33 thoughts on “Walk and Talk the Vote – West Wing Reunion – Bridget Mary McCormack

  1. How did she get them all to do this? I could see if she was a Californian candidate, but she's in Michigan. Must have friends in high places.

  2. When I first watched The West Wing, I liked Josh. But every time I see it now, I just can't watch him.

  3. Gotta love Melissa Fitzgerald. Carol was NEVER more than a glorified extra in TWW, yet she appears in practically all the reunions and stuff like this…

  4. So far as I know, this remains the largest in-character reunion from The West Wing to date. And congratulations to Bridget McCormack who, I gather, won her seat.

  5. Love this skit – but didn't Josh get chubby cheeks? Also, had to check on Wikipedia, and she WON!!! Sweet.

  6. I had an Idea to write a series Called The Oval Office based on The Oval office or The Situation Room why is it called The Situation Room, and The Oval Office. which I could write and produce with feedback on locations to do the scenes. I would need approval from the President Vice President Secret Service, and other counter parts.

  7. Oh…bugger…As a brit……. I tried to write something epic……………… and profound about this……………….. but as a brit I have to put profound and accentuated gaps…between everything I say…….so …I….Ran …Out off….time…

  8. Government of Canada Gouvernment du Canada, Muslim Saudi Arabia crminal dirty in Canada & all hospital & all world.

  9. I forget, where does this scene fall in the timeline of the series?  Martin Sheen looks really aged.

  10. I was watching  a really bad movie: Deep Impact.  Couldn't believe "Mary McMormack" was actually in it: as a blonde! Could barely recognise her!

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