W.H. Chief Of Staff Admits ‘We Held Up The Money’ To Ukraine | The Last Word | MSNBC

W.H. Chief Of Staff Admits ‘We Held Up The Money’ To Ukraine | The Last Word | MSNBC

100 thoughts on “W.H. Chief Of Staff Admits ‘We Held Up The Money’ To Ukraine | The Last Word | MSNBC

  1. Is incredible how this guys try to play the people, like a violin? Maybe? What can you expect from a WH headed by a MAFIA BOSZO!

  2. It's just business as usual and we're exempt …what kind of defense is that ? That's like Al Capone saying " So what ? I robbed a bank..lots of people have robbed banks".

  3. The Democrats are working very hard to make their case "impeachment worthy" and are succeeding with every day. That does not matter. Trump could happily stand up and admit to every single crime he has ever been accused of. That does not mean the Senate would convict, far from it. What gets decided in the Senate is not the issue of Trump's removal from office but the GOP Senators' own removal from office. They are Trump's creatures, and that is all you need to know. Now, move on.

  4. O'Donnell, I cant wait to see your face again when Trump not only survives impeachment but very possibly leads the GOP back to control over the house and keep the senate in no small part because of people like you! Your lies only make his argument of grossly unfair biased media seem more true. You can hide and say your only doing your Job but lets face it; when something bad is being said about Trump your smiling but when Trump looks good your have your angry hurt look on your mug. You and Schiff-for-brains can keep misrepresenting Trump but it will ultimately come back to hurt you later.

  5. I just submitted my application for Chief of Staff. I did not graduate from high school. I am a convicted felon. The White House called me and said no problemo. The FBI will vet you shortly.

  6. If this continues we will be a third world country by the end of this year. Thank you Trump supporters, your legacy is the catalyst to the enslavement of freedom and the freedom of dictatorship in America.

  7. First — the current POTUS is a dodo-head. I hope he's removed from office or resigns.

    Second — the notion that "The Russians are our enemies and the Ukrainians are our friends" is a tired old refrain. MSNBC needs to stop harping on it. Putin's a thug to be sure, but he does not represent all Russians. We need to work to have good relations with the people in all countries.

  8. Based on what Mulveny announced, it seems that Trump is creating his own laws of making u lawful conducts legal. Actually what he has been doing as a president has been his attempt to make illegal things legal. This is what a dictator like Hitler did.

  9. It's absolutely hilarious , I'd love to be a fly on the wall when the Republicans go out, and try to defend these morons, and then watch them on tv telling the reporters about how they committed crimes.

  10. My guess is, this ‘blunder’ of Mulvaney’s was intentional. 👍
    He was probably forbidden from complying with any upcoming subpoenas. And since the race is now on for guilty folks to save themselves ASAP, (not to mention the inevitable ‘bus’ on the horizon likely coming for him someday anyway), he’ll have an easier time complying with subpoenas if he’s fired. With his walk-back statement following the blunder, he may have simply been going through the motions, intending to show compliance on his part to aid his defense later… “I did what they said, but they fired me anyway. Retaliation on their part.” Or whatever.

    By complying and testifying, Mulvaney will have the chance to tell his side of the story ahead of any who follow. Something tells me he has a lot of tea to spill…and that he has the ‘receipts.’ 😎

  11. Trump is also planning to commit the violation of emulomrnt law and anti-bribery law by deciding on the next 7G place at Trump's Florida resort, which is obviously to benefit Trump business by having foreign governments to pay to Trump. It is against the constitution and the laws.

  12. If Trump administration is sp much worried about the corruption, why Trump should not investigate himself?? He is the one who committed multiple corruptions around the world and inside the America! After all what Trump cares about is his own gain and his own benefits. He never cares about the National security and national benefits. He is clearly a traitor!!

  13. Getting fired may be the least of Mulvaney's problems. Trump may be shielded from prosecution while he’s in office, but Mulvaney isn’t.

  14. We see now all of the corrupt Trump enablers are struggling what to do in order to cover all the messes up! The truth is coming out and one by one, people are making a mistake by talking too much and attacking others, dropping a piece of evidence… That is how the real truth is coming out. The wrong doers will never keep committing crimes because evidence is being dropped here and there by them trying to lie away and cover up.

  15. Mulvaney full size. PUPPET !

  16. Honest Lawrence never ever conducted a lie in his life . He just gets paid massive amount of money to prepare a false narrative and it appears to me that Honest Joe has been bought and sold . Lawrence is now a slave . His superiors control ever thing he does and there is no way out.

  17. Mick you haven’t even begun to see how folks are going to get over it, you are being investigated and you don’t have anything like Trump’s protection. He’ll chew you & spit you out like nothing. I am quite happy though because you are giving us the facts of Trumps quid pro quo, even though they saying (some of the beloved – not, Republicans) I don’t know what he’s talkin about, or he’s full of sh$t. How quickly they turn on you. You might as well do the right thing now. Before the investigation tears your life apart!

  18. This comment has nothing to do with the EPIC PHOTO , however , Trump just awarded himself a Government Contract ? Lawrence please check into this please . If true , he's also pocketing American $$

  19. Love your crisp sharp and humorous analysis Sir Lawrence….Luv You…👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽😘😘😘🙂🙂🙂❤❤❤

  20. I think Mulvaney did what he did on purpose. He doesn't want to be under Trump's thumb anymore and who could blame him? Trump would be a total nightmare to work for.

  21. Mulvaney is hilarious trying to act tough "get over it". A little worm with Harry Potter glasses that thinks everything the administration does is ok, but not if everyone else does it. All these goons were clearly bullied in childhood, and now they're reliving their childhood dream of being friends with the bully lest they have their lunch money stolen. Classic childhood trauma cases.  He reminds me of George Costanza trying to get fired by dragging the world series trophy around the parking lot.

  22. Trump the bully has met a match in Pelosi. The only difference is that Pelosi has a brain and integrity, unlike the dumb Trump.

  23. Listening to the republican trump defenders you would think that there is some doubt to the things trump has done. But he's said things out loud and admitted to doing things yet these republicans think that it is normal. What is happening? Is there something in the air that only affects republicans? Are they blind to criminality because their morals have disappeared? I can't for the life of me understand why they are not taking trump to task or is it because they themselves are corrupt? It can only be that they are either crooked or compromised or worse both!

  24. To PUERTO RICO also. We still waiting for FEMA asistance. 30k without roof. Because we are corrupt. The FEMA director was a black american and a white man they are the resonsable ones not the humble people of my country.

  25. It’s not Trump’s fault, it’s not Mulvanny’s fault – no it’s all the media’s fault for reporting what Mulvanny said in front of a room full of reporters. It’s all the fault of the guy who shot the video showing Mulvanny saying what he said in front of a room full of reporters. And, naturally, it’s all the fault of “we the people” for watching and hearing Mulvanny say what he said in front of a room full of reporters. I think we’ve heard all the “I didn’t say what I said” walk backs way too many times.

    I know Trump ranted that “what we see and what we hear is not what’s happening.” I know there are way too many who have opted to not believe the evidence of their own eyes and ears. But it’s time someone told Trump that we don’t all live under his made in China MAGA hats or occupy the dystopian world he’s created for those who seem willing to cheer at every lie they are being fed.

    When a crook is so overweeningly arrogant as to admit to his part in a felony but tells us we should simply “get over it” how can any lawyer possibly defend him. How can any politician, who took an oath to the constitution, possibly defend the mob boss who gave the order to the confessed crook? I’m sure they’ll find a way – they’ve all proven way too many times that their job, their power, their party is way more important than upholding their oaths of office and defending the country.

    Sekulow is currently trying to distance himself but he’s a grifter like the rest – waive the right amount of dollars in front of him and he’ll find a “defence.” Some of Trump’s army of lawyers have already written a letter trying to claim that the constitution is unconstitutional. Others have tried to claim in front of an astounded judge that it was illegal for the evidence which would have seen Nixon impeached to have been released.

    Just what is it that has so many supposedly intelligent people prepared to circle their wagons around a corrupt, incompetent lying, snake oil con man. Obviously I exclude the likes of Gaetz & Jordan from the claim of “intelligence.” They’ve gone out of their way to prove their lack of little grey cells at every opportunity.

    They know he’s a liar, they know he’s committed more than one felony, they know that, were he still a Democrat, they’d have started the impeachment process long since. They know he’s arrogant, dangerous, incompetent, impulsive and far from the stable genius he proclaims himself to be. They must see the damage he’s doing to this country, our reputation, our democracy and our standing in the world. They know his own personal interests are always put before the country’s and yet they seem too craven to do, or even say, anything about it. I simply don’t get it.

    But I do think the Gang is 8 should see all the transcripts of phone calls hidden away in the codeword protected server. Why did Trump, the world’s greatest negotiator he tells us, simply roll over to Erdogan’s demands. Did Erdogan try a spot of Quid Pro Quo himself “nice hotel you have in Istanbul (or Instanboool as Trump calls it) shame if something happened to it.” We need to know what personal Trump interests resulted in handing over the farm, and our allies, to an adversary. And we need to know now and the crooks in the White House should be the ones to “get over it.”

  26. 0:25 yeah, Nancy talking to the brat, the generals head in shame, everyone else looks like the're in a funeral, but the guy in the bottom left corner, blurry but smiling like he is watching The Simpsons.

  27. I think Trump supporters should just own the name: "DEPLORABLES" so that we only need one word to describe the voters, the GOP, all the guys who ever took up jobs for this administration and even the TV show hosts and guests who continue to fabricate alternative facts for the Administration: I'm talking here including the Kellyann Conways, the Cory Levandowskis, the Ron Johnsons, the Lindsay Grahams, the Rand Pauls, Mike Pences and Pompeos, Rudy Gs, etc.

  28. IMPEACH THAT CROOKED Humpty Trumpty and DON'T GIVE UP until he is OUT and sent to JAIL!!! Do YOU hear me DEMOCRATS? DO IT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. Humpty Trumpty SHOULD realize that ALL of this HIRING ad FIRING of all of these Cabinet members ISN'T doing him any good!! HE IS THE ONE AND ONLY PROBLEM IN AMERICA and HE IS THE ONE THAT IS CAUSING PROBLEMS IN AMERICA!!! Are you people NAIVE, DUMB, or IDIOTIC?

  30. Malvaney : We Held up the Military Aid Money for Ukraine to Get the Biden Corruption Investigation Going , But it Wasn't Quid Pro Quo , it's Part of Politics , Everybody Does it , So " Get Over It "

  31. The lot of them is gonna turn on trump in the end they are not going to ruin their political careers for a twatty basterd like Trump hopefully

  32. Nancy should be president
    Trump should be in jail with a lot of other republican criminals
    The day will come for this but it won’t come fast enough for America and the free world

  33. This White House today, is what it would look like with a big gang, trying to pull off a bank heist, but stops arguing half way, not getting anything done. Finally arrested, shown video of themselves, they would flat out deny it, probably even claim that is their evil twin they have never met before.

  34. Germany got the tragedy, American got the farce. Not fascism, but bozo fascism. Not triumph of the will, but triumph of the swill.

  35. GOP or Dem ALL should respect and support this impeachment. We need to know the facts and as Americans we need to know if our leader is a crook

  36. The court jesters getting angry because Mulvaney committed the deadly sin of admitting the Emperogue has has clothes.
    Deadly by his own tribe for leaking, by failing to keep the lines of lies closed, and deadly by Democrats for giving them the proof of the Republican(s) crimes.
    Imagine what it must be like if one's lifeline is a lieline. To have to rely on lying, and to to have to re-lie again and again. To be compelled to violate one's conscience as a matter of policy, in order to survive. No way out other than increasing one's moral debt. Maybe it was foreseeable when one's master proudly proclaims that he's the king of debt.

    Either one is in the prison of silence with the burden of ever more lies, or one must go to the physical prison. Michael Cohen has been called weak. He could no longer carry the burden of lies that grew and grew by/plus the burden of protecting Trump and his stone cold wall of lies as well.
    With every lie, the burden grows. Coming clean means freeing oneself from the prison of lies (the awareness of which we can deny, suppress, but also… project on others, and then attack those others, in a vain attempt to transfer one's load to a sacrificial human goat. This comes natural to Trump. To him, it's not a burden; it's the air he breathes. What his followers may not realize, is that they may very well admire in Trump his capacity to carry the immensity of all the lies and deeds of immorality. He lacks the restraint of the conscience that, in healthy humans limits selfish, dishonest pursuits. To his supporters, Trump probably looks like a strong leader

    "You can check in any time, but you can never leave" (Hotel California) -The Eagles.

  37. Trump's a one-trick president (deny it, admit it, claim it's not wrong and cry persecution) and his base adoringly gives him a standing ovation every time.

  38. It is too late for the country now ,and at the last minute he didn't give the money so sad to see a country being slautered

  39. What we shall soon hear is that what Mulvaney said at that Press Briefing was a joke. Senators like Jim Jordan would say that Mulvaney admitted to a Quid Pro Quo on purpose to rile the press. Jim Jordan would say, "Can you really believe he would say something like that knowing the position we are at the impeachment inquiry"

  40. Mulvaney gave a good description of the situation, it is not an investigation in to Democrats, it is part of an ongoing investigation to find out how the Trump/Russia hoax started…this investigation has led to Ukraine and the Democrats, but the Dems were not targeted…Sorry that the Democrats are corrupt and being exposed, don't blame Trump, blame the Dems! There is nothing illegal that occurred, nothing will happen to Trump and you lefties look more foolish everyday you buy into this nonsense…

  41. It seems that Mulvaney was testing the water for Trump … and he will pay for his failed attempt to appease his master … before long I predict we will be “getting over” him!

  42. It is important to look at Republicans actual behavior patterns.

    Republicans have sought to cut hundreds of millions of dollars slated for security at U.S. embassies and consulates

    The GOP fighting so hard to link Hillary Clinton to Benghazi so the American people won't recall their embassy security budget cuts

    Watch "Republican Congressman brags about cutting Benghazi security funding on CNN" on YouTube


    Watch "Barbara Boxer: Republicans' Who Cut Funding For Embassy Security" on YouTube


    GOP House Speaker Admits Benghazi Investigation Was ‘Strategy’ To Harm Clinton

    Watch "Kevin McCarthy: Benghazi Committee Tanked Hillary's Poll Numbers" on YouTube


    On September 29, 2015, Rep. McCarthy, the number two man in the House Republican caucus, bragged live on-air that the Republicans' Benghazi investigation was a political, partisan attack designed to derail Hillary Clinton's presidential candidacy.

    So now we know: One of the principal reasons Republicans spent so much public money investigating the tragic Benghazi episode was to bring down Hillary Clinton’s poll numbers.


    House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) publicly conceded that the committee’s work is an election scheme intended to undermine Hillary Clinton.

    * A lifelong conservative Republican who worked for the committee has complained that the committee’s sole interest was in tearing down Hillary Clinton.

     * Senior Republican officials acknowledged to the New York Times that GOP leaders directed the Benghazi committee to focus on Clinton’s email server management – instead of the deadly Benghazi attack – in order to “cause political problems” for the Democratic candidate.

    * Rep. Richard Hanna (R-N.Y.) has now admitted that his party’s Benghazi panel was “designed” to target Clinton.


    Watch "Chaffetz: Kevin McCarthy's Benghazi comments 'i…" on YouTube



    Bolton wanted to release the aid and schedule a meeting between Trump and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelentsky in order to counter Russian belligerence but was overruled. Trump has asked Bolton and other officials in the administration to stall aid to Ukraine.

    These two were directly involved with Rudy and possibly Rick Perry, to replace the ENTIRE board of the Ukraine state run NAFTOGAZ energy company. Fruman and Parnas are Texas based energy guru's.

    Profit, not politics: Trump allies sought Ukraine gas deal


    Russian Oligarch Turned Giuliani Client Met Trump About Moscow Deal In Late-2000s Trump met at least twice with a Russian-Ukrainian oligarch and current Rudy Giuliani client over a Trump Moscow franchising deal in the late 2000s, the oligarch told TPM.*


    Trump Urged Top Aide to Help Giuliani Client Facing DOJ Charges Secretary of State Rex Tillerson refused to interfere in case*


    Watch "Trump Asked Rex Tillerson To Help Giuliani Client With DOJ: Bloomberg | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC" on YouTube


    Watch "Rex Tillerson opens up on Trump and his firing: "We did not have a common value system"" on YouTube



    Rex Tillerson Says Jared Kushner Conducted Foreign Policy Without Him



    Rex Tillerson told Jared Kushner “his interference" in foreign policy "endangered the US

    Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump clashed with multiple senior White House officials, who were concerned the couple mixed their government work and personal interests and lacked proper expertise for the work they were trying to do.


    Trump reportedly slammed the brakes on a $400 million military-aid package to Ukraine days before he asked its president to investigate Joe Biden


  43. Adam Schiff is a liar… which means so is his whistleblower. Strange how democrats suddenly want to shift the attention to Mulvaney and not Schiff. Ukraine didn't even know if money was being witheld. WE ARE NOT STUPID…

  44. well it's also illegal for the president to take money that was designated for the military and use it for his stupid wall. That's criminal activity also because that funding was allocated by Congress to the military.

  45. And still, republican senators can't find a backbone to say or do anything against him. They have allowed him to do as he pleases, please blame them as well.

  46. Why do republicans wear the flag pin? I mean, how insecure and paranoid about your insincerity are you? There are many values associated with being a patriot, wearing a flag certainly is not one of them, schmucks.

  47. His parents gave birth to and then unleashed a monster upon the world. Most rich kids are like that, born into amoral excess. It should be outlawed.

  48. He seemed overly nervous. I suspect DT prob told him to say that…then threw him under the bus when it did not work out as planned.


  50. This particular president is on the payroll of Russian Mafia. The right piece of jigsaw puzzle to destroy the usa. It is there for everyone to see. What are the CIA and the FBI waitinv for? Before the eyes of the US secret service, the US is crambling at the hand of the most corrupted president, with no moral compass in the all world Do they want to be the Doctor after death? Woww this is incredible!!! The US is being sold to the wish of its staunchest enemy colluding with the commander in chief himself in front of the secret srrvice!! So what is the role of the pompous secret service????

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