15 thoughts on “Using Anchors in Mailchimp

  1. SO MUCH EASIER! Thank you. I did something very diferent last week bc I couldn't find any article in Mail Chimp about it… sad. So, thaank u so much

  2. Thanks so much. Could you explain how to do the read more link and have it go back to same article I wrote – I have written a few in a newsletter.

  3. Great video! I am having trouble with Read More links. Mailchimp's tutorial hasn't helped. Do you have a similar video for adding links when you have multiple articles in the same newsletter?

  4. Sorry I know this isnt relevant to the current video but how do you manage to have a coloured background and then a white strip running down the centre where all your articles etc are?

  5. The only thing to really hit on that I had trouble with was to ensure the anchor text typed in when created needs to be one word to work (thumbs up). Thanks for the video!

  6. Is this still working for you? I've implemented it and when testing, it seems to work but after sending, its a no go across two email clients, including apple mail on ios11

  7. Thanks! Great tutorial. I had no idea this anchor feature was available with Mailchimp. Could you add Google Analytics to track the anchor performance?

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