27 thoughts on “Use your #PowerToDecide. Vote on 8th June.

  1. You see, when the world is so obviously biased to the far left, it actually makes me want to be far right. I'm sick and tired of being judged for saying anything that might offend a lefty, just because our opinions don't match doesn't mean that I should be silenced. Isn't everyone being allowed an opinion is what diversity is all about?

  2. Honesty 2017 is terrible I am just dying for New Years to start but we all know there is going to be more terrible things

  3. YouTube deleting dislikes again. What a surprise! I just downvote everything nowadays to check what's on their agenda or not. This shit is so disgusting and infuriating.

  4. Hey YouTube UK, we know it's very easy to take moral high ground on Vegan,Lgbt ,Blm issues. Maybe look at UK colonial past and highlight real racism, bigotry, murder and torture. Or just keep victimizing gays,vegans and blacks…who, in the UK, have more Rights than Northern Ireland catholics.

  5. Instead of making shit videos stop fucking blacklisting good youtube channels, their videos are getting demonetized for no fucking reason. Stop this bullshit why don't you make a video on why the fuck this is happening. Even friendly videos are getting demonetized on youtube channels that are relatively small so they don't have a big voice to spread to the rest of the community

  6. Hhahaha Theresa Mayhem. Lost her credibility and not she's linking up with those head banging weirdo's the DUP.

  7. vote for Jeremy corbyn he will give us a crap brexit, garden tax and will let people on the terror watch list have Human rights so they can carry out attacks

  8. If no one voted then the government would realise there is a problem. That is what change is about. I love a good old riot.

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