32 thoughts on “Vice, Buzzfeed and Vox Are Too Busy To Do Actual Journalism

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  2. We love in a time where pedophiles are coming out to try and get rights. Even if it does other people wrong.

  3. Desmond not only looks drugged and out of reality, his eyes are way too sad for a child. This shit hurts and it's all sugarcoded in ''inclusivity'' and ''wokeness''. I can't believe it.

  4. This shit is getting WAY out of hand. Then again, leave to the regressive left to destroy everything.

  5. Ok so…
    the same journalists than say the sexy women in ads are bad. are saying that a child drag queen is "loud and proud" because he is been exploited?

  6. Oh my God. I dont usually share my faith on this channels comments . . .

    . . . But if God decided to Sodom & Gomorrah us now, I would gladly accept it.

    Remember when he was at that gay bar, dancing for singles? And ppl called it out. The defense was "Theres nothing sexual about it. All in good fun. He just likes dancing and performing."

    This needs investigating by local police, CPS and the FBI. His mom (wheres the father anyway?) should lose all parental rights and convictions for every law they can come up with that shes broken.

    Clearly theres more going on here than just ultra "progressive" parenting. Boy needs serious professional help, wouldnt be surprised if hes been violated in every possible way with his moms knowledge and consent. I'm not looking forward to hearing about his eventual suicide once he reaches puberty.

  7. 0:44 I cant believe this paragraph.
    I know they are full of shit, I know they have their agendas, but how in the world they think is remotly ok to write this?

  8. Holy fuck that quote is disturbing af. When the little boy is proud of turning on adults you know where living in a fucked up world.

  9. its funny how when the SJW bullshit started memes about them accepting pedophiles as a sexual preference were only jokes.
    "i have sexy feelings, i love making adults getting turned on" are we serious? like really, forget the right and the left, lets just take a step back and think about this for a second. are we fucking seriously encouraging a kid turning adults on? like. really?

  10. Are they seriously advocating and endorsing pedophilia here? What in the world happened to journalism?? This is pure lunacy!

  11. These pedos are literally exposing themself on the internet and yet no law authorities are reacting. SMH

  12. People were sharing videos of that drag kid on facebook a while back. While all my friends saw it as a kid being himself, all i could see was a child being sexually exploited under the shield of progressive acceptance

  13. Real journalists are honest and see both sides of a coin. Sadly most "journalist" are pro government of their countires and only report what the government says.

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