US troops leaving Syria will move into Iraq

US troops leaving Syria will move into Iraq

100 thoughts on “US troops leaving Syria will move into Iraq

  1. I heard there was only about 28 soldiers there ? Twenty Eight soldiers don't need to go to Iraq, they really need to go home !

  2. At the end of the tweet, Mr. Trump added two confusing elements of his own. The first was that United States had “secured the oil,” a claim he has repeatedly made in recent days without any explanation. The White House did not clarify what he meant by those remarks, and Mr. Trump has ignored the question when asked about it by reporters

  3. This is insanely hilarious, all his supporters thought he was doing it to bring soldiers home, when he is really just moving them to a different spot of the same region? This isn’t his first lie folks.

  4. We have enough oil in the Gulf of Mexico. Venezuela has an ocean of oil, but why should we give Turkey aid and the Kurds, then send our people in their to lose their lives. That’s dumb. Cut off funds to both and then if they can’t get it together send in the troops. Same is true for all these nations astounding the world. Trump has common sense, wow a president with common sense who’d of thunk it.

  5. I'm disappointed in the move to send them not home ,and the democrats get there way once again …
    the entire gov is war mongering

  6. Why did Giuliani repeatedly ask American authorities to release Reza Zareeb the Turkish Gold trader in American Jail guilty of breaking Iranian sanctions by smuggling Iranian oil in trade for gold. Why would both Michael Flynn ans Rudy Giuliani work for the Turks? Why do Rudy's friends donate Russian money to GOP candidates and then ask favors? Why are there so many photos of Mr trump with these foreigner who ase in jail for crimes?

  7. Why did Giuliani repeatedly ask American authorities to release Reza Zareeb the Turkish Gold trader in American Jail guilty of breaking Iranian sanctions by smuggling Iranian oil in trade for gold. Why would both Michael Flynn ans Rudy Giuliani work for the Turks? Why do Rudy's friends donate Russian money to GOP candidates and then ask favors? Why are there so many photos of Mr trump with these foreigner who ase in jail for crimes?

  8. Weakened American influence will see the resurrection of Isil, All of it at because of a weak, corrupt President.

  9. Usa should get out of iraq as well….undo the crimes of the usa. Every politician and military man that says stay illegally in the middle east is imperial…not constitutional republic.

  10. The President lied to us once again he said they were coming home the way its going I might as well vote the dems next year tired of getting played by this administration…

  11. Did you read that letter Trump sent to Erdogan? Mental illness is now a real fear. Trump can start a war with a letter like this 💣💥

  12. Send them to Saudi Arabia. We owe them for selling them a dud missile defence system that Iran can get through easily.

  13. Honestly, this is pretty presidential of Trump. Congrats.
    Other presidents pushed the US into needless wars, Trump is just following in those footsteps.

  14. He lied again, suckers! All you simple minded Deceitful Donny supporters defended his abandoning our Kurdish allies in the fight against ISIS, to face slaughter because you said he's bringing the troops home, NOT! Now what ridiculous excuse are you going to come up with. Face it, Donny is a Disaster!

  15. None of us hard working regular Americans want to keep our troops there or send them elsewhere to another country. WE WANT OUR TROOPS HOME!

  16. Please correct me if I'm wrong. Syria is a sovereign country? The "Oil fields" in question are on Syrian soil? If the U.S. forces are not currently engaged in fighting with Isis combatants then them being in a foreign country without a vote in Congress to declare war on Syria, means they are there illegally by international law and by U.S. law?

  17. Isnt that turkey is doing a land grab ?. Isn't that raiding accross another countries border ?. That's stealing land ?.

  18. "We should take the us army, and push them somewhere else!"

    That idea may just be crazy enough…to get them all killed!

  19. Iran and Iraq share border!
    US presence in Persian Gulf, Saudi Arabia is growing and now they will increase their numbers in Iraq.
    I think a war is coming!

  20. After watching the interviews with Gen. Keane and Sen. Graham, these men are loyally towing the line, but the look on their faces tells me that something is majorly fubar'd, and I mean majorly.

  21. Hey–you know who would heartily support our withdrawal from our forward operating bases world-wide?

    Our enemies.

    Congrats on that, isolationist fools. I hate to break the news to you, but it ain't 1776 anymore. Once the homeland is surrounded there is nowhere else to go you fricking imbeciles. 🥴

  22. I thought President Trump told us we were bringing the troops HOME!!! Ughhh it's getting harder for me to trust this administration

  23. Why has to move to Iraq?
    When moved out of Syria then move out of Iraq. We don't need more troops for policing jobs and when SPACECOM, STRATCOM is doing it's job under military commander bases and operation's.

  24. Oil bases must be in government operations under local military security.
    Why USA has to put it's soldiers as security guards for others oil's in Syria-Iraq?

  25. So our fighters are to protect oil fields? I thought the CIA made enough profits from our Fighters protecting the Poppy fields?
    Why must the CIA have control of Oil And Opium?
    Because they Cant get enough retirement funds from FAKE NASA anymore.

  26. Great idea….all American troops back to US bases in the US……in fact, bring ALL Americans back, and "Build That Wall"2 around the US to keep the Americans from corrupring the rest of the world!

  27. To all Fox News listeners. Iv'e never commented on this platform because I am someone many of you would refer to as a commie, pinko, Obama living Democrat. I am not here to troll. I am here to tell you that I view Republicans as worthy adversaries. I accept that people I do not agree with are also patriots with valid viewpoints about virtually every political issue being reported today. I am not reversing or retracting my political views. However, I have been reading many of the comment sections from both sides of the political spectrum and can only describe what I read as smoldering dumpster fires waiting for the right conditions to agnite. I have decided to refrain from feeding this fire. When exactly did political discord devolve into the outright rejection of contrary ideas? Is it now impossible to engage in open debate without accusing the worthy opposition of divisiveness, intolerance or treason? Please understand the obvious. I do not suggest that one particular slight was a prime mover or that one party is more or less guilty then the other. It appears at this point we can all share the responsibility equally. I just think it needs to be said that I have no hatred for fellow Americans because they hold different opinions. I am convinced that we all have similar aspirations for America, we just disagree on the best path to get there. Regardless of what happens next November, we'll still need to find a way to live together in the same space. i only ask that you just consider my position relative to your own and than consider the frightening possibility that there may be more which holds us together than tears us apart

  28. Hey trumptards…..
    Your fake president disarm's you because he is a weak man….a weak father….a weak husband….
    and a weak president.
    Dump dumb donald 2020…..

  29. This guy just answered the bigger picture, it’s not about Kurds it’s about the oil fields.. US needs to get the fk out of someone else’s country

  30. Article One, Section Eight of the Constitution says "Congress shall have power to declare War."
    WE ought not send our American soldiers into any conflict without a vote in congress to declare war, whether it is a limited declaration or an unlimited declaration of war, the congress needs to decide the issue and the President needs to pull all troops from combat roles until it is done, all it takes is a vote…

  31. Channel Dane Calloway thumb nail: who should be held responsible for slavery in America Full documentary by Dane Calloway 🤦🏼‍♀️

  32. Turkey will never tolerate Kurdish statelet in Syria. It's a matter of survival for Turkey. Kurds should disarm and reintegrate into Syrian state. Period. Trump should get our troops out of Syria ASAP. The swamp and its fake news minions want to get us into a big war.

  33. Dear Americans please remember all the republicans in the house and senate that voted against president Trump bring the troops home. Mich, Lindsey Graham are the most important two who we have to vote out of office the fastest they both are beholden to the GLOBALIST lock stock and barrel.

  34. Turks wanted the resources "Oil" for many,many years ! So no matter what you hear it's a Money Grab blessed by Trump ! Some people have been making so incredible profitable stock purchases seems every time Trump makes an announcement on Trade or financial importants. Someone has inside information possibly all TRUMPS co-conspirators?

  35. The cease fired is another misleading to the Kurds just to buy time for USA soldiers to get across into Iraq safety. The slaughter of the Kurds will continue soon. When are we going to impeach the mf trump? How much more damage fox and gop? Next week, we will be deploying 100,000 troops instead of 100 troops bc the Kurds no longer going to die for us. White angry men, if you don’t like my country USA, you can leave. Get out of my country. These 3 colors red white n blue don’t run and don’t abandon our allies until this racist con man with no leadership elected.

  36. Iranians " seize oil fields" like Iran needs the oil. The oil is Syrias and Syrians will have it not the Kurds not US.. hypocrites

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