Veep S5E10 Senate Vote

Veep S5E10 Senate Vote

ah it's tighter than we thought ma'am Tama by to what mr. Murray senator Montez by one mr. Todd what's going on here oh did I senator Montez Nelson voted against you is your protege man Nelson on the phone right this time he voted they're going alphabetically get somebody after him give Wallace on the people Wallace I'm hearing something about your working Dunkirk yeah I did Circuit Court nominee that with that no that was ten years ago this someone is trying to me Tom Jane Thank You Summerland you senile old piss sponge 52-48 Tom needs just one more gal kinds of rumors about vote trading it's not us oh Wallace is going Montez she's telling people you reneged on her Alaskan coast cleanup bill that what's a handoff to big oil senator Montez did a 49 this is not Montez she's getting help mister you knew e come on you Paige diddling Hawaiian fat senator Montez that's 50 not another tie oh well now a tie in the Senate is broken by the president of the Senate or what we humans call the vice president I'm not perfect you can vote for yourself Go Go Go Coco pommel not veep yeah Butler oil is vice president being called upon to cast this vote is a pleasure and an honor not a burden there's been enough uncertainty in this country so I won't stall any further please Jack on TV this in mind I vote for senator Lara Montez it's official the United States of America has a new president this is a truly stunning turn of events for Laura Montes now you know what it feels like

10 thoughts on “Veep S5E10 Senate Vote

  1. When you know how senate actually looks like when they vote on CSPAN and see the inaccuracy in this clip.

  2. If Selina were smart she would’ve made a deal with Laura to be her SoS instead of Tom. She could’ve swayed Meyer friendly senators and there would be no need for Doyle. She then could serve a term as Laura’s SOS then run against her 4 years later.

    Tom was a snake.

  3. remember when she lost in the House of Representatives and wanted Jonah to vote O'Brien bc then she could run against him in the next election? but now she wanted Tom James to win, why?

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