39 thoughts on “Valid reasons for not voting?

  1. Until PR is brought in its pointless where i live. so i spoil the paper. But i do vote in local elections.

  2. #VoteUKIP #VoteCarlBenjamin4MEP #VoteTommyRobinson 4MEP
    As a brown person: Tommy and Carl are Not racist.

  3. here are my two rules for who i vote for 1) send me a letter introducing your party and 2) don't send me all your BS promises i don't relay care what you promise because its not going to happen the way you say and thats it i know its not the best way of choosing who to vote for but at least i do

  4. I always say: If you don't vote, you can't complain. Not voting means "I don't care, and I'm fine with any outcome."

  5. This doesn't take into account those of us who just for the life of them can't understand politics. Don't even understand a fraction of the words people use for them.

  6. 1:33 Why did you just stick a screenshot of MacOS on your old windows pc? Can't you just find the website on that pc?

  7. In my country, the main reason people don't vote is because people know that elections are rigged from the start. My father once said that when he had reached 18 years old and went to vote for the first time, his vote had apparently already been registered. The situation has gotten better now but not even close to being acceptable.

    Once I reach voting age , I will vote for the main opposition party just to remind the current party that they're not invincible. And that's saying a lot because the main opposition party absolutely sucks ass. When they were in power about 12 years ago, little to no economic development or improvement to living standards took place. Which is why people voted them out in the first place and voted in the current government.

    And the sad part is that our current government has improved our country significantly in many ways (GDP has increased to 5 times of what it was back then, poverty rate went down from 40% to 14%, etc) but they grew a big head and now do whatever they want without consequence.

  8. Of course, another strategy when you don't like any of the candidates is to either run yourself, or see if you can vote for the Monster Raving Loony Party.

  9. As for upsets against the machine politicians, over here in the states, we had quite amazing but not expected victory by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez over the machine politician incumbent (Joseph Crowley), in her own party. And he was no less than the fourth most powerful Democrat in the US House of Representatives.

  10. i dont vote because it doesnt change hange anything. i have been watching society and politics for years and it makes no difference who gets in. government just keeps getting bigger, costing more in taxes, freedoms constantly being eroded by increasing regulatins, economy getting weaker because of debt based monetary system and wealth distribution corruption always on the increase because all governemnt dipartmwnts progrsivley outsourcing their duties to private for profit companies. its a joke, a farce, a big fat hoax. government has been hijacked by capitalism which the government is supposed to protect the people from.

  11. I asked all the candidates what they recall guarantee to introduce and support and they all refuse. So I stand and provide the list. 0.083% of voters bother to look at my list, it's full of good stuff and I was the only candidate willing to commit to supporting any of it.

  12. You skipped the part where the British electoral system is a winner takes all system. It is not representative of the electorate if there are 6 candidates and 7 votes, one for each and one more for the winner, that guy is elected by 2/7 of the voters and the others get no representation. It's designed to stomp on the little parties.

  13. Most voters are idiots. So, I am against democracy and voting. In fact, I think I could rule my country best alone. Like Kim Jung un. Something like that. Plato would approve.

  14. In Australia voting is compulsory. But voting is a waste of time as there two parties and they are both the same.

  15. So… why didnt you address the dozen or so other reasons why a person wouldnt vote? reasons that you yourself have touched on in other videos.

  16. I just think I may make the wrong decision if I'm forced to vote for one party. Like I don't know which party to pick and I can't vote more than once so at the moment I'd rather not vote.

  17. What if you're just uneducated and choice not too out of fear you could make the wrong choice due to not researching it?

  18. Please just to clarify, Jay UKIP is not in favour of banning immigration we only belive in controlling it. Read our interim Manifesto

  19. Why don't you have Serbian captions?? I swear, as soon as I am free from my current commitments, I will caption your stuff.

  20. Can I just point out how great the soundtrack choices are in these videos!? Killing in the Name followed by Anarchy in the UK? Killer tunes and actually relevant to what’s being said in the video.

  21. Don't you think not voting sends a similar message to spoiling the ballot? If people genuinely think, I cannot bring myself to vote for any of the candidates, I won't turn up to vote, I think that says plenty.

  22. I was so excited to vote at 18, I thought; "I'll show these bastards"…. But no, it is hopeless.

    To stand & be counted is to withhold income tax, council tax, "road" tax, etc etc & crucially WRITE to these parasites & tell them exactly what you're doing & why. The only ones who will respond are the HMRC who will tell you you're breaking the law, which is a lie, you are in fact breaching a statute regulation which only applies to members of the United Kingdom. If you require them to prove this alleged "fact" they cannot & so you are in a stalemate. You conditionally accept that you have a duty to pay tax & then just don't pay it.

    A vote for ANY party is a vote for this ridiculous & outdated system of "governance". Even returning a blank or spoiled ballot legitimises their operations.

  23. If you do spoil your ballot, you could for example add a few choice insults to your MPs – they all have to look at it and confirm it is indeed spoilt.

  24. 3:19 Unless you live in Russia and teachers in schools will count most of those who didn't come as votes for Putin's party anyway (and that's a better case scenario).

  25. For god's sake, if you spoil your ballot, don’t rip it up- I’ve worked in a polling station in Australia, and we still have to put the thing back together and it’s a paaaain.

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