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  3. Never predrill a hole for a threaded nylon anchor. Punch the front part into the wall with a hammer and drill it in place.

  4. Komentarz po polsku nie dlatego że jestem januszem 😀 tylko ze względu na to że to w polsce yt atakuje mnie tym gównem. Budownictwo oparte o drewno i karton gips potem dziwne że huragan cały dom zmiata. A co do kołków to proponuję hilti duopower zamiast zastanawiać się co tam w tej ścianie jest.

  5. This is bullshit I got standard wall plugs in holding a heavy tv lol my fault if it comes off the wall but it’s been there 3 years now and hasn’t moved people have knocked into it and everything so all good stick to the standard cheaper stuff works just as well 👍🏻👍🏻

  6. there are palstic ones that expand in a different way, i use them a lot, rather than open they shorten and thicken, similar to how a snake or caterpillar move, these can hold a lot of weight in hollow walls

  7. Installing a threaded drywall anchor, do not be surprised if the wall tears and the roof collapses on top of you. This is normal.

  8. I'm just 11 and I love to make stuff my Dady just gave a drill and a hammer and like 502'272736262627'2728282882' screws jk I have 25 of them and he gave me a flat head screw driver and like 100 nales I'm so happy

  9. Universal Metal anchors patent 50247 + tool screw – P -52095 … You Tube < tv pink patent Zoran M Milinkovic > Serbia Zemun

  10. I'm still unsure, I have to fix a 50mmx25mm wood batten to a fibreglass boat and that has to support a 2m hardwood seat

  11. This is an excellent video, I have never even heard of a molly bolt before, and I have seen toggle bolts before, but had no idea what they were for or how they were used.


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