14 thoughts on “US Strategic Nuclear Policy — Part 3

  1. Love the 1947 quote from Edward Teller (52.40) about the danger to mankind of "perfected" nuclear weapons. Kind of contrasts with the absolute lunatic enthusiasm he had for first arming the USA with the thermonuclear "super" weapon, and then trying to bum-rush the Powers that Be into actually using the damned things on conflicts that don't threaten the very existence of the USA as a people. For those who love the Kubrick movie Dr. Strangelove , the eponymous Dr. Strangelove was a thinly-disguised caricature of Edward Teller. The man was a dangerous fucking lunatic (Teller, not Kubrick) no matter how talented a physicist he might have been. Teller was also the fucking douchebag who called the loyalty of Oppenheimer into question and got his security clearance yanked, ostensibly because the science behind the atomic bomb had been stolen wholesale by Soviet spies from Los Alamos under Oppenheimer's leadership. What then about the Soviets also stealing the science behind the "super" from Teller's lab? The second was arguably a much more dangerous security lapse than the first. I'm no historian, but I don't recall ever seeing anything about Teller quitting his own security clearance and job at the bombmaker's lab because of his own supposed failure. No, that fuckwit continued to be a gadfly pushing anyone in government who would listen to him always in the direction of more bombs, bigger bombs, and removal of restraint upon their, until the last day of his miserable fucking life.

    Anyone curious about the facts above should read both of historian Richard Rhodes's excellent books The Making of the Atomic Bomb , and Dark Sun: The Making of the Hydrogen Bomb .

    Anyhow, just a rant. But Teller really was a complete piece of shit who didn't have the good graces to die from a heart attack at the age of fifty.

  2. When it comes to war we spend money like nobodys business. When it comes to helping our own people, well gee, we just cant do that. What a waste and a disgrace.

  3. Think about this please, 1. Has any war gone as originally planned?
    2. Has man ever created a weapon that has not eventually been used?
    3. Do politicians have your best interest at heart?

  4. These are really informative, however the music is just awful.  I would rather have had none.  Every time the music swells i just roll my eyes.

  5. Reagan did more to secure the United States of America than any other President since Eisenhower. Carter was an unmitigated disaster very close to what we have now. Weakness invited Russia into Crimea and now the Ukraine. That's what happens when your President is more concerned about whether homosexuals get to marry one another. 

  6. A Nuclear winter would be devastating.

  7. One thing remains unchanged and that is that these nuclear war experts really did'nt have any idea what might happen. They earned some decent paychecks and had good level postings in their organization and they spoke with expert confidence, but the simple fact is if they ever had to watch their theories go into action we all would have been better off if they had never got into the business in the first place. Limited response and option my ass. It all led to escalation and right back to MAD.

  8. was far superior in the deployed numbers of ICBMs and SLBMs. The departure from the massive retaliation doctrine was clearly the very wrong thing to do & that was for many reasons, inlcuding economic ones. The US could not afford such a force. Those that followed President Eisenhower, unfortunately, didn't know what they were doing. And here, we can also see that the Missile Crisis had a VERY HEAVY effect on the US nuclear weapons development. Something that shouldn't have happened.

  9. NOTHING America could've done to persuade the soviets to accept peace. That's what those people who wanted the US to back down never understood.
    We can also see how devastating Robert McNamara's influence on US nuclear weapons development was. The US was thinking TOO MUCH on many things, while the soviets were simply deploying, without thinking too much. I also don't understand why the Nixon adm thought the US could never match the soviets' capabilities. After all, ate the end of 1950s, the US

  10. Well, 1st of all, it's obvious that those who believed that backing down in front of the soviets would've broyght peace were wrong (&always will be). But if we look at the Reagana's administrations posture against the USSR, we see that it was FAR from being as tough & aggressive as the Eisenhower administration was. So atriubuting the end of the Cold War to the Reagan adm is wrong. It was the change in thinking in the soviet leadership that brought the end of the Cold War. There was absolutely

  11. absolutely. I remember watching those speeches as a kid. my father explained to me that alot of people call Reagan's words warmongering…..but it's not. He said he was giving a voice to those that had none. He was standing up for the people that were under oppression.

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