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  1. the instrumental distintly reminds me of the mortal kombat movie main theme. MOOOOOOOOOOOOOORRRRRRRTAAAAAAAAAAL KOOOOOOOOOOOOMBAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT!!!!!!!!

  2. @KingdomDoubled
    I used to post to Nico, but I decided that other people can repost when they translate and subtitle it. No real point otherwise.

  3. I love how the very beginning sounds like something you'd hear at the start of a news broadcast. The music is very catchy, I like it. :3 The lyrics sound a little forced at times, though, but otherwise, I really do love the chorus. ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. @FANtasticDubs Thanks a bunch! Yeah, I wish I could have made it to San Francisco for that one. Did you get a chance to meet Tempo-P? He's a great guy.

  5. @Kodakami2 I was with FANtasticDubs at the same con only saw the encore cause we're not super into Vocaloid.
    XD Never knew this was in english… It was pretty cute..

  6. That's a lot more work involved than I think you know. You can't convert to MIDI, you have to redo it from scratch. Tell you what, if you make a good one or can find someone else to, I'll link to it in the video description.

  7. My headcanon of Ann is now "After her death from a car crash, corpse was reanimated/reconstructed to become what we know as Sweet Ann"


  8. i first heard this song at the tora-con show, and i really liked it…i don't normally like sweet ann, but this song is an exception ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. YES! FINALLY!!! This song was playing in the AniMiku Concert at Tora-Con in April and I have been trying to find the name of this song since then! Nicely done ^-^

  10. I imagine it did too. And if you think this is good, you should wait for my album at the end of this year.

  11. Yeah, although last year's was still a little bit better. The concert was the highlight of it all for me. XD

  12. It's so beautiful * q *
    Off the voice is GORGEOUS! I loved that song live started โ™ฅ

    I love more Sweet Ann โ™ฅ

    Bravo bravo, it's beautiful, it's beautiful, it's magic โ™ฅ
    (excuse my english, I'm French >.< )

  13. While I appreciate the work on this, I just can't help but feel that the English language doesn't lend itself well to the Vocaloid genre, unlike Japanese. Just a personal opinion.

  14. That's an opinion I share with you. Although VOALOID3 seriously improves English Vocaloid's intelligibility, there's not much that can be done about how difficult it is to synthesize a language as inherently difficult as English. I mean, it's not as difficult as, say, an Arabic or Chinese language, but few languages are as regular as Japanese.

  15. Wow, just as I thought, English Vocaloid just doesn't work. Japanese one just sounds like a human singer with autotune. But this sounds horribly clipped and weird.

  16. Ugh you use them so well. The tricks, the traps, the software- you made it sound so lovely.
    The one thing I would suggest (forgive me if I'm overstepping my boundaries as I haven't produced a song yet) would be to make Big Al a bit easier to understand because there were moments when his voice made the rest sound…. blurry, as if it was just out of focus.

    God, another great song from you though~ Why didn't I stalk you sooner?

  17. I agree. This was a while ago for me. Since then Vocaloid 3 came out, which GREATLY improves the little nuances in V2 voicebanks and brings out the clarity. At some point, I think all my V2 songs will get new versions.

  18. Ahaha. As a student learning Japanese, I can tell you that they are, too, very clipped and weird. You, presumably a non-Japanese speaker, can't hear that, say, 'sayounara' sounds unlike 'sayounara' and more like 'sa-yo-u-na-ra'. Unless you're fluent or around fluent speakers of the language, don't think that the far, far more complex English Vocaloids are just bad. If you want a full explanation of my thoughts, please reply to this comment as I'm about out of room and I don't want to start a war

  19. Uh, Koda, if I may call you that…? Erm, okay, this is going to sound stupid and nitpicky and I really don't mean it that way, but I just (read: three days ago) found something after listening to the song a few (hundred) times, and it's been bugging me…

    In the final verse, the line "Than ever was possible/Or even attainable" sounds like it sort of 'should' be split with the first half Sweet Ann, then the second half Big Al. The thing is, Sweet Ann sings the second bit too… am I wrong here?

  20. I'm actually a Japanese Language and Literature major at California State University of Los Angeles, but who's counting? Yes, I can hear the subtle pronunciation issues that plague all Vocaloid voices at the software level, but I'm pointing out that the English voices are, for the most part, less passable without work.

  21. Of course, you may call me Koda. That line is sung as I intended it, with Sweet Ann singing the melody throughout and Big Al picking up a harmony line for the second half. Not so much a duet style as it would be Big Al singing backup there (and throughout the bridge). I think it's easier to hear in the mix that was used at the concerts.

  22. Well, in my personal experiences (as I do not own the software, my experiences are through what I see on YouTube for the quality of the Japanese songs), many of the Japanese songs that English-using commenters seem to love actually have the worst pronunciation of Japanese since my Languages class last year, and I sort of assumed that was what the commenter was talking about when stating that the Japanese language was better suited. I have a further point that won't fit here, if you want to hear?

  23. Well, I also wanted to point out how much more complex the Engloids need to be to function. For example, the Japanese ones require 500 voice samples per pitch, yet the Engloids need 2,500. Yet their interfaces are the same (for example Luka can sing with English voicebanks but uses the same interface). Also, they still sound… decent with simple plug-n-judging, rather than near-unintelligible. The many, many covers on YouTube (surprisingly many of Tonio and Lady Gaga) can attest to that.

  24. What I got from this song: Sweet Ann is a woman who is looking for a rush that only fame from the media can get her. When Big Al falls in love and eventually marries her, she does it only for the fame that he will bring her. How he can bring her this fame is unknown to me as of yet. Eventually, her spotlight dims, and she ends up robbing a bank just to feel the rush of being on TV in a police chase. It ends when she crashes into a billboard of another, more popular star. Is this correct?

  25. Hello Kodakami2, I'm a french vocaloid translator and realy like your songs ! ๐Ÿ˜€ I have a strong interest in english vocaloid songs and I would like to translate it in french so that the french fans of Vocaloid and UTAU can discover it. ๐Ÿ™‚ I've read in your description that it's ok for you as long as we send you a message on youtube so I hope it's still ok for you. ๐Ÿ™‚

    It would be an honor for me ! And of course, I will credit you as the composer and owner of the song.


  26. I love the story to this but I also love the instrumentals so much I've been listening to the off-vocal by itself too. X)

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