100 thoughts on “Violent fake video of President Trump on killing spree in ‘church of fake news’ circulating online

  1. @CNN has nothing to do with JOURNALISM. Their panels looks more as group of peoples plotting and conspiring against @POTUS than developing REAL NEWS. they're constantly trying to suggest 2 viewers fake stories and negative narratives about him.

  2. Our sleazy president and his sycophantic, troglodyte followers are a national embarrassment. At least we don't have much longer to endure the orange clown's attempts to destroy our country.

  3. This video obviously and 100% doesn't have any place in America or anywhere else in this world. I can just imagine, it is so UnTrump. It is possible that it is been done by anti Trump and smuggled into Trump camp as fun. I certainly Have not seen it, but just the reports on it makes me angry. I bet The President who has not seen it, will state his disapproval. I am certain he will do that, and disapprove. No one should be doing this sort of things in this great nation.

  4. Yo so what😎 yall act like Trump made the dam video, and mainstream news fake,24 7 all they talking about is Trump like theres nothing else goen on in the world,and its a scene from a real MOVIE,this shit just getting petty now

  5. If its so fucking disturbing why didnt they condemn the movie it was taken from when it came out in theatres? Fucking hypocrite

  6. Your a souless sick disgusting human if you think this is funny or cool. The Mans a damn criminal that is trying to sale our country and has become a cult leader to koolaid drinking zombies.

  7. Let me guess the Democrats are offended…. what a shocker. The democrats probably made the video. They do that type of underhanded stuff.

  8. these liberals are so offended because its violent yet these are the same leftists that made stickers of trump with neck cut open fuck you leftist nazi cocksuckers i think the video is hilarious msm is fascist nazi propaganda

  9. Outrage over Kathy Griffin, but this is ok? There are no bigger snowflake hypocrites than those stupid Koolaide drinking Trump supporters. Similar to how they are the first to cry outrage and about their constitutional rights yet are fine when this administration breaks the law and completely disregards the constitution.

  10. LOL! Ok leftards, there was never outrage over when actors, politicians, athletes say things that are violent against conservatives. Maxine Waters, Johnny Depp, Madonna, Kathy Griffin, Snoop Dog, Ilman Omar, the others in the "squad"….. yup, no outrage… leftist hypocrisy at its finest.
    Trump will be re-elected, the silent majority is sick and tired of your push for socialism and cultural marxism and fake news spewing propaganda.

  11. Remember trumps tweet storm when Kathy took that picture with a mask of Trumps head covered in ketchup?

    That sure got him going,..

  12. But Democrats can call for violence against trump and other conservatives and its deemed art and free speech. Hypocritical much?

  13. https://youtu.be/BG39df3Gpqk
    Here's the link. Since leftist media is all about destroying our Constitution and selective censorship….
    Here's the link.
    Download and share on all media.

  14. That's what is going to happen if the Democrats and liberal media somehow impeach a democratically elected President over a telephone call where both people on the line says there was no quid pro quo. America's second Civil War…where Conservatives reach for their guns while Liberals try to hid out in their safe spaces. Afterwards, the US will be made up of 95% of Conservatives.

  15. All the Trump turds and Russian bots condoning this B.S. while Russia and the rest if the world are LAUGHING at how PATHETIC AMERICANS are that are convinced they are number ONE while showing the world how SLOW and STUPID so much of the population is, .,,,MAKING AMERICA LAST and clapping like trained seals about it….. TREASONOUS MORONS

  16. Another "alternative truth". Now that it's been seen. We're all suppose to think it doesn't exist. Yet somehow one person managed to film it. At trumps. Doral resort during a campaign event. Now conservatives want to shoot the messager . But not those who made the message. More slight of reality by the right.

  17. It is so disturbing….. are you freaking kidding? So is that what you thought about the movie when it first came out? The Kingsmen….

  18. I can see Dumbass donald putting up the money to have this made 100%. I also can see his blind sheep cheering as they watch from their trailers.

  19. Oh boy this doesn't violate YouTube but Steven Crowder does!!! What the fuck I thought YouTube was an open platform for everyone

  20. How bout the movie the liberals made hunting deplorables? Kathy Griffin with trumps head? The play in New York where they assassinate trump? The shooting at the softball game? Antifa attacking trump supporters, the elderly and children?
    Now they're outraged when the shoes on the other foot. Too bad. The liberals can take their fake outrage and shove it.

  21. I can’t believe that people think this is ok? This is an example of what’s wrong in this country? What if this was a terrorist of another religion or country??? Is that ok?

  22. There are too many UNSTABLE " RIGHT WING" orange Koolaide drinking inbreds are willing to carry out a domestic terrorist attacks to have this type of nonsense be downplayed. Republicans can care less if their base of zombie morons are willing to die or murder people on their behalf. They have NO sense of moral responsibility nor accountability. Mailing pipe bombs, shooting up pizza parlors, garlic festivals, schools,churches, malls….
    They WERE supposedly a party of morals and family values. It's blatantly obvious that those things mean NOTHING to these demonic people.

  23. All of the violence and injustice that is directed to president Trump by the fake media and many others is ignored…Why is that? I see nothing wrong with the spoof video at all! Because he is indeed in a war with the media and those leftists and many corrupted people in government – and he is winning! Just like the parody depicts. Except that he is not literally killing anyone…Good job spoofer!

  24. @1:35 She says "At this hour President Trump has not directly condemned that video." WELL Then, that MUST mean is in favour of it, RIGHT!!??

  25. I love to see the videos of Trump's rallies. There are always one or two token African Americans carefully positioned behind Trump so that they will appear on camera, making it seem like the audience is racially diverse. But in reality, the turnout for these rallies is typically at least 95% white.

  26. Violent video??? Horrified??? Wake up! It is political satire, It is a cartoon. And then we blame Islamic fundamentalists for not having a sense of humor!

  27. Piece of sh..t news Network always try to find a way to blame Trump over other crazy people actions. Shame on you bias journalist!

  28. who is this blond haired women shooting her mouth off… can u imagine being married to that thing..LOL… Trump 2020

  29. Greatest Video Ever. So disturbing??? why was it not disturbing when the Movie came out??? Just because it has the Media in it??? Hypocrites.

  30. some idiot with after effects makes a little video and the media use it to further demonize and elected official and 50% of the population that voted for him. Your narrative has failed

  31. 50 years ago two people couldn’t be shown sharing a bed on tv! Now it’s this…what’s next? I have no doubt this was designed only to get more free attention for trump. Negative advertising is still advertising! American no longer sets the standards for the world to follow, we lower them every single day! It’s a shame when it’s politically correct to promote violence to get a laugh then turn around and judge when someone else walks into a public facility and start killing. We shake our heads and always say our thoughts and prayers are with you. It’s each of our own fault that we’ve allowed people like trump to represent us as our leader. Trump is not a leader, but a symptom of what’s wrong with America. This is not football teams, it’s not about sides. At the end of the day we are being robbed of our country by the very people we choose to represent us. Trump doesn’t care about any one person other than himself. He’s actually a symptom of what’s wrong in country. Could you imagine Reagan doing this? Hell no! What happened to the saying “ good old American values”??

  32. As a voting moderate republican this is "not" our GOP. ( VOTE ) #DumpTrump and his rabid GOP lap-dogs. The sooner the better. "Restore dignity to our GOP"

  33. Now we know what he does with his "executive time" besides watching tv…video editing. Amazing just how many we're supposed to believe are "fake news" & lying about him. Or we can believe the evidence of our own eyes & ears & believe it's Trump & his sycophants that are lying about everything. What a POS fake POTUS.

  34. Republicans are PAB’s. Dream your violent dreams. Corruption oozing from every disgusting pore of the whole family. Wall? Trade deal? Nope just rich tax cut. Ignorant billies

  35. Do producers of "violent" movies or TV shows condemn their work? Does the media talk about "violence" in those areas. Nope, a stupid meme video is bad🤦🏽‍♂️👌🏽. Same people that got mad at the movie Joker🤣

  36. Trump is the enemy of the people and a traitor. He's unAmerican, a coward, a thief, a liar, and generally just an all around "bad hombre".

  37. 1:27 Do you mean Ex CIA Op Cesar Sayok who sent fake bombs through the USPS
    using 6 x $.49 stamps that were never postmarked ? The one who "lived in
    his van" in Crooked Wasserman Schultz's Broward Co. Florida and was
    never arrested or pulled over despite having hundreds of huge shiny,
    unfaded Hillary "killshot stickers" completely covering every window ?
    Gee – How did they miss him for 2 straight weeks ? Did his employer send
    the tip in to the same compromised FBI agent who never followed up on
    Parkland school shooter Nikolas Cruz ?

  38. Did not believe him when he become POTUS and now you believe your going beat him again good luck lol as what ever you throw at this guy makes him stronger funny as hell.

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