43 thoughts on “USS George Washington (CVN 73) dropping anchor to the red shot

  1. All they had to do was tie balloons to the chain, that way the chain would float to the top with the balloons…..duh

  2. To any of the BMs out there. Is there any reason why they couldn't use just a big ass crane wire rope for the anchor. Seems like if they had a sytem like that they could have it run through a bollard set up. Then if the line was starting to come out too fast they could engage a hydraulic ram that just pushes the bollards apart and the friction from the position would stop the line. I've seen alot of these anchor drop videos. They have a way to harness the damned atom to get rid of a gas tank but they fsont have a fool proof breaking system that is so redundant that the anchor will never get lost. I mean it's what a 20 billion dollar boat carrying 5k people. Loosing g an anchor seems like something that would never happen. How many anchors are on a carrier.

  3. When the yellow appears its your warning. Never go beyond that. One more shot and you could seriously damage your windlass.

  4. A male's voice carries better over loud noise. Sorry ladies but your voices are not strong enough to be heard clearly and distinctly. You are too squeaky.

  5. I think people are always curious to play with the fire! Warning shot on deck….go and lets try full extension!!!… dont come to quickly! …wow…this danger shot was quiet rushing and on the edge of desaster…. why not losen the break for the very, very laaaaaast fathorn?? It's so tempting!….think they should enlarge the scale and add more colors….yellow, orange, red and finally ….black with white skulls for the death shoot. xD

  6. Only the Navy could so over complicate dropping the anchor. The system is designed to be simple but the Navy says no way Jose we are going to drag. This out till the ship runs aground. Then we will drop the anchor.

  7. LOL for proper operation and safety, make sure that there are 15 people standing around in close proximity to heavy moving equipment, and have them all yell and talk over each other.

  8. All those commands shouted by a row of people makes me think about 'The Great Dictator' from Charlie Chaplin. And this is just as hilarious, not to say totally ridiculous.
    What a load of morons on that deck. What a load of morons on that deck! What a load of morons on that deck! What a load of…? What ? Oh, am I the last one in the chain? Damn!

  9. Lol look at the yanks. Guys arms out like tools. Just born drama queens. Some guy yelling and 10 douches repeating it. Holy hell, get some automation. Humans are the worst control of a loud and dangerous environment like this.

  10. Interesting to read the comments. One point I noted – when the danger shot starts to spool out, the boss gives the signal to stop. When the chain doesn't stop at once, the camera guy is on the move! I'd be right behind him, if I were even still in there!! 🙂

  11. Aww just let the whole chain go like everyone else on youtube. Todays technology, radar ect and people losing what i'm assuming is an expensive chain, paid for by my tax dollars for the war machine. It blows my mind.

  12. You don't need to be in the Navy to know that if that shit gets loose they will have to mop your brains from the deck. Who was running this operation? I would fire him/her. And please stop looking like dumb robots, you can be very stupid without looking stupid in the process. The funniest part is the old man backing up… and the young ones staying…. LOL. If I ever see the old man backup I RUN for cover.

  13. Are those robots or humans? Oh yeah soldiers, so robots. Why are they dancing with their arms out and yelling nonsense

  14. Lots of questions about ship anchors. These links have a color code – simplified, the white links (shots) represent 90' or 15 fathoms sections. A typical large ship carries 12 shots of link. It is stored in a room (chain locker). The last links in the chain are colored yellow (warning!) immediately followed by red links (Danger!), which is the last length. The chain is attached to the lower deck via a padeye link. We all hope that will not rip loose.  The goal is to regulate the drop brake lowering the anchor slowly so you don't get a runaway. If the brake gets too hot, it may lose it's friction (like your brake fade on a car). Then things becomes exceedingly dangerous (you'll note deck hands running for protection in other videos).

  15. A whole battalion just to drop the anchor? Seems like dropping the anchor of an aircraft carrier is more complicated than landing a jet in it.

  16. My old ship!! I was onboard from Jan of '93- Oct of '96, JUST missed being a Plankowner, but was on her Maiden Voyage..when I was in Weapons Dept (first W Div, then G-1, then G-4, THEN G-3 LOl..I crossrated to HT as PO3) I stood a few watches with a .45 and M500 12 gauge to repel any chain climbers…(with order to blast anyone off the chain if they were climbing it when we had anchor dropped in port..) right in this very foc'sle.

  17. They keep repeating the same thing over and over again, yet I still can't understand what they are saying…

    Eight change ten up down?

  18. Damn, The Deck, Bos'un Mates, hard on Capstain, Anchor, motors, /brakes, these Days! Where the, Duty sea/anchor, EM Electrician?? I would have told them to, slow down!

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