20 thoughts on “Victory in Sight (Texas Country Reporter)

  1. a vaulter is a vaulter. once a polevaulter always a polevaulter and she is without a doubt a polevaulter in strength mind and spirit. I would love to one day compete with her and get a chance to watch her vault and talk to her. She is one of the most inspirational vaulters ive ever heard of and i look forward to hearing more about her

  2. Holy Cow! She is truly inspirational.  I like how the parents are like well this is something you are going to have to deal with so you better figure it out. I wish her all the best but it looks like she will. Maybe someday with the help of technology she will get her sight back. GO CHARLOTTE! GOD BLESS YOU!

  3. Just seen the espn piece on this young woman and wow! She has to be an inspiration to everyone! God bless her and her family.

  4. This is incredible. She truly is an inspiration to me and my entire team. Good job Charlotte!

  5. I'd prefer people first language, "Texas Track Star who is Blind," putting the "person first" instead of defining her by her disability.

  6. I rather people use the term disability then special needs or handcapied. I have a disability myself and one thing I can't do is drive. What I like people to think is people with disability have ability sometimes by adaptation. I not keen on differently able as people with disability can have the same ability as able people. I love disability sport like the Parlympic at elite level.

  7. Charlotte is my younger cousin and she is so inspirational. She has always amazed me with her strength and determination! I love you Charlotte!

  8. Wow. Way to be, Miss Brown. I'll never forget the time that my car broke down in Emory and the people there took good care of me and got me back on the road in no time.

  9. Amazing ! What an inspirational young lady.

    TCR you rock !!! LOVE your videos. Please keep them coming.

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