100 thoughts on “Voter confronts GOP senator: Where’s the line?

  1. What Trump does is he immediately attacks any republican who steps out of line. It's a very effective strategy. The only way for republicans to stand up is to do it together in large numbers so they can't be singled out.

  2. Is this woman a moron? Trump is trying to form a relationship with North Korea in order to reduce tensions in the region and establish an end to the Korean war. Unlike the neocons and the "Arab Spring" supporters, Trump actually believes in diplomacy versus military occupations and fake uprisings.

    I'm glad Trump is addressing Putin and Russia directly. The fact is EU globalists have been trying to overthrow Putin and destroy Russia economically for the last decade. Note this effort is connected to the US / Ukraine corruption under Obama/Clinton / Biden and McCain.
    Putin is a nationalist and he is also pro Christian…something the globalists are trying to destroy. Trump has been much harder on Putin (sanctions) than Obama…something CNN lies about all the time.

    Fake news needs to be addressed so that woman in the audience doesn't ask propaganda type questions.

  3. The line should have been drawn when Trump asked openly for Russia to interfere and hack the US internet system to get Hillary's emails.
    A clear request for foreign interference.

  4. So Joe Walsh, what you're saying, is that the rest of them are gutless, regardless of Trump's undeniable law breaking? The republicans who are big on law&order? The republicans that have their dear leader comparing his sexual encounters to the Vietnam war? The republicans whose dear leader had bone spurs that somehow managed to be reabsorbed in a timely manner to avoid the draft? Wow, what a great political party to align oneself with.

  5. Damn y'all new service sucks and so do your reporters the biggest bunch of liars I ever heard and you're absolutely shameful

  6. Vlad Jong Caligula Trump isnt going anywhere, he has stolen your democracy and has no intention of giving it back. Be prepared for pitchforks and torches….

  7. Absolute slut Brooke Baldwin always looks like she's going to cry.. looks like getting up every morning and knowing you have to lie to your viewers is getting to her…. check for TDS with this bitch

  8. VOTE THEM OUT! Republicans are playing the electoral college game. All votes matter. Get out & make a change before it's too late. If Republicans have their way, they will gerrymander the whole country so no Democrat will ever win again. Is this what we want? The minority should never decide the fate of our country! He barely beat Hillary. More people voted for her, yet Republicans have gutted half the progress we have made in the last decade. A giant leap backwards is not a good thing, ever.

  9. I feel sorry for you people that watch this garbage! Donald Trump was elected because he is not a member of the crooked politician club. He came to Washington to get rid of the corruption that keeps Americans living in poverty. He fights against the corrupt assholes that are stealing the money that should be going to make America a better place. These corrupt people are fabricating lies and trying to impeach him because he is destroying their crooked deals. The corrupt media works for these rich politicians and are members of their club. These rich assholes want to flood the country with illegals to drive your wages down so they can pocket more money and use them to vote Trump out of office. The sad part about this is you people that work for a living that say you hate our President probably hate him because you've seen some rich piece of sh** on tv telling a bunch of lies about him or making fun of him on late night tv. Why would any American that has half a brain watch this crap on the commmunist news network and believe anything they say. Use your brain and do some research on your own. Trump may be a rich asshole himself but he at least tries to help the poor man and he is working to make America a better place. If you don't support him you and your family will pay for it in more ways than you realize! If you are too dumb to figure it out it's your fault!


  11. I'll see the line when some actual evidence is produced (which will be never) about collusion, obstruction, whistle blowers, porn stars etc etc etc! 2020 is coming SNOWFLAKES find a safe space now!!!

  12. Face facts. The GOP is no longer capable of governing responsibly. Only solution is to vote them out. ALL OF THEM.

  13. Isn't it sad that our leaders in the republican party side with Trump and his cronies instead of saying wait this is everything we are supposed not to be, yet so many are willing to sell their souls to a man that in a short 12 mabie 13 years will be dead and buried and will become just a blink in history. Yet they live in a country that's 247 years old and allowed them all to have what they have, and the ability to rise if so they choose. Can we afford to lose that, if so our children will hate us long after we have gone. As will the world and humanity.

  14. She is NOT answering the woman's questions completely – she's still trying to appear as if she is on the side of Trump just like the rest of the republicans. How much longer are they going to stonewall like this?

  15. The line is the Constitution. You either believe in it or you don't. The Constitution says we impeach the president for doing what he did, period. Any president deserves to be impeached if they do this shit, period.

    Best president ever? It doesn't matter. He broke the law and needs to be impeached.

    Everybody should be for impeachment because that's what the Constitution tells us we should do. It doesn't matter if you like him. It just doesn't. He broke the law and that's it, you impeach him.

    Allowing Trump or anybody else to get away with this shit is ANTI-CONSTITUTIONAL and ANTI-AMERICAN. Period.

  16. Where's the line drawn? Biden threatens to withhold $1.5 billion in aid if the prosecutor investigating his son isn't fired and all you hear from the media is crickets. For the left, when it comes to the Democratic Party, there is no line they can cross, never was and never will be. Btw, I have as much chance of getting the Republican presidential nomination as Joe Walsh does.

  17. That's ok Republicans….we got this…see ya soon 😂😂😂😂2020 🌊🌊 🌊🌊 🌊🌊 🌊🌊 🌊🌊 🌊🌊 🌊🌊 🌊🌊 🌊🌊 🌊🌊 🌊🌊

  18. Its simple Republicans ( not the party of Lincoln) has always hated America… that's why they support the the Federate flag to Robert Lee.

  19. The LINE is only IF and when they feel that it will HURT there own RE ELECTIONS. They have no concern at all about right and wrong.

  20. Trump sells hate, and business is good. Racist hate, partisan hate, religious hate, democratic hate, science hate, and the list goes on. Half the country are so gorged on it that their eyes have clouded over and they've become prostrate cultists. Walsh is going down on his own sword, and good for him. Respect. The republican brain witch in the video is no better than Trump, but at least she won't be eaten by her own.

  21. If you commit a crime in a foriegn country, guess what you are investigated and may also go to jail if guilty.

  22. So biden being corrupt is no big deal to anyone on the left then. I'm All for Trump being brought up with any crimes he commits. But to not also be calling out biden and what Obama's administration did during the 2016 election makes you a hypocrite.

  23. this problem is non-partisan
    Nixon should have been impeached ONLY reason he got tossed was because ALL parties worked bi-partisan to toss him
    Clinton SHOULD have been impeached and if DNC were not partisan and worked with the other parties high probability he could have been impeached
    Trump should be impeached

  24. The republicans are total dirtbags. It’s just undeniable. The fact that a scummy whacko like Walsh is speaking up just shows how morally and intellectually bankrupt the Republican Party has become.

  25. Ask yourself, WTF is in the water in Iowa where they elect this dissembling Trump-toady joke AND neonazi uber-racist Steve King?
    Yet, the US genuflects every four years to this soybean cornpone hog farm flatland nowhere that represents zero of the rest of the country?
    Gawd, could your representative governance and polity be any more fucked up?

  26. Vote their asses out of office they're not doing what their constituents ask them to do where do you draw the line vote these criminals and conspirators out

  27. Trump could have relations with farm animals on the desk in the Oval Office on live tv and Populists like Mc Connell and Graham would say, he’s just an animal lover or he’s just working off steam.

  28. Defending Trump's egotistical policy of blackmailing the Ukrainian government is a dangerous decision that threatens the very existence of Ukraine. If they fall, the shame belongs to mindless and spineless idiots like Joni Ernst.

  29. Never gets old the double standard of the left, why not ask the mayor's of Seattle San Francisco portland and every other liberal ran town why it is covered in actual human feces and needles and where is the line. Do we have to have dead bodies lining there streets before they will fix the problem or even attempt to fix it. Or will they just raise taxes and give out free needles. Or tear down urinals at the cost of 200,000,000 dollars instead of actually applying tax money to a real problem other then gender neutral bathrooms.

  30. Term Limits will stop members of congress from avoiding morality as they will have no chance e for reelection if we had term limits. The present system encourages immorality and corruption.

  31. Ernst, all she is, is a talking mouthpiece that our favorite Iowa Senator Chuckie Grassley tells her. She was a smart well spoken Woman. Now she just follows the party line and folks her at home at getting tired and PO’ed about it. It not only makes them look bad they reflect on Iowains very bad. I think there’s going to be some problems for both of them in 2020. We already replaced 3 of 4 Representatives in 2018, now let’s get rid of a Senator or 2. It’s truly sad to see such smart people go down the rabbit hole with this sick mentality I’ll President we have. Time to finish sweeping the garbage out.

  32. Oh, boo hoo GOP are victims when they selectively speak the truth and support the truth: which is that it is wrong to encourage and participate in interfering in our elections in cooperation with foreign powers.

  33. So do your job Senator! The GOP continues to put tRUMP over country. What does he have over these GOP Senators? He's a FAILED BUSINESSMAN PRETENDING HE KNOWS WHAT HE'S DOING. SPEAK UP AGAINST INJUSTICE IN THE OVAL OFFICE!

  34. Republicans pilloried President Obama for wearing a tan suit and bowing too low to the Japanese emperor. We got traitor trump on national TV breaking Constitutional law and they've got NOTHING to say.

  35. The GOP is made up of a bunch of spineless cowards. They created trump and not they are afraid of him. The question now, will they grow a pair when the Senate has to vote on removing trump or will they cave like spineless little babies. I know that there are at least 30 republican senators who would vote trump out if the vote today in a closed vote. But an Impeachment trial is an open vote.

    Trump as already admitted guilt in public and continues to incriminate himself so it is highly likely that the House will draft articles of Impeachment. The only question here is when?

  36. SENATE REPUBLICANS, HOUSE REPUBLICANS, THERE is NO NEED to be afraid of Trump. VOTE to impeach him. He can’t do ANYTHING to YOU.

  37. As first reported by The Hill,Hunter Biden, who arrived in China aboard Air Force Two alongside his father and the rest of the U.S. delegation, was at the time in control of Rosemont Seneca Partners LLC., a private equity firm.
    That firm that would go on to strike a deal with the state-owned Bank of China to create a $1 billion joint investment fund.
    I have no idea why Trump would want that investigation…do you

  38. wake up america—the republicans dont care if the middle class live or die,,they are against medicare for all and are trying to repeal obama care so we have no health care at all–we must vote against every republican in 2020 and elect bernie sanders for president

  39. I am Australian .. His Trump's Behaviour is a So UnPatriotic , Insulting & Embarrassing to The Office Of President of the USA. If the Republican Party don't do anything they will ultimately destroy themselves. At least with Nixon they had Balls. Whatever happened to Treason ?

  40. Next major WW3; Russia & China (both communist) vs USA. tRump sold us out. Republicans need to stand up against tRump and anti-American behavior! Wtf they are a bunch of sissies. The more moral republicans that stand up and speak out against the pos tRump, the better. America is a Democracy. Which means supposedly the people have a choice when they vote (rolls eyes). Wtf does tRump have dirt on all Republicans or do they all just have no cojones.

  41. There is no line. The Fox is guarding the henhouse. Congress has been complicit in government sanctioned corruption forever. The whole government is corrupt and the checks and balances set forth in the constitution don’t work. Government must be forced to follow the same laws and punishments they impose on Americans. But congress is never going to pass laws that limit their unfair advantage to feather their own nests.

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