100 thoughts on “Video shows journalist injured as Hong Kong police fire on protesters

  1. Hey CNN, why don't you show these footage? HK police has been extremely restraining…
    I have more footages of your peace-loving "pro-democracy" protesters in action. I added them from various sources to the playlist "Hong Kong Unrest" in my profile.

  2. Xi JinPing's Idiosyncratic Acts Lead to Violent Protests War Zones and Tensions Escalating in South East Asia and also Government Should Take actions.

  3. Cue the paid, Chinese Propagandist, apologists. “Excessive Force”??? Is THAT what they’re calling State Organised SAVAGERY, these days? China is being forced to show its TRUE FACE, when confronted by decent people, who just want fundamental rights. The police are NOT, “out of control.” They’re acting on China’s ORDERS. That cop who took her eyesight has been given a promotion, by now . . . China and JUSTICE are STRANGERS . . . Smh

  4. The title makes people think it was the police has caused the injury of journalist. Two things need to be proved. 1st, is it the police cause? 2nd, is she a real journalist? News without proof is FAKE NEWS.

  5. This wouldn't have happened, if the HK govt sincerely introspected and commanded the cop to control their violence, as requested by protesters in the very beginning!
    Feel so bad for the pain and terror the journalist have suffered.

  6. One first aider has already lost her eye because of the police brutality. Press and first aid are the attacking targets of HK police. It is not only HK's internal affairs, but international issue.

  7. Also you thumbnail looks… fake as fuck… clearly what every PLA special forces psychological program administrator that runs cnn did a shit job on that one the Chinese News Network(cnn) is just out of touch with Americans….

  8. There is a new saying in China, "Don't be too CNN" means please don't be shameless🧏🏻.
    By the way: 自由美利坚,枪击每一天. I love this beautiful landscape, and Allah bless America. Allah bless trump's re-election.

  9. Hong Kong police has now classified reporters as 'rioters' and to be treated the same as the violent protesters. They can do whatever they wish without accountability. They are above the law. The Hong Kong police force has long been infiltrated by the CCP. Do not ever think that the CCP follows any rule of law. They hate it.

  10. Stop police brutality happens all over the world, but you may not see if your rich. Been going on for decades, need to unite to change the world, or we will fall in ignorance like the previous generations

  11. People must not forget that the police are operating under emergency regulations…..They have extraordinary powers to deal with abnormally violent protesters……..
    Secondly, I have always thought that the press are getting in the way of the police….. You can't blame the police………..

  12. Police shouldn't fire upon the protesters but then again when there is a gun pointed towards you, why would you just stand there. Both parties are at fault here; Police for firing on protesters and the journalist for not ducking when a fucking firearm is pointed at her.

  13. Hi Indonesian here.
    Hope the best n get well soon for Veby.
    Actually since months ago before this incident happened, our Foreign Affairs Minister had asked all Indonesian (workers & tourists) to not join in the protest and avoid the protest zones as far as possible.
    But unfortunately what we got here… After this happened, our minister had ordered Indo Consulate General to support her in hospital. According to a staff who went to hospital, he said the Consulate Gen will assist n accompany Veby, including all her needs to cure the injury.
    Please understand this sentence below with clear logic and wide perspective:
    There are actually no protests in this world which have dozens of journalists on the front line next to both rioters n police officers (okay so far just Chile n HK).
    Of course we all understand that these reporters are craving to record such dramatic footages for better report. But rules & laws must be obeyed first.

  14. The reporters could lose his/her life if he/she stand in front of guns. There is no false of the police shoot her eyes since everyone rioters and reporters using mask. There is no way of the police to distinguish from the rioter or reporter. The reporter should stay far or keep a distance from the rioters. Example, if the reporter stay within a group of the terrorist, when the army throw a grenade there is no way to avoid hitting the reporter since they are together. This is the reporter false since she stand with the rioter and keep follow the police. How can the police distinguish good or bad people when the whole rioters attack the police?

  15. CNN should tell Hong Kong police how US police treat the protesters.CNN know that Hong Kong police has not use enough force. The injured journalist is making trouble for herself. It is your responsibility to keep your self in safety place.

  16. That's strange…the police was shown shooting up to the top of the bridge as they went down the escalator, but the Indonesian journalist was bleeding and lying down on the bottom of the bridge? Wasn't she supposed to be on top of the bridge if she was shot by that policeman? seems like different incidents and different time and places were mixed together…it's confusing.

  17. Their shouldn't be one American people comment on anything that happening any where when as American we watch traffic stop killing, shooting of children, suspected because of race colors, shooting down individuals in their homes, enter personal property. We call this atrocities, well at least they are alive. Here in the USA if your color is correct you live if not then we gladly accepts their deaths.

  18. She chose to stand in the crossfire and now she wants to sue? Those reporters standing between police and protester deserve what they get. Where is the reporter who got petrol bombed?

  19. Your work have risk, you should known, especially in a protest, Don't close to frontline or you will be possible hurted.

  20. Who’s that idiot stays in the line of fire
    Why not behind the cops
    Why you brainless reporters keep standing in the middle of cops and rioters,oh sorry I mean protesters.

    One side peaceful protesters throwing bricks and cheap version of Molotov’s
    And the other side shooting rubber bullets and teargas and you standing in the middle

    And when you get hit you start blaming

    You can zoom in from your camera from far a-bit non Professional cameraman keep pointing cameras 0.3meter away from cops
    Almost to their face or running next to them

    And you call them police brutality
    Have a look on videos about other countries how police deal with rioters,

  21. How could u be so stupid??!
    U should know risk of standing in front of a gun!!!
    No one ask u to do so!
    Some reporters are standing in way!!!
    So they deserve it!!!

    Being stupid r not ok..
    Being stupid can get kill..

  22. she knew very well the dangers of this activity..she didnt stand on neutral ground,she was amongst protesters..no claim here of wrong doing..she was with the mobs,not on safe space…common sense people,fckg common sense. Covering?..participating?

  23. Most of the country issued travel advisory warning to hong kong and advised their citizen to avoid those protest area… If you choose to be on the site then you should take your own responsibility… The police have issued several times of disperse warnings but you ignored it and even standing align with the rioters… I saw on the few scenes that shown the petrol bombs were actually throwing from jounalists side… These so called jounalists were covering for those criminals… What hell you think the police can to do?

  24. It is sad and unfortunate for her. Hope she will recover soon. But HK is in turmoil and many places are dangerous, especially when journalists stand between the rioters and police. They should know that their job of this kind carry risk, and they should get out of police's way.

  25. look at what these so-called "peaceful protestors" did

  26. What a Shame on CNN. Everything reported never be investigated. The fire bombs were threw by those protesters, and you said "Hong Kong police fire on protesters". You never show the people who threw the fire and just broadcast the spot and use all the bad words on China.

  27. CNN selective reporting amounts to fake news.
    Hong Kong police is guilty of being far too restraint to defend themselves from vicious rioters to the extent that it encourages journalists to fight for frontline vantage views for realistic and exciting photos. How else would a journalistsl position herself between police and rioters and literally become the human shield for rioters. This journalist severely lacks the fundamental survival instinct of professional hazards. She obviously doesn't know about the death toll of journalists in Iraq and how they happened.

  28. saddly to say:
    when you stands for a side,
    collateral damage is inevitable.
    A Journalist should stands no side.
    they should be on the side and looking for the truth, not in between.
    clearly we can see you are facing few police and big group of rioters are behind you.
    No wonder rubber come to you.
    Feel sorry for your lose.
    but you are lucky that is rubber and you are in hongkong.
    what happen if you are in USA, or other field.
    don't understand. why you are in between the fight group?
    if you are bullet proof, or dangers avoids you.
    we are ordinary people, only can say let god judge this. good luck with you.

  29. After enslaving people in HK, the next move is to enslave people in Taiwan, then all Asian people including Japanese. The final move is to enslave American.
    That, is THE agenda of the Chinese government.
    Stupid American just don't get it. They still buy made in China to support the Chinese government.

  30. I’m sorry. I don’t feel that bad for her. Her own decision and action led to the tragedy. She was at the wrong place and a wrong time. That’s about it.

  31. She voluntarily put herself between the thugs and police, she should be charged for interfering police operation.

  32. Please hong kong PROTESTORS please dont think all Americans discredit what you are doing. Keep up fighting for your democracy peacefully.

  33. She is a foreign journalist in a foreign land, she knows the risk, she was clearly at the frontline can easily get shot by a scared-to-death freaked-out HK police. For what? Same old story that is like a TV reruns for the past five months? Either so over-dedicated to her work or plainly stupid to impress her boss CNN? Such horror, not worth it to lose an eye….I really feel sorry for this lady, hope she recovers soon.

  34. Sadly she is not the first HKPF casualty. Won't be the last either since no one in the government will admit they are doing wrong. Many deaths, thousands beaten up, but all the pro-CCP robots want to cry about is a few vandalized businesses like it's the end of the world.

  35. In fact, the reporters are out of control, they always stand in the middle of the police and the rioters, always try their best to hinder the police.

  36. Yes, at first the protests seemed reasonable. However, it has recently been too much. If protesters just walk + protest, but not fight, police won’t need to shoot. They can just like arrange big protests with no violence. It’s like a chain. They protest, police get on lookout (which is fine, normal), protesters get aggressive, police get aggressive. If they just protest peacefully, they will more likely reform the law/ extradition bill that strikes the protests. The police will also become peaceful. This is a shame to Hong Kong. What was once a great city is now ruined with violence all across the city. If everyone got together, things will get better.

  37. Why in human history with all the advances in science and technology is the world so unhappy its because we have forgotten how to love and respect people's individualism and diversity

  38. This so called journalist decided to be a barrier between the rioters and polices, who could you blame? Just like a journalists in the war zone, surprised she did not prepare the worst while she won’t follow the general safety rules of being a journalist! Don’t blame anyone!

  39. we should get the chinese out of the earth,soooo arrogant that they consider themselves as the number one in the worldits time to show them the nuclear power

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