43 thoughts on “Voting for PRESIDENT Online?!

  1. Also, the idea of voter confidentiality is not just to ensure that the government doesn't know who you voted for, but your friends and family too. If you can vote from home, there's no way to ensure that

  2. the whole privacy thing is meaningless. if you live in a society where there is a risk of being threatened or suffer somehow based on who you vote, then the whole act of voting is nullified so the whole topic collapses.

    issue a uniquely registered physical device for each voter that only does that and nothing else. it's not a phone, not a social network. purely used for voting. once you do something like that i'd say that risks drop considerably. physical safety of the device should be the user's responsibility. with that kind of device it also becomes grandma friendly as she'll simply have to press a button without doing anything else.

    with the right encryption and security measures i'm sure that the risks can be brought to where it becomes no riskier than in person voting.

  3. The CURRENT VOTING MACHINES used in ALL ELECTIONS in the US are shown to be INSANELY EASY TO HACK, using ancient Windows 1998 OS leaving the PRESIDENTIAL ELECTIONS less secure than almost ALL businesses in America!! SECURITY ISSUES are just a govt EXCUSE given to avoid moving election voting online, where obviously 80% of the over-60 age group wouldn't even bother doing it!!
    It's FAR from a "scheme" to make voting easier, rather than allowing the conservative right-wing groups continue making it harder & more inconvenient, making everyone take time off work, which many of the bottom 50% in America can't afford to do, and go find a polling station, which are becoming increasingly fewer & farther between, particularly in larger populated areas, and moving voting online, when everyone has some kind of access, even at work, without the trips and long waits in line, the amount of people willing to vote would jump faster than a scared rabbit!! There are NO good reasons to not move it online, that aren't disproven by the same or worse problems in the current system!!

  4. If a government promises you electronic elections, hope you get to vote them out before they implement it.

  5. I voted online in Estonias parlament elections.
    A 64 bit encryption key embedded a citizens Identification Card or ID card for short, made me feel safe to do it

  6. Im Estonian and i gotta say, online voting is really handy. Nobody wants to go out to wait in a line to vote in an election you know nothing about, its much better to vote online in an election you know nothing about.

  7. Linus: I Guess we cant vote online due to security issues
    Linus: Bla Bla Bla Bla *Gives Away Country for online voting which could have vulnerabilities

    Hacker: LOL I don’t even know Estonia Existed
    Hacker: Thanks Linus
    Hacker: I’ll Just Mess Up their System First MUHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  8. It's funny that a Canadian probably knows more about the election process in american than most americans.

  9. A great voting system that's in place in some county's https://www.democracy.earth/ worth watching the video.

  10. With electronic voting, I bet people wouldn't trust the system anymore and less than half of the electorate would vote. Oh wait..

  11. The Russians would fucking love this. They are getting their hands in every election on the planet now.

    We've seen too much BS in the USA with the electronic voting that isn't online, from one minute hacks of voting machines to crooked elections admins and volunteers flipping votes.

  12. All you need is an IOT device designed specifically for this use case with a lot of hardware security and tamper protection along with a bit of cryptography similar to the blockchain.. If you want to vote you just order one of these special voting devices which the government would only produce an exact amount of. Easy peasy.

  13. I don't see why they cant back this up with some kind of crypto so that you can look up your vote anytime you want to make sure it is correct. We could start out by using it for opinion polling instead of using this independent polling result they use on the news that is always wrong. I think this is a good way to still make it some what anonymous lets the user check there vote and people wont have to take off work to cast a ballot.

  14. I enjoy the ritual of going to the polls and putting my tick on the ballot paper, clicking a mouse doesn't have the same resonance.

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