Vlogging update

Vlogging update

hey everyone, so a quick update –
obviously we were pretty bummed when we broke the lens we weren’t having a very
good day yeah and then the lens break and we got pretty down. We spent quite a bit of time talking about it and it takes a lot of time to make the videos and just deciding if
it’s something that we wanted to keep doing and we both came to the conclusion
that yeah we really enjoy making the videos we like getting those out there
and then from the some of the comments you guys made which really
touched us as well, so we’re back! Got a new lens and hopefully this one will
last a little bit longer than this one did. it did us well. it did a lot
of videos that lens yeah be good if this one didn’t fall over and did even
more videos. we had a chat about some of the comments, and somebody mentioned
crowdfunding and we chatted about that. we thought that it wasn’t us
really – if people donated stuff we wanted to give stuff
back that’s why we set up the patreon; at least then we could give something back to
people who were donating and supporting us that way, and we weren’t very
comfortable with crowdfunding but out of the blue Nick just dropped us an email
and gave us a donation towards our new lens which was so
incredibly generous and kind of him, so yeah thank you very much yeah big big
thanks to him! we’re just about to nip out for a flying visit to font – we’re
calling it work! it’s sort of work, but we might squeeze a bit of filming in but it’s more likely to be
a video of the week rather than a vlog for each day, so highlights
if it’s not too hot to climb! yeah anyway a big thank you for everyone for
your nice comments, your support, I think the comments cheer us up more than
anything yeah we got a new lens! more videos are
gonna be made and yeah just thank you to everyone thank you alright bye

9 thoughts on “Vlogging update

  1. You guys are not far off the 1,000 subs needed for the partner program, doing far better than most! Just got to stick with it and subs will begin to snowball as you get more content out there.
    If you need to make some extra income put together a training course with exercises for beginners and advice on how to train etc. put it up on udemy and link to it at the end of each video ๐Ÿ‘

    Congrats on the new lens, I nearly bought one of those off ebay a week ago for ยฃ100 – good enough vlogging lens ๐Ÿ˜€

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