Voting Avenue ft. Yara Shahidi (Schoolhouse Rock!)

Voting Avenue ft. Yara Shahidi (Schoolhouse Rock!)

33 thoughts on “Voting Avenue ft. Yara Shahidi (Schoolhouse Rock!)

  1. Using the power of the tyranny of the majority to steer the guns of government to imprison and steal from my neighbors and slaughter foreigners gives me a real sense of civic duty and importance. Nevermind that it has precisely the same moral implications and methodology as gang rape, voting is awesome!

  2. If this doesn't motivate the eighteen to thirty-year old citizens to vote, then I don't know what will. For the record, I did cast my first vote when I turned eighteen and I've been voting ever since without missing a year.

  3. The voice of the talking vote paper reminds me of the character Bill from one of the schoolhouse rock America rock songs

  4. And still people aren't going to vote because "my vote isnt really heard" and so they'll complain instead.

    If you don't vote, you can't complain!!

  5. Spoiler alert: no 18-year-old has ever been to voting avenue, atleast voluntarily. This ain't gonna help.

  6. im a 33 year old arab-american born in new orleans with a selective service number. i am not proud to say this but: I HAVE NEVER VOTED FOR ANY ELECTION IN MY ENTIRE LIFE and, i don't plan on ever voting, because i do not want to be politically affiliated with a rival. blame me all you want but this ain't the coward's end, suicide is.. i'll just stay closed-minded on the rivalry.

  7. Cute animation but I have no need to vote and I'm over 18. I don't trust politics or hardly understand them but could care less about it. I'm not voting on anything I don't get, even if it affects me in the future

  8. I teach high school government – this is too juvenile to show my 18 year old students. It also gives the impression that you can write in any name when you vote. Most states have requirements that write-in candidates have to declare their intention to run as a write-in and file paperwork.

  9. It doesn't matter who you are… unless you're a felon… or you live in a gerrymandered district that is engineered so that it will always be for a certain side no matter how many people vote. Voting in a broken system is meaningless.

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