Viruses (Updated)

Viruses (Updated)

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  1. This topic is now an Unlectured Series topic! One of the question starters in the Unlectured topic mentions two therapies still being explored that can use viruses: phage therapy and gene therapy. Something fascinating to research if you have an interest in learning more about viruses.

  2. Viruses can infect each other so when they put dna into a cell instead of reproducing the virus that binded onto the cell it reproduces the viron’s virus.

  3. Antivirals are a virus version of antibiotics. What antivirals do is they prevent them from reproducing upon entering a cell.

  4. Like this comment if your in high school or middle school and had to either copy a link or scan the Q code to get to this video

  5. Queria achar um canal assim aqui no Brasil, mas não achei, agora to aprendendo um pouco inglês também, parabéns!

  6. This is virally funny and educative at the same time……can't believe I have so much information from cartoons

  7. Hello everyone, I have a question about PCR detection of a virus of other mikroorganism. I have been searching for the answer i both my books and on the web but not been able to find at clear answer. It's probably fairly easy to answer, i just what to be completely sure so i wont get a question wrong for the exam this summer. I know how the PCR tecnique works and obviously you should use reverse-transcriptase PCR (RT-PCR) for all the RNA virusses. My question goes:

    You want to detect a virus and found out which virus infection a patient have. You take a sample from where you assume the virus will be, maybe feces or saliva. Then you run your PCR or RT-PCR, but don't you have to run multiple PCR's with different samples because you don't know which virus it is? furthermore you must have specific primers for the virusses you suspect the patient is infected with. Am i totally wrong? the after you've run PCR, then what do you do? you have an amplified virus genome, but don't you need to do some sequencing to identify which exact virus the patient has? In other words how does the identification of a virus with PCR work?

  8. I usually don’t comment but this time I had to!!! You guys are hilarious!!! And of course helpful !! I love your videos ! So fun and entertaining to watch ❤️❤️❤️❤️” did I leave the oven on “ 😂😂😂

  9. This video is really useful and easy to understand, but we were taught:
    Viruses don't have DNA, that's a very common mistake. They have Viral Genetic Material which is similar, but not the same thing as DNA. They cannot have DNA because they aren't living cells.

    You mentioned that they inject their DNA or RNA so I just wanted to make sure which theory is correct, I don't want to miss any marks in my GCSEs on this topic. Hopefully you'll reply to this comment ♥

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  11. Viruses are legit the demons of the universe like god wouldnt make this so obiously satan did.. I mean i have a virus at the point of this comment… IM LITERALLY PRAYING FOR IT TO STOP

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