VOTE FOR PEDRO - My Friend Pedro Walkthrough Part 1

VOTE FOR PEDRO – My Friend Pedro Walkthrough Part 1

okay I've got my green tea boy ruin here still today I'm hot side the total cock a tree subscriber I appreciate it it's hard to just a fella recent scribe I appreciate it alright it's me age well your friend you guys I'm at the gym for the first time after listening to your podcast shit as a pain you guys stick with it it gets easier you got knocked out pretty bad there are you okay how many fingers am i holding up oh never mind let's just get out here wherever you are alright so analog stick to move right analog stick to look around and then a to jump easy enough controls how much is this game I don't know I got it for free shot the devolver digital try wall jumping to the next floor you know it's 20 there you go I was a I doubt it was more than 20 what up base the ace of all trades is in the building how irresponsible with a borrow Co some nincompoop left their pistol just lying around any Nutter could come around and cause all sorts of damage go on pick it up and then let's see right trigger to shoot down to Crouch simple enough I gotta shoot the door how do I get through the door I wasn't supposed to go to there very slow moment all right let's get it skirt look at him he's beating some meat yeah that's what I was doing before my stream right Oh shucks that's the Mitch the butcher his meat operation is in front of a struggling unlicensed firearm to meet his mainly rats pigeons or whatever person they didn't like look so this takes place in New York because he's cutting up pigeons and rats I guess that explains how we ended up here hey bus it's quiet out there Dannette don't don't interrupt me while working you simpleton is the shipment ready it almost is useless slackers I'll show them what happens when they slack off go make yourself useful prepare for whatever sorry second me is laying in the basement damn something we're gonna be eating some good rat tonight that's what ace be doing what he takes else yarn whatever shot the nadie solo for Risa scribe appreciate it he's coming this way you have to take him out ready I bet nice on my plays I play with the mouse and keyboard and I used to controls control there mean well I guess you yeah whatever I might have to trade play this with mouse and keyboard it's kind of hard to be accurate with the analog stick ooh I got a reload I do okay now I just want to run up the stairs okay there we go put on my face bitch let's get it have you been drinking enough water you seem a bit out of it come I'll take you to my special place and help you get back on track this is where I go when you can't see me now let me show you something hold still a destructive mantri subscribe appreciate it see that when you focus it's like time slows down right right time or something like the time stone from the Avengers or something I want they're more white men in the Avengers when you focus on your flip in the air now try it so click down on analog stick in a slows down time okay shout the Griffith re-subscribe now do a full flip in slow motion while shooting this priceless vase my grukk my grandmother gave to me gotcha okay okay when you slow down time as much easy today thank you ah glorious ready for the last trick while holding two weapons you can separate your aim shoot these two vases by separating your aim aim at a vase hold left trigger then lock on the secondary and fired ah okay so left locks on so let's see I want to do it in style bang let's do it so why are the vases prices I don't know his mother's jolly good you mean butt-kicking machine all right let's get it get it you see why here about John Cena possibly being the new Captain America yeah I doubt it screw what up ABS little bitches seems like you get a lot of slowdown meter so it's generous with that as long as you're scoring points I want trash yeah I'll be busting heads today we need a captain Nigeria what would captain Nigeria's name be you sure know what he's doing relax why they all look like Niko Bellic cousin let's go bowling these turrets practically install themselves just take this thing oh shit what I am let's look like you at the dog passed these bullets so left bumper oh there's a Dodge button I forgot about that okay so do I need to slow down time to do that let's just do it just in case okay there we go so this man can just let me see if I can do without slowing down time you just spin and everything's good can I take it out there we go what is the emote showcase on Twitch what are you talking about oh shit I hit nothing absolutely nothing it's a lot of a lot of controls to take in I'm gonna combo it already made the play-doh cardi cut you and dropped it in disc with me I want to use it for the podcast true true true mystery meat how many I ate mystery meat last night for dinner yep just as I thought we're in Old Town Mitch runs this place oh shit the Old Town Road if the horses in the back it's like a retirement home for the senior mobsters without a retirement point this guy just gets gifts good trash dream I appreciate that Trane's gameplay right there I didn't kill him what the fuck I'm bad with time zone time of the hour it starts it it's seven o'clock Eastern Time I got to get used to hitting the Dodge button this one knows agains I feel like you're gonna have to play it multiple times to master the controls once you do it's a beautiful thing oh I keep accidentally hitting slow down time when I'm not trying to spin-spin-spin I live in Europe you see I don't know the time that isn't Europe whatever whatever country in Europe you're in does that dial to press Y to kick nearby enemies ah okay will you show the draft what yeah I must stream the NBA drab every day y'all come in here and ask me to risk my channel and it always the ones that ain't even sub that donate let's go down my face give me that level complete alright that was a basic level he said that was his first message too it's probably gonna be his last alright alright we're gonna get better sent out to the Avengers we subscribe and appreciate it say brah I'm not from the US I mean what's that got to do with you googling where you can watch the stream why would I live streaming NBA broadcasts shot the Draco's Reis absque reiben that's a copyright claim shot that your boy Jada we see brah I wish this dude take a shoot through fences you dot you hate to see it you write you write oh all right where the real stylish shit come here oh my god oh oh shit shooting multiple targets as a pain we got it what we doing here Anette oh shit I know I didn't know we could do that I didn't know hmm kick his ass I didn't know there was a glass right there I was like what the fuck is this see this old tile Alexander's the DMV it might be bro might be let me through let me through oh my lord I'm so bad hey bro this is dope yeah the e3 demo I played like a couple years ago this is like the tutorial levels when they actually give you some cool tools you can pull off some cool shit but these like those the early levels learning how to play without fear the dear this is made by one person yeah it's me about one person let's do this this is a one-man dev team this is one of those games it's not so much about the story it's more so about just getting better at the game and trying to get a high score like Z I'm just trying to learn how to play it and then you could pull off some cool shit they have a they have a built-in my gift sharing feature in this game too I don't know if y'all noticed that old town used to be placed to bursting the culture with micchon I was just a crazy rave parties in the variability thing skrt skrt skrt skrt skrt now you can't stream it okay can you shoot that I don't do that okay little bitch okay give me – what up trippy Darko we see I can't get go bitch skirt little bitch okay we're getting the hang of it a little bit how do I get over there though how do I get down there I think I'm start shooting at me you got a roll oh I couldn't see the thing right there okay I didn't see there was a gap right there skirt hi we're getting better at reloading yes bitch I'm John wick bitch keeping you in your hair to give me that what are your thoughts on the new IPS from Bethesda's I haven't seen but that as a press conference at I got to watch it I can't shoot the multi shooting is weird to me I'm feeling about this game it's fun so far there's not a tribute agro recent scrap and I just liked it the shooting see they got new 'wipeys little bitch oh shit I mean uh-oh and I can kick that oh that's dope okay now it's throwing environmental stuff I mean you got to pay attention uh uh where we going here I'm trash oh my god hit him okay shot the Jack and Jerry subscribe appreciate it wasn't this coming to the switch I need something to play it's on the switch how you feel about watchdogs being based in London it's a lot of UK people in here tonight what's going on why is it so many UK people in here alright I refuse to believe all of a sudden now the UK in my stream what's going on why y'all lying and we talked about watchdogs already we streamed it you know TV H can I get a 600 you good see there's a share feature right there to the right if you get why – because I'm streaming earlier it's 5 o'clock this is like normally when I stream so try another why try another life right we should be getting pretty close to mr. butchers fine doing restaurants just carry on straight ahead you can't miss it shout out to the Queen oh he got to Z let me hold up I got limited ammo London boys active shout out to the tossing having things folks I'll keep that in mind five o'clock is a great time for the UK men chest touch inks you don't know a bitch a bitch little bitch let's go Oh oh shit they pullin up now starting to make sense why you got so much health they throw a lot more enemies and I thought I got a mumbo combo what the fuck is this does that blow oh hi red of over that's cool bitch let's go and we putting in a little work we putting in a little bit work all right what can I get passes no bitch let's go take back get back cuz that cuz the slow down move is like on the analog stick I accidentally be clicking it little bitch oh no bitch no bitch no bitch no bitch this guy fire oh shit I'm Stein – salut Big Shot Choa Choa Choa bitch I can't shoot them I'm here wasting ammo like a motherfucker Oh Jeff already started you mean like a pre-show yeah after I start til 7:00 I'll be lying down time see I accidentally keep can you customize the controls I keep slowing down time by accident I'll be trying to do this shit give me that said Knicks ready to pick up the they're ready to fuck up the pic so I'm like that now go your cover bitch let's go you said you all for it yeah I'm not gonna be mad I wouldn't be upset at the Knicks ticket outlets Barbara we see there's nothing wrong there's honestly nothing wrong with the Knicks failing you know honestly it brings balance to the force I went up domes where you getting drafted tonight domes what game is this oh man 20:19 people still coming in a stream asking what game I'm playing read read read or you do uh okay let's just do what up black right oh shit another month work Emily hey man if you can't read this over bro just wrap it up just wrap it up it ain't the same for you hanging on that motherfucker yeah that's got a don't give me that girl would eckle use scout bitch why isn't there an announcer on the draft what do you mean now what was the point of the barrel being there see that's why you gotta play this game multiple times give me that little bitch oh right into that let's go you're a bitch and I kick you in your head let's go Oh bitch yeah I'm nice at this little bitch let's go and I'm busting through the bando and I'm busting through the bad dough let's go so you can't dodge on the pole that'll get him this look good oh shit almost count myself as shit say can you have my status you can have a six on it why isn't the UK up a world power anymore what are you talking about yo why does somebody weird as UK niggas in my chat today bro chill out with that bullshit I better chill with that tottingham bullshit you'll get sent to tottingham BAM we just trying to shoot it up out here there's a sliding down the pole yeah these levels are really quick this is definitely like this is gonna be the new speedrunning game for the speedrunning community watch yo once you get nice at this game they float through the levels true you was asking the UK dudes okay I don't know man Birmingham better chill out or wherever the fuck y'all from most of you southern guys use foil for grills are you tomorrow like don't they put in your mouth I mean you're not wrong yeah most broke people from the south do put foil in their mouths I bet you biscuit I bet you a biscuit you can't kick the ball in this shop oh look all the UK people might had a biscuit look don't you guys like biscuits or something oh shit it's the new 2k okay what is the point of this and I could get to the door there's a ball right there fuck this shit I bet you can't take out that guy with the ball bitch oh you can get buckets in this game I wish you can control where the ball goes what's yeah that's what we do and I survived and I survived because I'm a thug oh that was stylish oh oh you can keep them you can keep their body I'm trying to kick this explosive oh well they hit it won't lie the weather in the UK is confused as Tommy Lauren yeah okay I'm gonna die like a motherfucker bitch see you all right now how do I get up there is the question can I get up there the Swiss version ain't let me play today I was pissed what time did you try to play cuz JG couldn't play earlier this morning can I get that I guess not Wow gotta see that [Laughter] no death gameplay removing we move in oh my lord the hardest thing about this game is not clicking the damn slow down button now I meant to do that go bitch let's go get them do it in style oh it's about at work just keep spinning just keep spinning you know oh shit are you serious whoa whoa game was hating on me right there kicking everybody let's go kick my way through the game no shooting I wonder if you can do it no shooting played through

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  1. Imagine becoming a psycho killer because of a little banana in your head told you to do so 😂

    The game looks fun though

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