 Teaser but it’s as rushed as the update

Shhhhhhhhit! Ok… All right, it’s trailer time boys eh, it’s kinda… Kind of sudden, but uh… Doesn’t matter, what’s new? What’s new for this update? um Like a…. There’s like a boat, that’s like… It’s like the last boat, but it’s bigger So that’s cool… There’s a new Abrams. Everybody’s been asking for more Abrams variants. So that’s… Okay, it doesn’t matter. What else? What else? I can make stuff up There’s plenty new of new premium vehicles There’s 10 of them in fact 10 Whole new premium vehicles 10…premium vehicles? Yeah! All coming this update How many non-premium vehicles did we get Thirteen? So… 13 non-premium vehicles, and 10 premium vehicles That’s almost half of the update. Okay? Okay. Never mind. I hear about this… This new premium helicopter…. What about that? I mean it’s pretty cool Y’know, it’s got ordnance that can like destroy things outside of render distance So that’s….interesting Hold on… Run…that by me again? What? Yeah, no, that’s pretty great Like they’re not only capable of destroying air But they can fuck over tanks as well and it can, you know, kill you outside of render distance Which is, you know pretty epic.. Are there any New mechanics how how’s the update called? Yeah that’s a good question It’s like Shark Week or something? Hold on, uh, I gotta make a call. I’ll BRB I’m trying to understand how this happened. I’ve been busting my ass off trying to make your game look good And I took my back for three seconds and suddenly the entire update is filled with premiums and I fucking P2W helicopter and I’m trying to understand how this happened! Why are you crying?! All right, uh…Let’s make the trailer Yeah I don’t have the dev server downloa… Okay, so how was that That was PJ that that was the most fucking Incredible thing I’ve ever seen honestly. You’ve really outdone yourself this time

100 thoughts on “War Thunder | 1.93 Teaser but it’s as rushed as the update

  1. Wow PJ, i am dissapointed i expected better of you…

    Shark week is a sacred week on Discovery Channel, and i can't believe you use it on such a mess ;p

  2. Update wasn't rushed lmfao they plan this shit just holding us off because next update will be the biggest update we've ever had

  3. This trailer production remind me the rush production of T-34 when Germany invading Soviet Union … Also can I have 50% discount in WarThunder store ?

  4. Great viedo, but you all forget one thing. They honestly put one vehicles in this patch what was requested a long time:
    https://wtinfo.hu/2019/10/25/breguet-690-szeria-elfecserelt-potencial/ (i cannot find an english article, but this site has a built-in translator)

  5. I did a vid on the Ka50 and the amount of Salt…. made me wanna go eat a pack of cheetos…
    half of the patch is prem.
    My suggestion for gaijin is to reschedule this patch to Jan-March time period.

  6. Well this looked rush, I mean the text was bad, the music was poorly synchronized, quality has taken such a dive lately, might unsubscribe, but I don't know

  7. They rushed 1.93 so bad that VL Pyörremyrsky is spelled wrong and they mispelled cannon in the Pyörremyrsky teaser…

  8. Wait why u use our Brasil server if u not live here XD ??????
    Also luv your videos and trailers(is much better than the Gayjin trailers)

  9. community: "Gaijin, please give the brits a supersonic jets, they kind of need it, look, theres some british design supersonics that could work, English Electric Lightning or even Jaguar might work, hows that?"


  10. Jey we have more buggs and a shitty british tank instead of fixing brittish top Tier with fixing the chally 2 or bring in a better chally 2 variant. And oh yeah we get a brittish phantom what about the harrier or the electric lightning which are no copy and paste

  11. Wanted to maybe buy a VI era premium tomorrow but now kinda um, kinda not want to do that anymore. Maybe I'll just buy the expansion to FFXIV instead.

  12. Figured it was a shocker when even the update came out before you got a trailer up.

    I mean, it's not necessarily "bad" per say aside from the Ka 50. For the rest of it, at least nothing's majorly more fucked up then usual. The brighter fire was nice at least, and the Phantom for Britain at least looks neat (Though I know people wanted the Electric.)
    But, yeah, I was expecting the next update no earlier then December 23rd. They did cut the second dev server stuff, which in all honesty the dev server was only a hype machine and didn't really change anything from the main game, so technically they can push out updates faster if they cut that stuff. But "shark attack" had me hopeful for midget subs or something.

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