100 thoughts on “Victor Blackwell shuts down panelist: ‘We’re done with this conversation’

  1. and in your best cover, I really think does change anything, how did you get your job burtta, you know what, a fucking crackhead, you know a hundred to one, bet sleepy, creepy , ain't take

  2. A Quid pro quo ("something for something" in Latin) is a Latin phrase used in English to mean an exchange of goods or services, in which one transfer is contingent upon the other; "a favour for a favour". In other words, bribery- Bribery refers to the offering, giving, soliciting, or receiving of any item of value as a means of influencing the actions of an individual holding a public or legal duty. … Solicitation of a bribe also constitutes a crime and is completed regardless of whether the solicitation results in the receipt of a valuable gift Dirt on a political opponent is a valuable gift

  3. come on every recent president committed war crimes( I guess not Carter ) causing u told souls while fattening their deep ass pockets, gimme a break!!

  4. Stop talking about it and put it to a VOTE in the house stop wasting time. Results is all anyone should be concerned with and this fucking idiot in the White House is getting results period and that's all I am concerned with to blame trump who's bin in office for 3 years for all the problems in this country for last thousand years is simply stupid and there is no one on gods green earth who gives out money for nothing in return so fucking what results is what I care about period. And can u imagine how upset the golden goddess will be if her father is impeached why would anyone want to do that to her she is the golden ticket have you seen this girl IVANKA is love but if it happens I will do my part for the country and comfort IVANKA if I could just get passéd security that is IVANKA I LOVE YOU I love you I love you

  5. Who is this halfwit (1/4wit?)? Who ever voted for this guy as their representative? Just take a look at Andre's eyes – he is def. intoxicated. The stubbles. Where has he been the last three days? Btw. Brilliant smack down at the end, Master Blackwell! Chapeau!

  6. Biden Ukraine debunked conspiracy?Really,by who ?Cia? Fbi? The democrat party?Sure seems like Trump has found the evidence to explain why the dnc is losing its mind to prevent from becoming public .

  7. Andre's a such a damn big liar. He can't possibly believe what he's saying. Victor looked so very frustrated with this ass hole trying to convict the Biden family for a something where's there's no evidence.

  8. You lose the argument and dismiss the facts when you can't defend a President for an Abuse Of Power. Trumpf must go either by IMPEACHMENT or by VOTE!
    Trumpf did not defend the U.S. Constitution nor the American People.

  9. They love that devil in the white house. He's their god. THE LOVE OF MONEY IS THE ROOT OF ALL EVIL. Period. Nuff said.

  10. I love popping in for a good laugh every now and then. CNN has no problem bold face lying to it's viewers. Remember when a CNN employee came out and said they had an agenda against Trump? They want him to be the top story everyday so they will say anything, and boy do they, lol. Probably to help sweep the Epstein story under the rug as well. All those sickos committing unspeakable acts on that island, can't let anyone find out about that. They've been plotting on Trump from the jump because they are all being exposed for the frauds that they are and they are doing everything they can to shut him down. Not a shred of evidence of anything other than the country running like a well oiled machine. Why don't you do some real journalism CNN and report on that? Can't give Trump any credit I guess, so sad. It's also sad that there isn't one candidate that will be able to go toe to toe with the President due to either poor health, no stamina, no ideas or plans(ones that would actually work and don't involve turning America into a s#[email protected] hole country like the ones all the immigrants are fleeing from). The men are beta males and would get pushed around by foreign leaders, same with the women. Soon, they will start to turn on one another and, eventually, will implode. The cities that these nitwits represent like Pelosi from California, whose state is rampant with homelessness, drugs, and now up in flames. Former congressman Cummings from Baltimore, whose city is a disaster area. Pretty much every city run by Democrats is full of problems, yet they keep getting reelected by the uninformed and brainwashed and keep getting richer while their constituents suffer. Oh well, good thing Trump will be back for another 4 and if the Lord is willing , and the creek don't rise, Jr. will run and win in 2024. God help us if a Democrat gets in office, we all will suffer if that happens.

  11. There like a little girl who follows her bigger brother around trying to get him in trouble so quit lying CNN you piece of shit

  12. I can't understand why republicans make themselves look fools and stupid to defend the deranged trump, I really can't get it!!!

  13. You fricking morons at CNN of course Biden is corrupt are you that stupid? Of course you are and you're FAKE NEWS!!!

  14. Quid pro quo means: I will give you money that was held up if you announce an investigation into Biden etc. Another way to describe it is bribery. The Constitution permits impeachment when there is treason, bribery or high crimes and misdeamors. How can a quid pro quo in this context, that amounts to bribery, not warrant impeachment?,

  15. this is sick cnn is gone off the wall, people well soon learn how CNN IS CORRUPTE AND HAVE LIED TO THE AMERICAN PEOPLE FOR YEARS

  16. I hope the next democrat president does this shit and watch Republicans lose there minds. Republicans said the same thing about Ukraine when they weren't investigating corruption

  17. If there was nothing wrong with the conversation why did they immediately hide it I can't believe how stupid Republican voters are they literally vote against themselves

  18. Another left-wing Negro who can't stand having his BS facts disputed.

    We know that the LEAKER masquerading as a "whistleblower" got his information from Vindman and is an anti-Trump, pro-Biden Urkainian corruption advocate.

  19. Deflect deflect deflect……Hillary!!!!…..deflect deflect deflect.

    GOP strategy 101 and the sad thing is, it's working

  20. https://realityanddenial.wordpress.com/2019/10/15/ukraine-pulls-back-curtain-on-biden-claims-burisma-paid-the-vice-president-over-900000-for-lobbying/

  21. I see google is still full of SHXXXX>they continue to send fake news to me while supporting illicit evil Democratic BS.

  22. There is evidense that warrants and investigation into Hunter Biden for making 50k a month? How is he making that much for what?..What Joe Biden did on tv had nothing to do with an election so what he said on tv was fine in my opinion.. Hunter Biden making that much is shady to me..

  23. Dum ass black bitch and her dum ass black boy. Dont realize Biden did something wrong. Keep voting your kkk Democrats in.

  24. Imagine being retarded enough to think these third rate conspiracy theories would actually be bought by the American people. But at the same time, imagine being double retarded enough (Trumpanzees) to believe these conspiracy theories.

  25. When the Trump administration has got to rehash some alledged Biden impropriety from back in 2016 concerning a campaign that Trump "won", something's terribly wrong.

  26. No matter what the topic is "politics" is always involved and this is exactly why Amerikkka is just another fallen power history does repeat itself.

  27. There is no integrity in the GOP anymore. They are pretty much telling you they are not interested if trump broke the law, they are only interested in finding something on democrats .

  28. Andre should not have gone on this show he made himself look like a complete ignorant a***** absolutely embarrassing beyond all comprehension I don't know how he'll be able to show his face anywhere after this interview I was so embarrassed for him it was cringe-worthy dude you've got your head so far up trumps ass I don't even know how you breathe

  29. This conversation shows how lame and biased CNN is by ignoring obvious pay for play by the Biden's. They do not want to hear anything negative of their Democrat heroes and just want to bash Trump with the actual unsubstantiated claims. Why doesn't CNN change it's name to Democrat News Network and be honest for a change

  30. Every time we give money to another country we expect them to vote with us at the United Nations and if they don't we stop giving Them money … Quid pro quo for the last 50 years

  31. Where is the actual crime? This is why Nancy Pelosi did not want to impeach at this point because she knows there is no actual crime and Clinton there was a crime perjury and Nixon there was a crime spying on opponents but with trump They are willing to break the Constitution in half and impeach somebody based on personal preference and that's not what the founding fathers had in mind this country is in big trouble because China is about to take it over and trump is the only one standing in their way

  32. Without trump Americans better start speaking Chinese so they can speak with their landlords and overlords because trump is the only president in history to go up against China like this

  33. Get me my popcorn!

    I can't believe the republicans are this delusional. if you did something wrong as a president, you deserve to be held accountable. the evidence is overwhelming.
    you would have to be completely stupid (and obviously guilty) to contend it.

  34. What the hell do the transcript say, the rest of it is made up garbage!!!!!!!! What the hell do they mean, they have some concern… Is it against the law or not!

  35. I love it !!! Democrat and harvard law professor Dershowitz , could not find the invented crimes of , publishing the name of a whistle blower, collusion and of obstruction of congress !!! Absolutely love it !!!!

  36. You have Not to look to THE Ukraine , you have to Do a lot of things to make Clear between THE Clinton Foundation

  37. The Joe Biden quid pro quo is on record and he had a personal interest in it, -it is NOT a conspiracy theory. Sorry but those who "debunked" that story have been debunked and just think that the Bidens and Clinton's, Bushes, etc. etc. are above the law and think they define the truth. Of course Trump and other Republicans also lie frequently. These comentaters are lying megalomaniacs and I suspect have come to believe their own lies, -why I can no longer support Democrats and voted for Jill Stein for president.

    Vote Green Party 2020: both major parties are corrupt and evil.

  38. cnn…you are the actual liars…. and you got this moose on the left, shaking her head at every statement..
    You are just well paid liars…. KKKillary is very proud of her Saul Alinsky 101 class, fake news liars…
    Keep up the Communist News Network you losers. Tell Jeff, to zuck it.

  39. CNN is no better than these garbage Republicans.
    CNN had four stories about the a new pole that Sanders leads in New Hampshire but they refused to mention his name in the headline.

  40. I was just thinking how hard the Dems are trying to cover their ass. Info for the Clinton/Steele dossier came from Ukraine. Why not investigate it? It was exactly what the Dems are accusing the President of. Led to sping on the Trump campaign through FISA fraud. Nixon tried to bug an office and got caught. Obama has weaponized the intelligence community, CIA and FBI to do it properly. Now all the evidence is on the table and the establishment brainwashers say, "Look at the chair and forget the table!" Biden is just ancillary to the primary corruption. Hillary used her "foundation" as the instrument to launder her money, Joe just used his son as a proxy! How lazy is that? They deserve to be caught. It makes me wonder how many of the BrainWashington establishment have made their positions lucrative like Joe and Hillary.

  41. "Debunked" is a clever way to quickly discredit the facts now. The prosecutor was on to the whole thing, that is why firing him was so important to Quid Pro Joe. Who wants liars yelling over the truth? Does the public really buy this "Innocent Joe" crap? Why are conspiracy theories about the President so entertained by CNN when facts about the Dems are swept under the rug. There IS a conspiracy and CNN is part of it. Debunked = Actual Facts. Conspiracy Theory = Real Account of Events. Loud and Angry = Being Exposed as Liars.

  42. Impeachment inquiry? Sorry but that has just been debunked. Tweets from whistleblower lawyer Zaid speak of an illegal coup against the President starting as early as 2016. In addition to that he has also implicated CNN in assisting in the coup. Now considering Zaid's covert involvment with Adam Schiff and other members of Congress it appears that a number of our representatives may be involved in this coup. All you have to do is follow Zaid's tweet trail, its there for all the world to see. By the way in plain words COUP means TREASON. The punishment for TREASON is DEATH BY HANGING.

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