1. all bots can be hacked ! all ! it has been proved lot of times every year. Who cares ? no one ! no one ! it´s no de digitizer or sensor, there are many many different hacks used. its way beoynd a probable "touch screen error". wake de fuck up… anonymous and other ppl have tested electronic booths all around the world, and ALL OF THEM CAN BE HACKED ! wake the fuck up. read the fucking newspapers … this is probably a common error, but theres a deep problem that has been already been prof.

  2. The digitizer is not calibrated. Could have just tapped below it and it would have registered for Obama. It's not complicated. I guess I shouldn't expect much from someone who voted for Obummer…

  3. Vocês gringos que ser o melhor do mundo mas são todos leigos dinheiro compra tudo e todos esse presidente de vocês foi uma marmelada só trouxa que não viu

  4. I have the same problem with Car number plate parking meters in the UK. Those type of touch screens always activate the wrong area.

  5. I won't believe a video unless it is of the entire trip through the polling booth, including peoples faces and conversations. I will attempt to do this with my vote & I will check my vote.

  6. so why not show that you selected Jill like you said you did to show it was not calibration issue since you say it was not??

  7. Must be a programming error or a simple bug. Maybe a restart of the machine would fix it! Usually happens with mostly any piece of technology (computers, tablets, phones, e-readers, etc.)

  8. Obama stole the election from Romney. Their were plenty of shady obama votes that should not have been counted. Not to mention counties that went to Obama which were heavily against him.
    Both parties cheat and had connections to many of the machines. I guess Obama just had more machines.

  9. It is funny how many come out to defend that there is no voting irregularities. They call these people liars. I am wondering if that was a fake video.

  10. How else can inferiors and their minions of freaks, retards and welfare slobs control the nation and it's people other than via lying, cheating and every other vile crime?

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