26 thoughts on “Vote Different

  1. The ppl who hate the Hillary, can't tell you anything she's Said or Done for why they hate her! So they make up Conspiracies to Justify their hatred of her!

  2. The problem is that Democrats act like the leftist parties in Europe. They assume that they have a moral high ground whatever they do or say because they are “compassionate”. The problem is that you can’t just do that.
    I mean cmon on. You think Romania was compassionate, what about GDR.
    Their entire game has become buying votes with free stuff.

  3. Brenty boy. A Pittsburgh Steelers fan I'm sure. What a shame. This is the world you freaking liberals have made.

  4. And now, in 2017, Hillary writes in her book What Happened that the lesson of “1984” is trust your leaders and the press.


  5. Hey brenty boy. Did you get hillary's new book yet. You better hurry I hear their going to burn them all real soon. Erasing history. It's all the rage with you bastard anti Americans.

  6. I haven't forgotten about you brenty boy. Your day will come. You followed obama without question. You worshipped hillary until your knees got sore. You loved bernie like the piece of shit fag that you are. Nope. I sure haven't forgotten about you.

  7. Pretty wild world we live in libbys. I can't imagine that you clowns followed obama without question. I can say this. I question Trump and company on a daily basis. That's how much I care. You ostriches are a sick bunch. Don't ever show your faces around here again. Haha, like you were ever coming back. Bye bye traitors.

  8. How long before that nerve gas that doesn't exist finds its way to New York or DC. Oh wait, all those weapons of mass destruction don't exist. Well I guess we're okay then.

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