Vampyr | Q&A Livestream Updates

Vampyr | Q&A Livestream Updates

(start sound, dog barks) – Hey guys, it’s DTakes23 if you weren’t already counting the days to Vampyr’s release – Submit to your hunger! – you might as well start counting now! – What are you?
– I am the land You are our champion. – This narrative driven, semi-open world, single-player, action RPG will be out next month, June 5th on PS4, Xbox One and PC. If you didn’t check out my last video with an overview of Vampyr you can find the link in the description below. Today’s all about updates. – Die you fucking leach!
(gun shot) – Tom from Focus Home Interactive and Dontnod’s creative director, Phillippe Moreau, took us through the streets of London via livestream. Starting 6 hours into the game, our lead character, Dr. Jonathan Reid was on a somewhat spoilery investigation. Don’t worry though, I’ll leave those details out. At this point in the game Dr. Reid has a few vampire abilities but he’s not as strong as he could be. But through his adventure we got to learn a few little tid bits. Make sure to check the blood quality and strength of NPC’s. That information seems to be triggered from eavesdropping or dialogue and can be accessed with the right bumper and right trigger for details. Check out Darius, although he may look tasty, looks can be deceiving. Darius has Pneumonia and chomping down on him will result in a lower XP gain. There is a solution though. Initially Darius’s blood would provide 600XP but if you heal him AND gather clues his XP increases. – Richard has, let’s say, quite good blood quality. But is suffering a cold which reduces the blood quality. – We can improve that. – Hopefully we have a treatment for colds in our bag. Maybe we can ask him if he wants to have it. – By giving him medicine that sort of has a.. a greater impact it will improve his blood quality as we mentioned will give more bonus if we decide to feed on him. – [DTakes23] After they heal Richard, They note that his strength is at three. Which means he’s ripe for the taking. Bear in mind that keeping him alive after healing him also raises the level of the District. Which means you’re probably more likely to have a a positive end-game. Districts & citizen details are available to you via the Citizen menu so you can keep track of those 60 interconnected citizens. FYI, if you’re interested in learning more about the characters of Vampyr you might want to check out the link in the description to read their character profiles. If you keep a moderate to healthy district you’ll prevent merchant’s from upping their pricing. An unhealthy district means dead citizens and killing one citizen will impact the lives of others. Routines will change, dialogue options will change even within their own stories & side quests. If the district health status falls below the critical level, the district will be lost forever and supernatural creatures will take over. Fear not though, if all of your districts collapse you will still be able to complete your game with an ending befitting of your choices. Game difficulty will be dependent on how many citizens you sacrifice and your physical appearance will reflect those choices as well. A high death toll will increase your power as well as reveal the monster that you are. To craft concoctions to heal NPC’s head on over to a merchant and purchase things like Sodium Hypochlorite solution, , Codeine to ease pain and coughing, Potassium Permanganate to clean open wounds and skin infections and mix it all up the next time you hit up a hideout for rest post blood feast. While you’re there don’t forget to check out your inventory and upgrade any of your firearms, one handed, two handed, off-hand weapons. And recycle what you don’t need. In the livestream we got to see Dr. Reid fighting Skals, who seem fairly slow, each waiting for one to finish combat with Reid before attacking. Fighting The Guard of Pruin, a secret faction of vampire hunters, will at least be more visually stimulating since they carry a variety of weapons. Take the time to analyze the area around you you as it can help reveal what certain enemies are resistant to. You can always avoid lower-level enemies but boss fights are sealed in fate. . A quick note, notice how boss battles and regular enemies have their health stats differentiated. In sticky situations you can use a blood serum syringe to replenish your blood bar. These syringes can help you avoid feeding on NPC’s. This reveals that it is possible to finish the game without killing anyone. However finding the things needed to craft these special items will take time. As mentioned in my previous Vampyr video you will have Active and Passive Skills. Active skills include defensive, aggressive, tactical and ultimate tiers which house abilities corresponding to those tiers respectively. Passive skill tiers include Body, Blood, Bite and Science. XP can be used to obtain and upgrade abilities. New abilities were revealed like an active ability, Autophagy which allows you to drain your blood in order to heal normal and aggravated damage instantly and a passive ability, Body – which allows you to increase your health. Fan questions were answered during the livestream and I found a few of them interesting. It turns out, you will be able to turn people into vampires later in the game but this is more of a story mechanic not so much a gameplay mechanic. The team noted that Vampyr is a AA game. So do not expect a game the size of a triple A game. Your base of operation is at your place of work, a hospital – an important place where you can rest, craft and meet pivotal characters. I do what to make a note that on the last video I mispronounced what vampires in Vampyre call themselves. The correct pronunciation is EH-CON. Last but not least, keep an eye out for a special giveaway to win a customized Vampyr Xbox controller with holy water, a rosary, salt and a wooden stake to help you on your dark adventure. Dontnod & Vampyr links can be found in the description below. Thanks for watching guys! If you liked this video remember to click like, comment & subscribe. Bye!

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