45 thoughts on “Vacation Nightmare: Sun, Sand, Prostitutes? | ABC World News Tonight | ABC News

  1. This is the fucking dumbest nightline story I've ever seen in my entire life.
    If you're gonna fly to a third world country, research it, and figure out if it's the right place to vacation for you.

  2. Why the fuck would you be worried about prostitution? Is it gonna attack you like it’s an entity or some shit?

  3. STUPID NEWS do we americans report to tourist getting ready to come to New York or elsewhere that we have high crime areas theyvshouod avoid. And that tourist spots charge triple for a hot dog and cab drivers that over charge.

  4. Newsflash!!!!!!

    Prostitution does not, has never existed in the USA!!!!!

    Why travel overseas to find Prostitution?

    Why travel overseas looking for people to humiliate?

    And what has been suggested here? There are no light skinned prostitution in TDR


  5. Every time I take a women out if I dont pay for dinner and drinks or a movie or any entertainment we do then I probably am not going to get any sex later, either. Either way, us men pay. We can pay you women directly the money or we pay for food and entertainment. Same shit if you ask me. You can separate in your mind all you want but basically the same shit. Men got to pay one way or another to play! Your self righteous minds can try and act like I am wrong, but you know deep down I am right. If you go on a date with a women, nothing dries up pussy quicker than a women having to dig in her purse on a date. Men spend or they going to have blue balls or they will have to join the Mgtow movement. Hell, if a man doesnt pay for the dates majority of women I know will think he is a sorry man, lets be real! Are there any real people out here telling the real truth these days?

  6. Americans are such fucking squares. And I was born/live in America! I leave the country twice a year because people here are such idiots. I can't stand this cookie cutter fake ass attitude everyone has in our country… ITS SEX. WE ARE SUPPOSED TO HAVE SEX. WE ARE HUMANS. WHO CARES. Having said that I just booked my flight and pulled out $180.

  7. Growing up in Miami Dade County Florida taught me that Latin people are the biggest scam artist, bullshitter, vanity issues, 3-faced, fake people on earth. MAGA you NAGGAS!

  8. Awww..poor softies are bothered by a less than stellar bedding, prostitution and vendors…awww…YOU ARE IN A THIRD WORLD COUNTRY…be glad you aren't being robbed. Stop cryin' and at least try have a good time.

  9. When did prostitution become okay? It's not OK 🤦🏾‍♀️ it's the lowest of the lowest occupation and usually funds crime … Teach them and give them degrees … It's NOT OKAY … OKAY?!

  10. So 6:13 YUGE PUBIC HAIR and what appears to me 2 be a YUGE cum stain. You should have been a Big Girl and had maid make your bed up correctly. You chose to whine & moan. So sad too bad. ABC is picking up the tab right? Issues for you perhaps… Working girls to take a look at? Hell Yeah!!! That could make it the Best Vacay since '91 in MONTANA when I hooked up w/a lil Hoochee MAMA…… and she were a WILD TIME….. Yehaaaaaaaaaaa

  11. When I was in The Domican Republic on a cruise, I was approached by a pimp as soon as I got off the gangway of the ship. Literally within 3 steps.

  12. They acted mad light-skinned lmaoooo (precarious) position. You’re in Boca Chica swing some real money Around and maybe you’ll get treated well, You guys look like every day people, and you Don’t speak Spanish so Your suspected Haitians Americans..Or just African-American…On a Groupon trip lol. Relax We have our own ways there, this was funny 😂😂😂😂😂

  13. Dont go to Pattaya haha .Go visit your mother.You such a spoiled brat.Just enjoy your vacation live in the moment.Looks like damn nice place to me.If you dont enjoy it I will.Prostitution is legal there halllooo so what is your problem

  14. You have wood ceiling….. guess that’s what makes it special

    $90.00 for a day for prostitute 🤔

  15. Stupid report ,my 11 years daughter can do much better than this,if prostitution is legal in RD and you found a hair in your bed sheet instead of making a thousands of $$$ documentary put a review online

  16. While on her honeymoon she came up with an idea to get a free extended vacation, prostitution in the Dominican is hardly news , it's everywhere anyway, she would only have to go a few blocks from where her house is in the US to see much worse but nice try anyway.

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