27 thoughts on “VOTE TOMORROW – Starring Robert Downey Jr, Scarlett Johansson, Keegan-Michael Key & Many More

  1. Robert downey jr. is faking it, he’s not a leftist, but he leans on the right. He expressed in a James Lipton interview that he can’t be a liberal ever again. You can’t be openly mid or right wing without being shunned by everyone in it. Your career will be over & your reputation destroyed. In Robert Downey Jr.’s case, he has resurrected his career by miracle based thanks to his brilliant acting, charisma & looks. But he had never mentioned politics before that. Years go by and we see in interviews that he leans nor left or right, but he starts talking freely about certain problems in the social spectrum; people are lazy; people embrace hopelessness to much… Lots of motivational expressions.
    Then, on James Lipton, he says: You can’t be a leftist after leaving prison.
    Years after that, in an interview, he walks out once the interviewer gets too ‘Diane Sawyer’. He was being ambushed to condemn that he’s privileged to be an actor after his past.
    Years go by, leftist rule the media, and this comes out. He’s faking it because he has to, know-one knows exactly how there agents force them, that’s left undiscovered. The price of being on top is selling your thoughts and opinion to the higher up, if you ask me.

  2. I went after work. Voted for Trump, and he won. Almost two years later, I’m still laughing. Fuck you Hollywood.

  3. The average American isn't a over privileged junkie who gets tax breaks and molests children like all these hollywood losers do. Now keep your mouth shut and do a line of coke off a producers Viagra dick

  4. Pathetic. Junkies, totally out of touch with reality, millionaires living in mansions protected by private security, cocky, who don't care about America, but simply maintain your status. No one listened to you, motherfuckers. You lost. And you are going to lose again in November 2018, 2020 and 2024. The Democratic Party is dead, and Trump finally destroyed it. MAGA Latinos4Trump

  5. "They're decided by a majority of those who show up and vote!"

    Lmao… Then why is Trump chilling in the WH without the popular vote, douchebag?

  6. Too bad they didn't fade in infinity wars….

    Mr. Stark: Peter I don't feel so good
    Thanos: I took care of the leftists for you Peter

  7. Not that I discredit what a celebrity thinks because they are still human, but I know full well most of these retards are saying this to keep their jobs.

    Because if any organization is fascist in America, it's Hollywood for sure. Toe their line or get out of fucktown.

  8. Never ever listen to someone that pretends for a living. Words to live by my friends, words to live by.

  9. I now have 1 word to describe everyone in this video "Cunts". Youre actors go back to playing pretend.

  10. Lol they even did this the same day that they did the other video. Saves time and money but ineffective at the end of the day as Trump is the president!

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