US Policy Collapses Into Catastrophe Following Trump’s Whims | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

US Policy Collapses Into Catastrophe Following Trump’s Whims | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

100 thoughts on “US Policy Collapses Into Catastrophe Following Trump’s Whims | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

  1. Erdogan knows how stupid Trump is, so probably he started: "Dear friend, as you probably already know we admire your knowledge, your stable genius, your deep insights in human problems and your beautiful hair, please withdraw your troops,"….and Trump promptly did so, radiant with delight that finally someone discovered his well-hidden genius.

  2. Does anyone think a time traveler, going back to 2016, would not end up in a nice, white room with soft walls if they said, "Trump will be brought down by Lev and Igor, Rudy's Thing 1 and Thing 2, with a major assist from Senator Ron Burgundy, a.k.a. Thinks with his Johnson, of Wisconsin."

  3. Imagine that. The Kurds turn to Russia. How about that. Where have we heard about Russia before? Oh, yeah, Trump, the best Russian asset.

  4. Unfortunately, there is one simple explanation for all of this: coward trump was bought by one of his admired 'stong' dictators with promises about future business deals in Turkey. Human lives for $$$.

  5. Plays song: "Oh I'm proud to be an Americaaaannnn….."

    The background sound is millions of patriots rolling over in their graves….

  6. Will Trump finally also lose the military vote, now that it is clear that he could care less about their safety? Or now that he has shown how little he cares about the blood that so many American soldiers have already shed to date in the act of stabilizing that region. Or now that he has shown how little faith he has towards allies? Or for that matter how so very many other bad military decisions he's made in the three years that he has been in office?

  7. The Kurds and the Syrian army with Russian help can throw Isis out of Syria.
    They can go back to Iraq the UAE and Saudi Arabia where they came from.
    Then the Syrian people could have access to their own resources.
    They so desperately need because the U.S is starving them with an embargo

  8. This President is dumber than Bush EVER was! Bush should have been tried for war crimes, but on a scale of stupidity and lifelong corruption Trump is tops IMO. He is dumber than a box of rocks.

  9. No Trumpist is interested in policy, they are interested in increasing their bank accounts balance. They may even profit immensely from the collapse. Like profiting from withdrawing from the Climate Agreement. And the withdrawal from Syria may increase the values of their holdings in weapons manufacturers. Stuff like that is what you should look for. Still, Trump may win the 2020 election because he and his handlers use proven propaganda techniques against which Americans have proven to be defenceless.

  10. You can bet, the airlift will be used for public relations advantage by Donald Trump. He will claim to be a hero "saving Americans under fire".

  11. Our own leader is putting our citizens and other allies at risk. At the same time screwing over our national security. If we didnt want a war for no reason its now brewing when it could've been avoided.

  12. Do not blame Trump, blame islamic psychopathy the Real killers who are causing violence/chaos. Islam is a contagious, mental, infection that has No place in civilized society.

  13. I simply not understand anyone can listen to that woman. Corrupt and stupid like a brick and get paid millions every year. The american dream

  14. Rusia RUSSIS RUSSIA ……. RUSSIA …..Russia ….


    Well played Putin in destroying America with your Orange Puppet ……. and making America a weak nation

  15. Trump called off the Iran attack after they downed a drone because there would be 100/150 Iranian missile forces killed, but gave up hundreds of thousands of our allies with no concern.women and children in harm's way

  16. Trump has been assessed by Mental Health Professionals and Physicians across the country to be a narcissistic sociopath. They said they did so because of their health professionals moral obligation to issue a "Duty to Warn" to authorities about someone who is a danger to themselves or others. It went to Congress a couple of years ago, but no one has ever mentioned it and have certainly never brought it up publicly. What they heck in going on in our own government? Waiting for the voters to vote him out is a grievous error. After his recent actions, I think it's he's too dangerous to have that much power. Congress, Look what he's done so far just this week, and you still want to wait this monster out?! What the heck is the matter with this whole picture!! It's waaay past time to get this narcissistic Dictator wanna-be sociopath out of office and into a padded cell before he kills people. Oh, yeah. He's basically started a war, leaving people to die brutally, so he's killing people now.

  17. 'nobody is fighting ISIS anymore'. Syria, Russia and Kurds are. America armed and trained 'moderates' who then fought for ISIS.

  18. It is obvious that Trump election was a soft coup from Russia. Trump is giving presents to Putin in hope he'll get something back when he'll be impeached. I won't even be surprised if would flee to Russian even before impeachment is completed. I feel sorry for those Trump supporters who still believe in his patriotism. So sad!

  19. Trump is sooooo a russian puppet. But it doesn't matter if he is incompetent or corrupt…he is unfit to be president and a danger to America.

  20. It's an old trick for a president. Start a major war and all personal and political troubles are over. It works all the time.

  21. Fake corrupt news. Feel sorry for everyone that believes this. Taking the problems of the world and spinning it to make our President look bad. And you love it, you can’t get enough of it. There is still hope for you. You are an a American and got sold a bill of goods and now you’re in so deep, you’re afraid to admit you are wrong. There were a lot of people sucked into the lies. President Trump is here to free you from those lies. It’s a new day. Step away from the hate, it’s not your fault. MSNBC lied and lies to you. We all fell for it one way or another. Standup to these creeps and say “I will not allow you to manipulate me anymore.”
    You’ll be accepted with open arms.

  22. How you all love trump now. Your loved ones has been sacrificed for his self interest.
    Trump made that treasonous deal with turky to protect his trump hotel's interest in turkey. He didn't care who was going to die or get hurt he just saw his trump tower in turkey loosing money.
    I guess you won't believe until he makes a nuclare strike against an allied country at the request of putin or any of his dictator friends.

  23. I"ve often wondered how WW III nuclear holocaust would be triggered. Rachel's analysis shows how it can readily be done. Thanks Rachel, for connecting the dots, as no gov't higher-up could do. Trump and Putin should get Nobel Prizes for lessening human populations.

  24. We’ve known that Trump supporters are willfully ignorant. Trump has provided an easy method to prove to each supporter how ignorant they truly are. Trump and Barr did the same with the Mueller report, but the report was vague enough to allow them to continue to live in their fiction. That’s not the case with the memo Trump released. It simply explains what Trump did. So, when his supporters repeat how Trump says it was a perfect call and no quid pro quo…. hand them the memo and tell them it’s the best example how they’ve allowed themselves to be conned.

  25. Thank God the USA has people like Schiff, honest, loyal, decent and honourable unlike low-life Trump and disgusting GOP. All this betayal going on by Trump and his sheep and the pathetic Republicans hide silent in the shadows.

  26. Another of Trumps biggest [email protected]#%up!s in his Great and Unmatched Wisdom. He will most likely blame the Obama Administration for that. Seriously can you blame the Kurds when they were abandoned and left alone to fight and defend themselves.

  27. The Commander-in-Chief should be court martialled for abandoning US troops in Syria. Ship him off to Russia where he belongs.

  28. not only does ISIS hate us, now we have the Kurd's, and rightfully so, hating us because we left them and their families to be slaughtered. Yeah, that feels like "winning" right? This moronic buffoon is going to destroy the world if we don't do something fast.

  29. Rachel… you represent something that you need to be proud of… Integrity…

    "R" (wisdom and forward thought) "he has made the last mistake"

  30. I don't know if other people have experienced this, but if I logon to a right wing news website my computer freezes. I can't make comments on sites like Brietbart news because they seem to have a way to block liberals by causing my computer to freeze.

  31. Shakedown for dirt, coupled with massive abuse of national security. But do not worry, Perry and Pompeo will get those nukes out. The influence of Turkish money is all over the place. The Ukraine corruption and national security abuse is just frosting on the cake. And GOP is going to defend this?

  32. Trump and his entire administration, his Presidency has been an embarrassment, nothing ever like it in all my years. The idiots should have began moving the troops slowly before they opened the gates to betray our allies. Soon America will have one ally if them and thats Great Britian. If lucky the other European nations and they will turn on each other too. How will America explain this to the families of the troops he stranded there?

  33. This war was declared in 2001, right? So there is a chance that someone is a commiting treason now, right? So Trump … treason?

  34. Rachel has not been aware that Lebanon's Hezbollah is in Assad's alliance, and that Israel has been abandoned also in its protection from Assad's anti-Israeli allies. Oops…

  35. Syria could turn into another costly Afghanistan for Russia except that would take the US to back Syrian countersurgents by supporting them with arms. Not likely. But what does Syria have in the way of resources that Russia could take for it's own benefit? Nothing. It has only refugees. But we see how refugees can be used as a threat. Turkey just did it, threatening to release millions of refugees into Europe.

    What to do? The limits of hard power are evident. The costs of ignoring soft power are too. Confrontation using guns, although effective in the short term, will endlessly require a similar confrontation from the imperiled. What's there not to like about that for Russia? It cherishes fomenting division.

    Trump as a useful fool is repaying part of his debt to Putin. Putin isn't getting the lifting of sanctions he wants but he is getting a future widening access to global waters, securing Crimea's base and transit from there to the Mediterranean and underwater access for subs through his Syrian port that is open year round. Useful fools that don't know how to think strategically and are driven by "gut instinct" (a cutesy phrase meaning impulsivity) are an asset – to our enemies – when the fool is our President.

  36. RIGHT NOW, OUR TROOPS ARE BEING FIRED UPON thanks to Trump, and those who support him!
    If you still support Trump at this point, you may as well be pulling the trigger yourself!
    Happy now Republicans?
    That makes YOU as much of a TRAITOR as Trump!

  37. The dictator that sidelines the impeachment,let the military,reporters,civilians die screaming louder than Pelosi.

  38. I grew up in a very rural part of North Carolina in which there were many humble, small homes built upon a pile of stones at each corner to raise them above the ground. What TrumpTribe King Donald has done/is doing to the Kurds is as if he has kicked one of those piles of stones out from under the house corner causing the whole house to begin to fall, declaring, "In "my great and unmatched wisdom," I command you not to fall." UGH!!

  39. America is so corrupt that it will take 40 years to regain her credibility back .Trump is a typical example of majority of Americans . America is now a third world of what Putin want it to be . Trump is no different from Saddam Hussein or Quadaffi of Libya ie corruption, above the law ,favouritism and nepotism .Trump has promised civil war for America, this is what third world leaders does, if this man is not check, the whole world will partake in the consequence of his action. To his supporters , time will tell before you know you are supporting a man with no brain .

  40. Trump and the Republicans have actively betrayed their oaths of office and caused the deaths of thousands, a huge victory for Russia, and now the loss of nuclear weapons. Voting for Trump or any other Republicans is betrayal of the US no matter how many flags Trump might hug.

  41. Well isn't this what white America wants, a deranged fool in the WH pushing the world around like the schoolyard bully he is. Let's see how they feel watching their kids come home in boxes because they believe in the manchilds great and unchallenged wisdom. SMFH.. Talk about pathetic.

  42. Don & Rudy…aging badly. They can't tell the truth and would not recognize it when it interferes with their greedy ventures. This time there was more at stake than money. It was our reputation and the political security of the region, the lives of our troops and of the Kurd fighters. The effect is that he significantly elevated Russian credibility and influence in the region. Aiding and abetting a hostile foreign government to the detriment of our own and our allies is more than impeachable…it may well be treason! Yes… corrupt fools.

  43. This is literally making me physically ill. I've seen pictures of the bodies of dead Kurdish children, one with a gaping hole where his chest had been. I didn't think Trump could sink any lower, but now he has. In addition to all the other crimes and obscenities he has committed, he is now a war criminal.

  44. Narcissisting us right into a world war 3 -with nukes evvvvvvverywhere.
    Ive been saying for years & I'll say it again: THIS WAS THE PLAN ALL ALONG.
    Launch massive disinformation & propaganda campaigns -get americans to turn on each other. Hack our elections, installing the Russian candidate. Cut every department off at the knees except those like ICE who are pumped full of fear & hatred, empowering those who which create more chaos and throwing ones providing stability throughout the government into disarray. Weaken allies (brexit, etc), cause chaos in every NATO country -also turning their citizens against each other. The world turns on US, Republcians weary of losing any of their power, not understanding or caring that this coukd make it all go away -stay silent. They've weakened us in every way possible. Russia steps in to fill the void. Hack our power grid (happened in 2017). Shut the power down. Then invade.
    I can NOT believe Republcians don't see the long-game, long-con, yet. The world will be at war in 5 years. You watch.

  45. The problem with Trump is, he's ignorant, irresponsible, impulsive; doesn't have a grasp of history, foreign policy, or governmental affairs, and he's bigoted, selfish and greedy. Yet, he's trying his best to validate a personal delusion – that he's a greater president than Barack Obama. So our country is in the hands of the "great and unmatched wisdom" of the delusional equivalent of an 8-year-old.

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