29 thoughts on “US Strategic Nuclear Policy — Part 1

  1. thank god trump wasn't president back then, he would have gotten everyone killed, or just sucked Stalin off like putin

  2. this and trinity and beyond are really the only two atom bomb documentaries worth watching. nothing but factual information and the awesome power of the atom. great stuff. watched this multiple times.

  3. I have honestly never heard this angle before re. why America went with daylight massed formations in Germany, but night incendiary raids in Japan. I was always told "because racism". Fascinating stuff.

  4. The Bhagavad Gita and Dr. J. Robert Oppenheimer both refer to the Brahma weapon, used long long ago. It was this script that informed him of the cohesion principles used to recreate the reaction contained within the denotative mirror. We may have a Matrix # 7 going here people. Only through knowledge and faith can we avoid destroying ourselves repeatedly…

  5. Learn to pronounce Nuclear properly, sound like a bunch of spastic schoolkids trying to learn a new word. Just say potato instead of nuclear, we'll get what you mean!

  6. Just a crying shame we couldn’t stick one, of the two, up Hitler’s ass…That’s Who It was meant for….It ended the war, & I’m here because of it….My daddy fought in the Gilbert’s, Marianas, Leyte Gulf, & Okinawa….He’s Walking Dead waiting for Japan’s mainland⚫️

  7. Why didnt we just fucking nuke them too America would have ruled the world there would be no bomb threat today because the world would have been under one union the united states fucking idiots i mean we already scared the ozone by test they should have just over throw in the world it would not be any worse then it already was and there would be world peace today

  8. well what all this shit boils down to is that no matter who fires the 1st shot, either it would be the US, Russia, or China our life expectancy is going to be reduced to the time it takes for an ICBM to hit the city you're in and i doubt there will be any kind of warning. so up to %50 or more of the worlds population will be dead after the initial exchange

  9. its kind of hypocritical of US, the only country to ever use nukes claims to stop others from getting one. they opened Pandora's box.

  10. LIES! There were already negotiations for surrender going on in Japan 1945, before they dropped the bombs.

  11. Isreal may have nukes and if they thought iran had a nuke they would act even a if america dodnt want them to

  12. I hope President Obama and his administration fully appreciate the inherent danger of a runaway nuclear race in the Middle East involving unstable regimes.
    If the administration believes it will be voluntarily contained to the region, the Europeans, Russia, China, India and the USA had better think long and hard. In the Middle-East the game is played by a different set of rules, that few out side understand.
    I doubt any amount of skullduggery or "Company" tricks & bribes could contain the threat for very long. These regimes will play by "Civilized" rules only as long as it suites their purpose or doesn't offend their honor.
    At the drop of the hat, they will assert their "God given right to defend against the infidel" by attacking the nearest available perceived enemy, even to their own detriment.
    I hope Obama's' legacy won't out do Nevil Chamberlain's. 

  13. The "policy" seemed to entail lurching from one crisis to another, and inbetween crises both protagonists could return to their state of well-prepared nervousness which carried on for more than half a century. Crazy? crazy or not it kept the peace 😉

  14. For all of human history, we have developed weapons. Sticks. Rocks. Spears. Swords of copper and then bronze and then iron and then steel. Trebuchets. Armadas. Gatling guns. Zeppelins. U-boats. Stukas. Do-17s. B-24s and B-17s.


    And then we developed the A-bomb, used twice.

    Then the H-bomb, used… never.

    You think, just maybe, that a loving God might have said, "No, children. That's enough bickering. STOP."


  15. War and Peace in the Nuclear Age 1989 pbs nhk

    mazzini vs william olaf stapledon

    internet dismantled



  16. Well…another proof that humans aren't so different when it comes to killing each other. Maybe it would be more correct to say that europeans "mass produced" them and used in a far more extended way.

  17. The Chinese had firearms with their gunpowder. It wasn't a European invention to stick a rock or piece of metal in front of the controlled explosion and destroy the object or human in front of them.

  18. Of course it's stupid… like it's stupid that humans need weapons against each other when it would be indeed more wise and logical to talk and reason instead of slaughtering each others to obtain resources wich are wasted in abnmormous quantities during conflicts. Alas…humanity isn't known for being a logical race.

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